The Bulwark: Morning Shots

Charlie Sykes hits all of the high notes.

He has left the Republican Party (who could blame him) and is maintaining the fight for decency.

If you disagree with his takes, you just might be an “Orange Neck”.

16 thoughts on “The Bulwark: Morning Shots

    1. The Bulwark is far from the MSM.

      Too bad the real conservatives remaining fall into your MSM category. Fox is bailing on real conservatism already. They actually cut off coverage of the hearing yesterday because, well… the truth hurts, I suppose.

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      1. The Bulwark was always considered right of center until the center evaporated. Charlie and his ilk are honest and level-headed. I don’t always agree, but always listen and consider the viewpoint.

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    2. Fantasy?
      Can you explain or do you even know what you mean? What part of the case against Trump is a fantasy?

      It is very clear to me that there are none, but if there are factual elements in the House prosecutors’ case for conviction that are untrue then Trump as a team of crack (LOL!) lawyers who will get 16 hours of uninterrupted time to rebut. Let’s see how they do.

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  1. It is amazing the number of GOP congressmen and politicians who tweeted, posted videos, and went on the major news channels on January 6 and begged Trump…

    Mike Gallagher, the only Republican in Wisconsin’s delegation to oppose the challenges to Joe Biden’s win, called on Trump to stop the protests in a video posted on Twitter. “Call it off, it’s over.” (Jan. 6).

    “Mr. President, get to a microphone immediately and establish calm and order. Now. And work with Capitol Police to secure the Capitol. It’s the last thing you’ll do that matters as President,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Chip Roy of Austin.

    There are more, you can find them.

    But here’s what to look for… almost all of them did NOT beg Trump to send it the Guard or more police. They ask him to “call it off.” There was no doubt that on January 6 they knew Trump was in charge of the riot.

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    1. 3) “The president has to come out and tell his supporters to leave the Capitol grounds and to allow the Congress to do their business peacefully,” he said. “And anything short of that is an abrogation of his responsibility.” Christie said he’s unsuccessfully been trying to get in contact with the president for 25 minutes.

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  2. Thursday, 2/11/2021, 4:20 pm –

    “But here’s what to look for… almost all of them did NOT beg Trump to send it the Guard or more police. They ask him to “call it off.” There was no doubt that on January 6 they knew Trump was in charge of the riot.”

    Reading those words made the hair on my arms twitch. And, yet, there is not a single reason for me (or any other lover of America) to believe otherwise.

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  3. Senators will be making a serious decision soon. Unfortunately, most Republicans are probably going to acquit the ex-president.

    Not because he is not guilty of causing the insurrection, but rather because they are afraid of losing his base as a result of the ex-president’s vitriol. In other words, fear of Trump. Fear should never, ever be a factor in the longest serving democratic republic with a Constitution that limited presidential power for a good reason.

    Here is the thing, however. Like borrowing money from the Mafia, once you show loyalty to a president like Trump instead of the country, you are in the net and the more you struggle, the worse it gets.

    The likes of Cruz and Hawley who are both East Coast Ivy Leaguers from the top law schools in the country are posing as populist demagogues, trying to out-Trump Trump. I think they will pay a heavy price in upcoming elections. Some of the rest will just hide behind ignorance.

    The House managers have presented a solid case. Even if he is not convicted, the country has seen the horrors and travesty of the evidence. Particularly the post assault time when Trump did nothing even after being implored and begged by Congressmen from both parties to call off the attack.

    This evidence will be part of every campaign by Democrats in upcoming elections.

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    1. Too bad not enough GOP senators are up for re-election in 2022.

      Voters have VERY short memories (for the most part). Four years out it will be a challenge and possibly a moot point, to attempt to remind voters who voted for or against conviction.

      However, things are looking up in Kentucky.

      Unfortunately, he just got re-elected in November.


    1. Google it and find out who he is. I’ll give you a piece: Former GOP member and one of the few actual conservative left in this country.

      As far as caring about opinions, no one cares too much about yours either.


      1. That’s why it is said opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. You think waaaay too much of yours to determine or judge who cares about mine. Kind of Trumpian of you, ya think???


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