The Fire Devil – A President Sets Fire To His Country – Der Spiegel

This is Germany’s leading news magazine’s cover story. Say what you want about Trump, his tenure will definitely go down in the history books.

17 thoughts on “The Fire Devil – A President Sets Fire To His Country – Der Spiegel

    1. Maybe, but with all the false flag hooliganism by these racist Trumpers, it is hard to know who set what fire.

      But, thanks to the FBI, we DO know that the invasion of the Capitol was NOT the work of Antifa types – Trump Yellow Bellies and their ilk organized and executed it without any such interference.

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          1. He’s right. THe cover itself does not tell TODAY’S story. However, it does indicate that T**** lit the fires that were allegedly started by ANTIFA, ignoring the simple FACT, as per his usual modus operendi, that RIGHT WING agitators DID infiltrate the protests and were more likely the cause of the violence in question.


          2. RE: “You seem to have lost sight of the simple point I made.”

            Hardly. I’m simply pointing out that the cover art you chose to share tells a specific story, possibly not the one you thought it tells.


          3. You really are obtuse at times. Infiltration of racial justice protests were conducted by right wing agitators. This did not happen on Wednesday in reverse.

            Amazingly obtuse.


          4. “Obtuse at times” tactful.

            I don’t think it’s intentional. I’d opine that it is a function of limited knowledge and narrow perspective.


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