Vaccination Update

Last night around 8, I did something I don’t normally do: Checked my email. My inbox contained an email that was titled “COVID 19 Vaccination – It’s Your turn.”

Clicked on the link for registration and got signed up for Tuesday afternoon. Had a choice between Pfizer and Moderna shots. All legit. Received a confirmation within seconds of signing up and then another confirmation email this morning.

I am considered 1B for my cancer, HBP and other various health reasons. I was surprised I got this only 3 weeks after initial registration in the most populous city on the Commonwealth. And also with the pending changes to registration statewide.

If you haven’t registered yet and you are in Cat 1A or 1B, I STRONGLY recommend you do.

49 thoughts on “Vaccination Update

    1. I think so as well.

      I plan to post a follow up after I receive my vaccine as to the process at the Convention Center and any other issue that may or may not arise.

      My true hope is the remainder of my family (and the remainder of the general public) can get theirs sooner rather than later. But they (spouse, son, son-in-law) fall into 1C. Son’s live-in girlfriend (health care worker) and daughter (teacher) are getting their seconds this week.

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        1. Thanks.

          From what I have seen, VA has improved quite a bit in the roll out as far as getting shots into arms. But to Don’s point, not sure who’s arms they are going into. Shots administered vs shots received is over 75% now. Possibly higher. NYT has a tracker.


          1. You can track Virginia’s progress at


            You will see that the vast majority of Virginians’ getting vaccinated are young. Most of the elders vaccinated are by large hospital linked medical practices using vaccine left over because it was refused by their staff.

            The Dept of Health still has not vaccinated a significant number of Elders.


          2. By the way. What happened to your argument about VA not getting their full compliment of doses because they weren’t using what they have? Top 10 in the country of percentage of doses received vs doses put into arms.


      1. Not any more. They stopped doing that a couple of weeks ago, I believe. Florida did the same thing when they realized instead of Disney and Universal, people were coming from out of state for “vaccine tourism”. (Mickey Moderna, anyone?)

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      2. Again?

        NC’s governor correctly said that the vaccine belongs to all US citizens, and is administered by the states. The state is obligated to administer the vaccine to any US citizen who meets the criteria used in that state.

        The difference is that NC is doing it right, starting with health care workers and those over 65. Virginia is starting with reliably Democrat public employee unions.

        But I agree that NC should not suffer for not being a corrupt as Virginia. Northam was happy to give DC 4000 of the first doses Virginia got, so perhaps you Northam supporters can prevail upon him to replace those doses NC used saving the Virginians Northam chose to leave to die while vaccinating his millennial supporters. After all, NC is serving Virginians better than our own governor.


        1. “Again?” I’d say “still”.

          Your rational/excuses aside the “reliably Democrat public employee unions” reference is where you really show your unshakable conspiracy based thinking.

          A way of viewing the world that undermines even the good points you occasionally make..

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          1. Conspiracy does exist. Although in this case it is more a matter of perceived Devine right. It is just assumed that teachers are privileged because Democrats cannot be elected without their support. They have simply become accustomed to getting whatever they demand.


          2. “Conspiracy does exist“ Certainly true.

            However, to see everything through that lens is “certainly” NOT true. I’d offer up some advice in that regard, but we both know it would fall on deaf ears…

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        2. I did see a piece with Andy Fox (completely by accident) saying that NC sites were still vaccinating VA residents, but they are asking those from VA to come later in the day to ensure that NC residents are handled first.


      3. Another good site to track is

        Case tracker

        You will see that the death toll here in Chesapeake is still rising by about 2.5% per week, while if you check the counties in the Albermarle Regional Health District, where they are almost finished vaccinating those over 65, the death toll is around zero.

        But Chesapeake has lots of young ,vaccinated teachers who were never in any real danger anyway.


          1. Maybe so, but it remains true.

            You were critical of me going to NC to get vaccinated, saying I Jumped the line, but isn’t that exactly what, with the help of her union, your daughter has done?

            Experience has shown us that teachers are at no more risk of illness than other professions, and unless she has some complicating condition here risk of dying is a fraction of that of Elders.

            My daughter is a tax accountant, and of similar risk as your daughter, but she is months away from being vaccinated.

            There is no medical reason to give teachers priority over Elders.

            Albermarle has shown us that by vaccinating the vulnerable first, deaths by COVID can be almost eliminated. But in VA, Northam pays his political debts with the scarce vaccine, and the deaths keep right on going.

            If our police were killing Virginians at the rate our Health Dept does, our cities would be in flames.


          2. …” but isn’t that exactly what, with the help of her union, your daughter has done?”

            Uh, no. You keep making baseless claims about Northam paying off political friends with no proof, only conjecture based on UYOUR hatred of all things Democrat. If the Commonwealth made the decision to vaccinate teachers in order to facilitate opening the schools, then what is the big deal

            My daughter, mother of 2 under the age of 7, with a working husband, cannot be put in a position to not work or take care of her family for two weeks if she gets infected. She also couldn’t care less about the union. I’m not even sure if she is a dues paying member. (And by the way, as a right-to-work state, it makes no difference if the teacher is a member of the union.)

