27 thoughts on “Lest we forget.

  1. And Trump fans complain that Trump was picked on.

    Interesting the praise Putin got from the right wing media for riding a horse shirtless. R/T stringers I suppose.

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  2. So, now you’re getting your news from comedy shows. It figures.

    I note they left out Fast and Furious, the unlawful overthrow of Gahdafi in favor of radical Islamists, the creation and arming of ISIS, and use of the Justice Dept to spy on an opposing campaign, but what can you expect from comedians?


        1. That’s the one in which 60 million Americans were infected and we were just lucky that off the shelf antivirals were effective. Had it been as lethal as coronavirus, it is estimated that millions would have died,

          The vaccine, when it came out, went almost exclusively to government employees.


        2. OMG!

          You mean to tell us that the Obama administration reacted to a non-lethal virus like it was a – oh, I don’t know – non-lethal virus? Oh the humanity!

          You list Obama’s handling of H1N1 virus as scandal the Daily Show missed, but to this day you have been unable to find fault in Trump’s grotesque mismanagement of Covid-19? Like I have tried to tell you, you are pissing away your last few drops of credibility.

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    1. Your litany of what you think were actual Obama scandals is a measure of how completely you have been absorbed into the universe of “alternative facts.” It used to be kind of funny to see you parroting all these fables but, with your continuing support of Trump after he organized a deadly attack on Congress, it is just sad.

      By the way, this clip from The Daily Show was not offered as “news.” It was offered as a reminder of how the racist party’s racist network treated President Obama.

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      1. You forgot to say GFY, you know, your and Adams go to statement in addition to blithering left wing nonsense on this forum.


          1. You are the one who said that to me in another thread and you have the audacity to lecture me? LMAO, morons never cease to amaze…


  3. As soon as I saw this, I knew the T****ists would start in on Benghazi and F&F, the lie of creation of ISIS and the IINDEPENDENT DOJ opening investigations based on weak, yet available evidence.

    And they just keep playing the ” But, but but”… game

    Yet neither of these things caused complete loss of trust by 75% of Republicans … or Democrats.

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    1. Like the sun rising in the east, so shall Obama be forever the Kenyan mole.

      At least his attack on a Capitol was located in Tripoli, not Pennsylvania Avenue.

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    2. As I wrote at the time, the Benghazi fiasco was a useful distraction from the real scandal, the unlawful overthrow of Gahdafi in favor of a radical Islamist insurgency and the sale of the Libyan arms to ISIS.

      The Clintons always give you the lesser scandal to distract you from the really damaging one, like getting you fixated on a blue dress so you don’t see the importance of perjury and witness tampering in a sexual harassment civil trial,


      1. Clinton was impeached. Hardly an acquiescence of despicable behavior.

        He was also acquitted by a Republican Congress.

        As partisan as those times were thanks to Newt, I don’t recall Democrats storming the Congress looking for victims to string up.

        You won’t find too many Democrats who were happy about his actions since it probably got Bush elected and that was a friggin’ disaster.

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      2. And T**** has been one scandal after another. The lies, deceit and mismanagement by IT and its cabinet, not to mention the corruption throughout has been ignored by you and the other T****ists on this board and across the country.

        Don’t lecture me about the Clintons when you sit in your safe little compound and ignore the scandal that was 2017-2021.

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  4. Short memory you saying that to Doc, eh Paul? Now it makes sense, suffering from amnesia at such an early age, eh? There’s an app for that….


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