Canceling good

Biden cancels Trump EO deporting sex predators

I have become convinced that had Trump cured cancer by Executive Order, Biden would bring cancer back.

14 thoughts on “Canceling good

  1. “What’s True

    “Operation Talon,” a program planned in the final weeks of the Trump administration aimed at deporting sex offenders, was suspended by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    What’s False

    The Biden administration had “nothing to do with this decision,” according to an ICE official. Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE, still investigates sex crimes committed by noncitizens.

    What’s Undetermined

    It’s unclear whether or not Operation Talon was ever in operation”,%20a%20nationwide,administration%20had%20nothing%20to%20do%20with%20that%20decision.

    More info will come out I am sure. Especially if it makes the administration look soft on sex offenders.

    Funny you should comment about Biden undoing Trump XO’s and policies. That was the main driver of almost all the ex-president’s actions. Whatever Obama did, do the opposite.

    This case looks like a right wing lie, but expected I suppose.

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          1. Cuomo has serious problems, no doubt. I wonder if he will declare a future election loss fraudulent and incite a mob to attack the NY legislators in Albany.

            I know, who would even consider such seditious behavior?

            “It Can’t Happen Here”.

            Can it?

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      1. “OK, I see, it wasn’t canceled by EO, it was just not implemented by the incoming Biden ICE appointees.”

        Maybe you should have ascertained that BEFORE spewing you silly bile about it? When something fits too neatly with what you really, really want to believe take that as a sign that a little checking is in order. If you care about the truth even a little bit.

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        1. “Is this an I’m rubber and you’re glue comment???”

          Uh no. You just need to be more careful with your sentence construction and syntax. You called Trump a putz. Many people agree with you on that. Imagine trying to squash architectural creativity with an Executive Order. Just as he is leaving office. What a putz!

          Here is an example. EVERYONE hated this design when it was first announced. Not traditional AT ALL. Now it is an iconic landmark.

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    1. Yeah, right. We should let the “taste” of the most tasteless and banal President in history to dictate to future architects. Government buildings should look like this . . .

      and every government toilet should be plated with gold.

      What a putz!

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