A Look on the Bright Side

Liberal Majorities Don’t Last Long

The last 30 years have taught us that when Democrats win, they mistake a narrow win for a mandate and overreach, shocking the voters by the first Mid Term.

And it’s not even a debate I have to win, I can just pull up a lawn chair and watch them do the same thing and expect different results.

34 thoughts on “A Look on the Bright Side

  1. One political truth that is hard and fast is there are few political truths that are, well, hard and fast.

    What changed the landscape was Newt Gingrich’s philosophy that compromise is a four letter word and politics is now a winner take all proposition. At least from the right wing perspective.

    What hurt Clinton was his foray into universal healthcare. For a variety of reasons, it was a non-starter. Then the crash of 2008 put healthcare back on the front pages since the escalation of costs and resultant premiums were brutal (around 10% or more per year). It was made even more so by all the lost jobs. Even so, it was hard to get a buy in by the GOP since their goal was to make Obama a one term president. So it became a partisan bill and that was a death knell to the midterms for Democrats.

    There are dynamics in today’s political climate that may derail the Democrats in the midterms. Yet, if the economic recovery is good and the vaccine rollout picks up the pace, the midterms may not be as tough. Unfortunately, that leaves a huge deficit and debt problem. And you can bet that all of a sudden, the GOP will clamor for fiscal responsibility as opposed to “debt is good”, a position that Trump pushed and his rubber stamping GOP went along with.

    And that brings us to the tax increases. No matter who is in charge, revenues will have to rise because there is no way to cut costs enough to make a difference. Government spending will increase, if for no other reason that we have little choice left with infrastructure as well as enormous debt loads among hospitals and patients. And that spending will help bolster a recovery from the permanent loss of many jobs due to the pandemic.

    And last, but certainly not least, is the damage to the GOP and the nation wrought by a president whose best quality was divisiveness to a degree that is quite impressive and destructive. And could continue to be so depending up his penchant for revenge coupled with the need for an adoring congregation of cheering fans.

    So at this point, you may be right. Not so much for overreach as for the Herculean task left to the new President.

    Again, cleaning up after the elephants is a thankless duty, but somebody has to do it.

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    1. “Cleaning up” has been the job of DEMs for a long time now. It is not something that should not be overlooked. Once again the anti-American/people faction looks to seek failure on those who “actually” care about our Country.

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      1. This is going to be fun to watch

        And it has already begun. How do you think trying to impeach a President with less than 2 weeks remaining is going to look from outside the bubble?


        1. From the outside of the bubble it makes sense. From the right wingers, however, it fits grievance politics and just plays to all the loony conspiracies. After all, Trump is the messiah, with a small “m” of course.

          Right now, it looks like McConnell is going to postpone any impeachment trial until the 19th, so Trump has another 9 days to screw up the transition and the nation.

          You might be surprised at the number of normally sane folks that went all in with Trump but are now sorely disappointed after that insurrection by the thugs. And as more and more information comes out, it looks more and more like a planned event from Trump on down to that jerk in a horned headdress and jockstrap. So that would be sedition or treason or political halitosis.

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          1. Personally, I think Trump would do well to resign and let Pence handle the transition.

            But go for it, After a 3 year impeachment farce, trying again right now has a lot of swing voters realizing there are politicians worse than Trump,


          2. Great idea, but he won’t resign. I don’t really agree about impeachment. I think it is time to ignore him and with his twitter feed disabled, it might be easier for 10 days.

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          3. He silenced himself, really. If he wanted to hold social media liable for their customers’ postings, he would be gone anyway.

            The measure of leader is how he handles pressure. Few jobs in the world have the pressure of the presidency.

            I think Trump failed and it might be a good thing that this came out during an election year. The next crisis might need good leadership that is engaged and smart.

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          4. “Interesting how Democrats see silencing their opponents to be a positive choice.”

