This is long past due. Time to set it right.

There is no GOOD reason for these 750,000 or so tax-paying American citizens continue to be denied equal representation in Congress. The Constitution in setting up the District of Columbia sets only the maximum size it can be (10 Sq. Miles) and the current plan simply shrinks it down to the area of Federal facilities around the mall.

12 thoughts on “This is long past due. Time to set it right.

    1. I agree on Puerto Rico but there are questions remaining about what the people there want to do. The recent plebescite favored statehood but the turnout was abysmal and the opponents boycotted it.


      1. True, there has been a campaign by SOME throughout the decades to not embrace Statehood. It’s been a combination of local pride coupled with corrupt politicians who have lined their pockets by being unencumbered by the more strict law enforcement guardrails of our legal system.

        Sentiment has moved to approving Statehood, but at this point (economic, infrastructure, and otherwise) it has become a simple matter of their survival. Corporate America with the assistance of Congress has raped and pillaged them to the point where it is OUR responsibility to “fix” our mess.

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  1. By all means, shrink the Federal District down to the mall and surrounding, non-residential buildings.

    And then give it back to Maryland. The residents would have representation in Congress and the Senate need not be changed.

    Don’t hold your breath on Statehood, Manchin would lose his leverage if he votes for it.


    1. Uh, no. That idea has been floated before and the people of Maryland are overwhelmingly against it. Seems they think adding a huge city to a small state would be too disruptive to existing power relationships. Maryland has a GOP governor after all.

      However, if you are intent on forcing the solution on someone, we could make it a package deal. Do your suggestion and at the same time merge Wyoming and Idaho into a single state.

      My hopes are still up. You are always quick to assume that no politician will ever rise above their narrow personal interests to make this a better country. Just yesterday, Lynn Cheney has put the lie to that assumption. Manchin might be statesman-like as well. Or, wonder-of-wonders, some GOP Senators might also do the right thing. It COULD happen. And since, according to you, there are too many “woke” people it even MIGHT happen.


        1. “rightly”


          One thing that Democrats can learn from the recent Republican Party is that concepts like “rightly belong to it” are passe’ All that counts is raw power. If doing what is right mattered, Merrick Garland would be on the Supreme Court, there would be a couple hundred better qualified judges on the bench, DACA would be the law and Mike Pence would be President.

          So, whatever the merits for retrogression of DC to Maryland might be, I hope the Democrats use their raw power to enact Washington DC statehood. It is what the people there want. It is the preferred solution by the people of Maryland. And it would be good for the Democrats. Isn’t that last point all that really matters in GOP-style thinking?

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