Rudy Giuliani is facing serious consequences for his election lies. Serious financial consequences.

For his sake, I hope he has massive personal liability insurance. The case against him is a slam dunk given that he defamed Dominion constantly in public but did not do so in court where there are sanctions for lying.

13 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani is facing serious consequences for his election lies. Serious financial consequences.

  1. Every public persona that regurgitated the lies about Dominion should face similar exposure to defamation suits.

    Time to “kick ass and take names”, as stipulated by a certain seditious Congressman.

    Only do it through the judiciary rather than gang warfare.

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    1. The wheels of justice move slowly, but when there are corporate interests involved it never stops.

      A number of the corrupt cabal will be dealing with legal issues that will exact appropriate retribution for their dirty deeds done dirt cheap…

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  2. Fat chance this goes anywhere. On top of that, winning a suit is one thing, collecting it is another. Flush in cash??? Ha ha, this is a show just like both Trump impeachments, especially the second one.


    1. “Fat chance this goes anywhere”

      You may be right but as I suggested, the settlement might be between Dominion and Rudy’s liability insurance company. It will likely be substantial and the terms will include a public acknowledgement by Rudy that he was talking out of his ass when he impugned Dominion’s business.

      As for it being just a show, I do not think Dominion has any reason to put on a show. They want compensation for real losses and to repair the damage these lying liars did to their reputation.

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    2. …” this is a show “…

      If it is a show, as you contend, what is Dominion’s end game?

      As far as impeachments go; they are both legit, whether you like it or not. And Clinton was impeached for a lot less.

      And you do realize that Mitch McConnell secretly wants T**** convicted this time to prevent him from running again in 2024.

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      1. Symbolic rebukes are all they are. In a trial, this would go nowhere fast and there are few, if any, republicans willing to play left wing games, much less hand Pelosi an illegitimate win.


        1. “Symbolic rebukes are all they are”

          I disagree. The man incited, over the period of several months, the riotous mob that attacked the Capitol on 1/6. The evidence is there. For you to say it would go nowhere fast in a judicial proceedings is you just trying to fool yourself. It is not just about left wing games. It is about protecting democracy from a fool who does not believe in it nor is willing to back his supporters when they beak the law for him.

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          1. Lame piffle. Show me anywhere that PRESIDENT Trump said “Storm the capital”. Holding a rally and expressing beliefs is not incitement to break the law. Some may become angry and act on their own but Trump did not incite them to do so.


          2. “Lame piffle.”

            Thank you for describing your post right up front. Saved me the time of trying to decide what to call it.

            You are aware that many of the rioters who have been arrested are claiming that they did so because T**** told them to. If they believe it to be true, then that is proof enough. THEY are the ones claiming T**** incited them. The House acted on that, along with the lies that started about the election long before the first ballot was cast. Also, threatening Georgia state officials to find non-existent votes. May not have incited the mob, but again it is an illegal use of power to even attempt such a thing.

            And let us not forget that he has been reported to have thought the storming was pretty cool and was pleased with the chaos he had wrought.

            Expressing beliefs based on fake thoughts or lies can be illegal. As in crying fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

            Your delusional thoughts based on fantasies aren’t even entertaining any more. They are kind of dangerous.

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          3. What you call “lame piffle” – that Trump incited insurrection – a bi-partisan majority of the House of Representatives found to be a High Crime and Misdemeanor – an impeachable malfeasance.

            What kind of a cowardly wimp would do nothing when a trusted source – The President – tells him that his country is being stolen? And not only that but that this is his last chance to save it. What patriot would NOT go after the traitors like Pence and Pelosi who were doing the stealing? This kind of incitement is a close kin to “fighting words” where a red-blooded person is confronted with speech that demands a physical response.

            This murderous insurrection would not have occurred if Trump had done the honorable thing when the election was over and graciously admitted defeat. His rhetoric up to and at that “Save America” rally was the direct cause of the insurrection. He is as guilty as hell.

            And, by the way, Trump raked in over $200 million dollars AFTER the election was over from people who believed his lies. Most of which he still has. One last con before leaving office.

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