            A tax accountant does not have to get face-to-face with her clients, but teachers going back into the classrooms don’t have a choice. Your comparisons between our children is drivel.

            And your police v Health department is more drivel. And, as you have accused me and others here, it is all based in YOUR hatred for Democrats.


          3. Again, how is your daughter different from mine? She is at least as much at risk, there have been multiple cases in her building.

            So, why are teachers privileged above all others? Nothing but pure political influence.

            “If the Commonwealth made the decision to vaccinate teachers in order to facilitate opening the schools, then what is the big deal”

            The big deal is that there is zero medical justification. It was assumed at the beginning there would be, but research by Duke University and confirmed by the experience of Catholic schools has proven otherwise, with not a single case of student to teacher transmission.

            And vaccinating teachers, and other young public employee union members does have deadly consequences. Elders are dying because they are being delayed. Did you not see the comparison between Chesapeake and Albemarle? The ARHS has virtually stopped Covid deaths while they continue to increase here.

            Pandering contrary to medical science has consequences.


          4. “Again, how is your daughter different from mine? She is at least as much at risk, there have been multiple cases in her building.”

            She can continue to work remotely, if need be. As the schools re-open, my daughter doesn’t have that option.

            Funny how all of a sudden pandering contrary to medical science is an issue for you. the first 10 months of the pandemic you were touting how smart the former President was in NOT listening to scientist and taking advice form quacks with an agenda.

            Please do not make me say it again.


          5. “Show me where I disregarded valid science?”

            Every time you challenged what Fauci said, even though his opinions changed only as the data changed. You pushed HCQ because SOME anecdotal evidence showed it MIGHT be effective.

            And EVERY time the climate change debate comes up, you disregard valid climate scientist findings.

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          6. Fauci never commented on HCQ used as intended. While there are better choices now, used early it might well have saved 100K lives or more. But Fauci and the FDA only used trials on hospitalized patients, and it is now well recognized that antivirals are only useful very early, and possibly harmful later in the disease. It is moot now, but last June when there was nothing else to offer it could have been a major life saver. Unfortunately, like masks, it became political. But even so, there would have been nothing to lose by letting people try.

            The current EVMS protocol has replaced HCQ with Ivermectin. If that sounds familiar, it’s what you give your dog to prevent heartworms.

            Climate is another can of worms if you want to open it in another thread, but I stand on very solid science there too.


          7. You combined two different items into one which is NOT what I said.

            You ignore science that does not feed your narrative. Or you dismiss it as socialist, communist, or some other -ist that is not based in reality.


          8. That makes no sense at all.

            Science does not give a flip about anyone’s narrative, it just is what it is. You can either defend your position with experience or you can’t.


          9. “Science does not give a flip about anyone’s narrative”…

            But when you disregard science that does not back your narrative, you are guilty of bias for your own beliefs and the supporting evidence. We ALL are.


          10. “And your police v Health department is more drivel.”

            Perhaps that isn’t really fair.

            More people died in Virginia THIS WEEK as a result of that policy than died in police custody nationwide in a full year.

            So, the comparison is a bit harsh to the police.


    1. If you don’t want to say, I get it and I am not trying to get personal. But do you have any of the health issues, similar to mine, that could put you in 1B?

      Also, I think your time will come sooner rather than later. At least I hope it does.


        1. I didn’t remember that from the previous discussion. You should have marked something about underlying physical/medical conditions when you did your registration. I do recall that from the initial registration.

          FYI, I am going to throw my Lisinopril in my jacket pocket to take with me just in case I am asked for proof of my condition. The cancer part is easy; my scars and colostomy go with me everywhere.


          1. Whatever meds you are taking, throw the appropriate bottles in your pocket when the time comes. Also, I’ll let you know if there is an issue when I go this afternoon.


      1. Time to scream systemic racism against whites, black priviledge, torch a couple of cars and buildings, you know, your side’s approach to claiming things that don’t exist such as karma?


        1. You are turning incoherence into an art form.

          More troubling is your delusion that this is a “side” issue. I’m a small “c” conservative that generally approaches politics as an Independent. If you demonize everyone you disagree with as “other” you will be a bitter old man.

          Or am I too late on that advice?

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  1. As promised:

    Arrived at the Convention Center @ 1226 and walked out vaccinated @ 118.

    Process was efficient. First shot and second shot folks were divided. Second shot Pfizer on one line, Moderna in another. Staff VERY friendly and helpful, including offering wheelchairs for those who would need or want one.

    There was one minor logistical issue. When I registered for the appointment thee was an option to choose which vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) you wanted. When I arrived at the inoculation table, the EMT who was administering the shot said that only Moderna was available for first shots and he wasn’t sure why they included the choice on the reservation form. They had Pfizer for SECOND shots only. So in a month, I will get a notification email to make an appointment for my second.

    Blessed to have the warmest day of the season to wait, but the outside line moved very quickly when I arrived. It was a bit backed up when I left, but the efficiencies inside kept things moving pretty well considering the sheer number of people there.

    Overall a positive experience. And I truly hope and pray that those of you who have not yet begun the vaccination process are able to start sooner rather than later.


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