Wait? What??

Kerry admits zero US Emissions would make no difference 

And then goes on to push wrecking the US economy trying anyway.

22 thoughts on “Wait? What??

  1. A) I don’t think it will wreak the economy, while doing nothing certainly will.

    B) Kerry recognizes we have to do our part and work for some level of global cooperation, “or we will surely all hang separately”…

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        1. …”just leave the green alone”

          Ya know, I used to tell bill collectors that all of the time. Now it is people (robo-people that is) trying to tell me the extended warranty on my 11 year old Hyundai has expired. Not really, cause I bought it Priority and have “Priorities for Life”.


          1. This is racist, but so be it. Did Medicare and the Medicare Supplement companies all hire India to manage sales? “Hello, hello. My name is Bobby,…”. Krishnabobby, maybe.


  2. Kerry told the simple truth. Of course, some people will immediately try to spin it in a negative direction.

    The simple truth is it is a global problem that we cannot solve by ourselves. That is not an excuse to do nothing. It simply reinforces the need for countries in general to work together and for the United States in particular to rejoin the effort.

    As for “wrecking the economy” your regurgitating that old saw does nothing to make this an “adult” conversation. The economy may well be different but it won’t be “wrecked” by renewable energy. As an aside, GM announced today that it is planning to phase out internal combustion vehicles by 2035.


    The times they are a’changin’

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      1. Costs associated with developing and using renewable energy sources continue to fall. Retraining former coal and other fossil fuel workers to work in the renewable energy sector has been part of the plan for a while. Development of storage techniques continue to happen and improve.

        Like Paul said, times ARE a changin’. But because you seem to be stuck somewhere between 1787 and 1950 in your thoughts, any progress on clean energy is a pipe dream (pun intended).

        After 4 years of pulling back from being a world leader, it is time to take the bull by the balls and lead the world to clean energy and reversing the damage accelerated by man-made issues. Man broke it, man alone can fix it.

        And China is already ahead of us in development in solar. We need to take back the lead in that sector and others. The market, believe it or not, will support it.

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        1. The United States has reduced CO2 emissions more than any other country, primarily by transitioning from coal to natural gas.

          China talks about CO2 reduction and will happily sell us solar and wind equipment, but it is building coal fired plants as fast as it can and it is selling coal fired plants in Africa on a large scale.

          China might talk about CO2 reduction bit as we have learned in this last year, China lies.


      2. Your “analysis” ALWAYS leaves out the very real environmental and health costs of fossil fuel that are not recovered in their pricing. Deal with that and then we can talk about “free lunch.”

        Besides the needed green changes are not just about sources of energy. They also have to do with using LESS energy to get the same things done. For example, we can get back on the path to better fuel economy and we will under Biden. Another area for easy but major progress is the movement toward LED light sources vs. incandescent.

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        1. Did you read the article?

          Biden concedes that 90% of CO2 emissions are outside the US. And in the future, it will be even less as Africa industrializes, on coal.

          Using less energy doesn’t need mandates, it is a natural choice as it becomes practical.

          We are 100% LED here at the compound, But when I built my previous home, that would have been cost prohibitive. Squashing the economy DELAYS such advances.


        2. Our economy will not be “squashed” by renewable energy. But, it will be different.

          The lowering cost of LED lighting is due in part to “Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007” which put its thumb on the scale against incandescent lighting. Over the howling complaints of “conservatives.”

          We made the mistake in the past of letting the petroleum industry (Saudi Arabia) squash the movement toward more efficient transportation with artificially low oil prices. The “market” will do so again without regulations.

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          1. Of course the economy will be squashed.

            China, India and the developing world run their manufacturing industry on cheap coal power and the US manufacturers have to compete using unreliable “green” energy that costs twice as much.

            How do we compete?


          2. …”have to compete using unreliable “green” energy that costs twice as much.”

            I love how you refuse to accept that costs are coming down. R & D is improving reliability on a continually improving trajectory.

            And we compete by being the leader in developing and selling to the world the green energy tech that will go a long way to save the planet AND replace the lost jobs in the fossil fuel industries.

            Progress is NOT a bad thing.

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          3. The only way green energy costs are coming down to the level of combined cycle natural gas is to not count subsidies and ignore the cost of the required backup capacity and connecting grid.

            Not to mention the eventual cost of decommissioning and disposing of wind and solar equipment.


          4. “Not to mention the eventual cost of decommissioning and disposing of wind and solar equipment.”

            Coal fired plants face the same costs, and those will be a lot higher because of the filth they contain.

            And if you think the oil, gas and coal industries haven’t been subsidized for decades, I have a bridge-tunnel between VB and the Eastern Shore I’ll sell you.

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          5. Your “analysis” leading to the conclusion that American industry will be “squashed” by replacing fossil fuel with renewable power is beyond simplistic.

            How can we compete against cheaper coal powered manufacturing in India and Africa, you ask?
            First, you GREATLY exaggerate the difference between the final cost of coal energy versus renewable energy. You say it is double at a time when the reality is they are nearing parity.

            But even if we accept that there is a disadvantage, it is not all that material. Energy consumption is a MINOR part of the cost of manufacturing ranging from 2% – 5% depending on which industry you are looking at. So, we can negate that minor disadvantage – if any – by continuing the march towards greater energy efficiency and, of course, by the fact that transportation costs of whatever product you are talking about puts those theoretical Indian and African manufacturers at a distinct disadvantage.

            There are many reasons why manufacturing has left this country. Energy costs is not one of them.

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