            What is more interesting is that you think it is wrong to stop Trump from continuing to spread literally thousands of egregious lies to literally millions of intellectually and emotionally vulnerable people. Lies that have now proven to incite violence. But, I suppose, without your “alternative facts”, what, after all, have you actually got?

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        2. I am outside your bubble. And that makes me a patriot and supporter of the rule of law who would welcome this decisive response to sedition even though an actual impeachment and conviction of this seditious bastard would be a huge gift to the Republican Party for the simple reason that it would ban him from holding public office in the future. If he simply runs out his term he will be well-positioned to continue the destruction of the GOP that he has thus far so nobly advanced.

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        3. “This is going to be fun to watch“

          Your taking of joy in wishing for negative outcomes for our Country says EVERYTHING about your character.

          Both pitiful and sad. My crude comments about you in prior posts were well directed.

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          1. I find it amusing that I can safely ignore Napoleon’s advice to not distract an adversary when he is busy destroying himself.

            I can point out exactly how you will destroy yourselves and you will just call me names and go right ahead.

            But I never wish for negative outcomes for the country, negative outcomes for the Democratic party by contrast are good for the country.


          2. …” I never wish for negative outcomes for the country,”…

            That is exactly what you are doing. And you Cheered for 4 years while T**** made mistakes, lied, cased distrust in the political institutions, and openly called for the overturning of the 202 election.

            Hypocrites never see their own hypocrisy.

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          3. Well, I find it amusing that you find it amusing to cite Napoleon’s maxim in the lead up to each election only to find that we have not destroyed ourselves after all.

            Most recently, you have smugly predicted Trump’s impending victory countless times in pre-election discussions. How did that turn out? Well, in terms used by Trump with the same Electoral votes and a resounding loss in the popular vote, Biden won in a landslide and now has a mandate to reverse every stupid thing that Trump did.

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          4. I can only surmise that is why you did not distract your boy from his self inflicted destruction.

            I can see why you Libertarian “friends” gave up on you, sorry.

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  2. Each of the “conservative” comebacks touted in the article was more disastrous than the one before it. But still, they keep coming back. How come? Better ideas? Uh, as measured by polling across the board that would be a no. The mainstream of this country is not persuaded. On just about every issue.

    So, why Republican success if they cannot sell their ideas? IMHO their sleigh is pulled by a troika of racism, lies and cheating.

    Racism : They have harnessed the racist underbelly of this country to their goals. Southern strategy. Welfare queens. Willy Horton. Law and order. Bucks buying steaks with food stamps. And, finally, Birtherism.

    Lies : Well this one needs no explication. They have lost all respect for the truth and can mobilize any lie without hesitation or shame. Kerry is a teen murdering savage not a war hero. The Clintons are murderers. Obama is a Muslim. Biden is corrupt. The election was stolen.

    Cheating : Gerrymandering, voter suppression and partisan administration of the election apparatus. “Errors” in voter rolls, limited polling places, de facto poll taxes.

    Trumpism represents the high water mark of what these three horses can do for the GOP. Racism is so 20th century. Voter suppression has now backfired. Decent people are sick of lies. One by one bastions of Trumpism have become swing states and swing states have turned blue. Texas is next and then it is over once and for all for national Republicans. If you pay attention to what younger people believe and want you will realize that we have become a center left country and nothing a fractured GOP can do in the foreseeable future will change that.

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    1. Well put.

      The GOP is the minority party as witnessed by the loss of the popular vote in 5 presidential elections. Voter suppression and Gerrymandering are the only ways they can win and therein lies part of their problem.

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    2. Thanks for the laughs for such moronic nonsense. One mint julep please, garcon, so I can sit back and watch the show too. Oh, be sure to muddle the mint properly, your tip depends on it…


  3. I’m sure you had your favorite chair pulled up as you watched with glee the goings on at the Capitol Bldg. this past Wednesday. I think the hate-filled man you’ve defended since he started his ‘birther’ fun has now added a new layer of nasty that will not be ignored when we think of Republicans; and make that MOST Republicans.

