McConnell shows half a spine

For those of you who somehow still say T**** did not incite the crowd on 1/6, maybe you should have paid attention to what Magic Mitch said on the Senate floor after the conclusion of the impeachment trial.

Seems to me the demonized by the right House Managers presented a compelling case PROVING that the former President did what the Article of Impeachment said he did.

Breaking the rules of the Senate by ignoring that they passed the Constitutional argument prior to the beginning of the trial is something that I find disturbing.

25 thoughts on “McConnell shows half a spine

  1. McConnell proved what I have always said: He is a much more dangerous political animal than Trump ever was—or will be. His words mean nothing. If he had the courage of his convictions, why did he vote the way he did.

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    1. Jim, He’s (to quote HEART) a Magic Man. Hus words won’t even get him censured by the KY GOP.

      And he has no courage of convictions, he just does what is necessary to maintain his power. Which makes him the dangerous political animal you (and many others, present company included) say he is.

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      1. Moscow Mitch should have headed Mary Shelly’s prophetic tale of creating an evil you can’t control.

        His useful idiot has taken on a power he can no longer control, which is why he will back whatever legal action is necessary to bring it to heel.

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  2. There was no upside to convict Trump for Republicans so long as the tenuous argument of unconstitutionality escape hatch beckoned.

    Of course the travesty was that the trial was postponed by McConnell until after the inauguration so that the question of unconstitutionality became relevant.

    Political animal indeed.

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    1. Pelosi did not deliver the article of impeachment to the Senate until Jan 15, 4 working days before Trump would leave office.

      The House Managers were named that day, and could not have prepared thier presentation before the handover of power, much less give the defense time to prepare.

      The timing was Pelosi’s doing, not McConnell’s


          1. There was no real need for elaborate preparations. Everybody knew all of the relevant facts. If McConnell was not playing games and was worried about the Constitutionality of trying the case after Trump left then the presentation by the House could have been on the 18th and the defense on the 19th. And the vote taken the morning of the 20th.

            Of course, he wanted the Constitutional excuse to acquit which he now has used while stating in the strongest possible terms just how guilty Trump actually is. Have cake, eat it too.

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          2. “Pelosi held the Article.”
            “Deliver it to the Clerk of the Senate who is always there.”

            Typical level of honesty from you. Not a particularly high level.

            The Impeachment passed the House one week after the crime. On the 13th. It was delivered to the Senate on the 15th. The Senate was in a “state work period” but McConnell had the ability to call it back. He didn’t and made it clear that he wouldn’t. Delivering it to the clerk any sooner would have made no difference.

            But you try to lay this on Pelosi?

            Uh, no. It is McConnell who chose not to exercise powers available to him to kick this trial to the next Senate. And his speech after the acquittal leaves no doubt as to why – he wanted this bullshit “Constitutional” excuse to justify the acquittal votes for an obviously guilty man.

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          3. If Trump is guilty then he will be convicted in an ordinary court, like any other private citizen.

            But of course, in an ordinary court, the rules of evidence will apply and the legal standard of guilt beyond reasonable doubt as well. So, if you think Trump can be convicted in a fair trial, with due process and not by a Jury of political opponents, go for it.

            But until then, he is innocent until proven guilty, just like any other citizen.


          4. Well, when I say that he is “As Guilty as Hell” I am expressing an opinion, not a legal judgment. It is an opinion based on undisputed facts. It is an opinion shared and strongly expressed by Minority Leader McConnell so – if you are honest – you will have to give up the bullshit about this all being based on Democratic hatred.

            With that said, I will agree that how a criminal trial for this crime would play out is an open question. Anyone old enough to remember the OJ trial knows very well how odd the result of a trial can be. It would only take one diehard Trumpkin getting onto a jury to save him. And, of course, we generally do not find people guilty if they are not mentally competent and Trump’s lawyers – should he find any willing to work for him – would have lot to work with there.

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          5. Lack of evidence?
            Are you insane?

            There is PLENTY of evidence that . . .
            1. Trump gaslighted inflammatory lies. Over and over and over again.
            2. Trump threatened that his tough supporters would do bad things if he lost.
            3. Trump summoned his tough supporters on the specific date of the tally of EC votes
            4. Trump gave a barn burner speech full of falsehoods, hate speech and challenges to “stop the steal” “whatever it takes.”
            5. There was no possible LEGAL way for the certification to be stopped, hindered or delayed.
            6. His supporters were, in fact, incited to insurrection. People were killed and injured.
            7. Trump revealed his intent clearly by his desultory response to the violence he had incited.

            Given these facts, where is there an objective possibility of a not guilty finding? What area of this lacks evidence?

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  3. Timing was short. The attempted insurrection took place on the 6th. Articles were passed 5 days later. There was a lot of discussion and planning, but the Senate would not return until the 19th. I believe the final delivery was Jan 25th.

    No matter what the House did, the trial would not be until after the inauguration.

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  4. Sour grapes, again??? ALL politicians say things that they think will keep them in political favor. Your side caused this by more than 4 years of nonstop attacks on the president, the GOP and conservatives. Your side burned cities, looted businesses, rioted, attacked police, terrorized citizens and committed insurrection on a grand scale that required the military to be brought in. Don’t patronize the adults in the room.


    1. “Don’t patronize the adults in the room.”

      The adults in the room agree with my sentiment. It YOUR side that is the problem. Holding a President to account for his actions regardless of party affiliation is what is important. YOUR side whined and bitched and moaned over the BIG LIE. Your side was led down the undemocratic rabbit hole by your orange faced mad hatter.

      The military SHOULD have been called in for the insurrection on 1/6. But the Commander in Chief was too busy enjoying the show to do the right thing. Ask McCarthy about that. YOUR side called in the military for a peaceful protest for stupid photo op in front of a church with a borrowed Bible.

      YOUR side vilified Obama for 8 years simply because he was the first Black President. Our side did not attack government over a lie. Our side was infiltrated by YOUR sides’ radicals and caused as much of the violence over the summer, if not more. And that is according to YOUR sides FBI.

      It is not sour grapes to point out what happened this past week. The Senate voted that the proceedings WERE Constitutional. Using the argument that it wasn’t AFTER the SENATE voted that it was to refuse to convict is the height of GOP hypocrisy. And a breech of that chambers’ supposedly sacred rules.

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      1. I’ll say it again, don’t patronize the adults in the room. In addition, don’t blow a gasket while devouring liberal trash.


    2. Exaggerate much?

      “Your side”? That is like saying “they say”.

      Trump got off easy. He relished, even provoked, the criticisms during his tenure. Major media supported him like a ventriloquist dummy. FOX, Newscorp, all of Sinclair and talk radio were all in his pocket. And except for the uninformed, they are the MSM for Trump. And have the biggest ratings (or used to).

      Snowflakes on the right are always whining about grievances that don’t exist.

      PS: Trump could have won if he paid just a smidge more attention to the job he was hired to do.

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      1. “Trump could have won if he paid just a smidge more attention to the job he was hired to do.”

        Are you trying to say that if he had spent more time paying attention to the pandemic starting in February or March instead of floating the Big Lie he would have won?

        Sounds reasonable.

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