22 thoughts on “FYI on vaccine signups.

    1. Too late for that…. That little 20mg pill I take every morning ain’t to make me handsome.

      And I really HATE Cheetos. Air puffed cheese has never been a go to. Now ding-dongs and ANYTHING from Enteman’s is a different story…

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      1. I don’t know if it will make much difference. The allocation of the vaccine within Chesapeake is still under the control of the Health Dept. and even if your age group is eligible you still don’t get it if the supply is all going to clinics you are not connected to. Right now, it seems everything Chesapeake is getting for 1b is going to school teachers and none is going to the pharmacies and private medical practices.


          1. I hope I am wrong but remembering the Swine Flu vaccine, the Chesapeake Health Dept gave a strong preference to city workers. That vaccine was really scarce, and supposed to go first to health care workers, but the city never released the vaccine to private practitioners, instead vaccinating EMTs who saw maybe 4 patients a week ahead of private sector physicians and dentists who saw 20 to 40 patients a day.

            I hope they will do better this time around.

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  1. A view from NY State. (Not in the city) Dad, age 78, signed up for his vaccine and was scheduled for today. Thursday evening received notification that his appointment was cancelled due to lack of vaccine. All Friday and Saturday appointments were cancelled for that reason. Those patients will be priority, once vaccine is available again.

    But this goes to the NATIONAL distribution issue again. The stockpile we were told was being held as second doses and then released early to get more folks first shots DOES NOT EXIST. Nor did it. The national plan to purchase and distribute is failing in a lot of places. Plus, when first released, all states received a lower allocation of shots then what they were originally told.

    Sounds like OWS warp drive failed after vaccine development.

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