    What USED to be, is no more – Trump has seen to that.

    The Republican party now has blood on its hands that will not be denied.

    The leader of that party lied about fraud in the election and got HIS hoople-heads in Congress to attempt some stupid overthrow of an election that not even his own SUPREMES were going to touch. And, not to leave anything to chance he picked just the right words to send HIS people into a hot, sweaty rioting frenzy.

    They did his bidding properly dressed in full TRUMP ATTIRE, and, they preceeded to make him happy.

    Now, he wants us to believe they weren’t his people after all. Ha ha

    It matters not what nonsence you dream you can see now about the longevity of a Democrat leadership.

    Trump and his people on Wednesday changed all that. It’s a new day.

    People who love America didn’t appreciate scenes of red-topped thieves and rioters, even if they were giddily welcomed by Trump, hanging from the rails of Capitol Building OR lounging on the furniture of our elected officials as they tried to actually do their jobs.

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  4. RE: “The last 30 years have taught us that when Democrats win, they mistake a narrow win for a mandate and overreach, shocking the voters by the first Mid Term.”

    That’s the trend. What’s different this time is Democrat control of the media and the Big Tech/political machine panopticon. It is an open question in my mind whether the natural intelligence of The People can overcome such obstacles, but history shows that the wisdom of crowds usually prevails.

    In that context, it is interesting to note that Rasmusen today published a report showing Trump’s approval rating going up after the Capitol incursion.

    Generally speaking, I’m optimistic.


    1. A murdered policeman, a dead woman rioter and 3 other deaths and his approval rating went up. At
      Rasmussen, which swings right, but still. (His approval rating at 538 dropped several points since 12/2, but what do they know.)

      Its all a game for Trump and his fans, however, and a few dead folks are not big deal so long as the worshiping continues.

      The plans seem to be for more rioting before the inauguration. There might be a few of the participants not showing up since they have been arrested on federal charges.

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      1. RE: “A murdered policeman, a dead woman rioter and 3 other deaths and his approval rating went up.”

        As I said, its an open question whether “Democrat control of the media” can overcome the natural intelligence of The People. Your choice of argument suggests the sheep will persist as sheep.


        1. Still 5 dead people. For most folks that is truly tragic. For Trump…

          (I don’t think he even acknowledged a dead policeman, never mind the woman or the others, or the damage. Just like the last 6 months, we have no president until January 20.)

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          1. RE: “Still 5 dead people.”

            A dumb argument considering that only one of the five deaths was a homicide, and that death was of a protester.


          2. Officer Shipnick was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher while fighting the mob. He succumbed to the injuries the next day. A murder investigation has been opened.


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          3. Mr. Roberts palpable ignorance on the facts of this assault on the Capitol is very, very telling. It has been widely covered in the “lame stream media” that one of the victims was a police officer clubbed to death with a fire extinguisher but he obviously had no knowledge of that very salient fact. So either he is offering his opinions with no knowledge or he is getting his information from so deep in the rightwing bubble that this fact is left out.

            Combine this pitiful ignorance with his blather about the “natural intelligence” of the people overcoming the leftist bias of the media and you have the ingredients for a good laugh.

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    2. Yeah, but even the corporations, the WSJ and the Chamber of Commerce are turning on the GOP for their inability to reign in the Great Orange Menace to Democracy who still sits in the Oval Office.

      The GOP has been overtaken by T****ism and it is going to take a lot more than 2 years for them to recover.

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  5. My sentiments exactly. Pelosi trying to initiate an impeachment at this juncture is just plain laughable and a testiment to their smug foolishness. Yep democrats, enjoy your 15 seconds, a blood bath is soon to follow…


  6. Meh, that’s okay. Two years of an all-Democrat rule will fatten the portfolios enough to suffer 6 of Republicans.

    Want proof? Look at where the indices finished on Wednesday — at all-time highs. Investors love certainty and Wednesday sealed the GOP’s fate.

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