Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup”

Source: Michael Tracey.

The writer makes the point better than I could. I would add that at present we don’t even know how the Capitol incursion happened, or who was involved. On that basis alone it is certifiably insane to call the incursion an attempted “coup” or even an act of insurrection. There really is no limit to how hard some people will work to scare themselves over such things as little old ladies staging a violent Revolution!

50 thoughts on “Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup”

  1. So if it was not a “coup” and not an “insurrection” what would YOU call it when a mob of violent people invade the seat of our government in order to stop the lawful transfer of power to a new President? And, BTW, KILL a member of law enforcement trying to protect the elected Representatives of the people?

    Little old ladies? Are you blind? Did you see little old ladies scaling the walls and smashing the windows? Did you watch the WAPO video where the police were backed into a corner and had to shoot to protect themselves and the Representatives they were protecting. THOSE crazies, at least, were not little old ladies.

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    1. RE: “what would YOU call it when a mob of violent people invade the seat of our government in order to stop the lawful transfer of power to a new President?”

      I called it an incursion, which I believe is accurate under the circumstances. And no, I didn’t watch any WAPO video. It wouldn’t change my current assessment of events if I did.


          1. RE: “It says that evidence means nothing whatsoever to people like you.”

            You assume too much, and end up arguing with yourself.


          2. RE: “If you need me to decipher that, please let me know…”

            For once you actually say what’s on your mind. Your statement is useless and irrelevant, but making your thoughts explicit is at least helpful to the rest of us.


    2. What do you call it?


      And, of course, an excuse to demand more government power. You can bet that even though none of the trespassers had a firearm, this will be cited as an excuse for more gun control.

      But an unarmed woman who was in no way a threat to anyone was shot dead with no attempt made to arrest her.

      Do Trump lives matter?


      1. Shot dead as she was trying to hop through a smashed door with a screaming, rabid mob behind her and just a couple of guys with pistols to defend against them. Those guys were the last defense in the Speakers Chamber.

        You did not see the video, I guess.

        The goal was to intimidate or force the trashing of certified Electoral votes, illegally, by Pence.
        That is an attempted overthrow of the new duly elected government.

        Trespass? What would you do if 1000 or so screaming and possibly armed thugs smashed in your door at home?

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        1. Predictable.

          She never even touched one of them.

          So George Floyd, and an endless list of Black criminals who died fighting the police were all murder victims and justification for riots and revenge killings of police officers, but his Trump supporter had it coming.


          1. If you say so. I would just say that she was in the wrong place with the wrong people.

            Suppose they had broken through completely, what would have happened next.

            The shooters were not riot police with armor and heavy weapons.

            Insurrections are dangerous. Participants are not going to be offered tea and cookies.

            Besides, police kill about 1000 of us each year. This is another sad tale, but probably justified if you can justify any unarmed person shot to death by police.

            Michael Brown was killed because he was a big guy supposedly charging a cop. Here we had dozens of big guys charging cops and for some reason a woman was put in front of them.

            Was she a shield for the cowards behind her?


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          2. “She never even touched one of them?”

            She chose to invade the innermost part of the Capitol. The officers displaying their guns were the last line of defense before members of Congress would be at the mercy of the mob. They displayed their weapons clearly as this woman was part of a group continuing to batter down the last door. I suppose since these goons were white they never dreamed that FINALLY they would meet deadly force. They were wrong.

            It is noteworthy how when a black person looks cross-eyed at a LEO that you leap to the defense of the police for using deadly force but here is a gang of white hooligans smashing up the Capitol and threatening the safety of members of Congress and you are whining that – after horrible provocation – the police finally did what they had to do.

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          3. RE: “The shooters were not riot police with armor and heavy weapons.”

            Actually, they were, if you are refering to the video of Ashli Babbitt.

            You really, really need to check your facts before making reckless allegations.


        1. Exactly! Of course it is terrorism.
          Terrorism is aimed at changing politics with the threat and the fact of violence. This is not rocket science. And, as the article points out, the threat these American terrorists pose has been at the top of the list for years much to the dismay of our gun-toting “conservative” fellow posters who have trouble seeing “real Americans” as bad guys.

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      1. LOL!

        Too funny. Seems your assumptions are enough for you to spout your nonsense.

        The WAPO video being discussed was captured by a phone as the unfortunate MAGA woman became a modern Horst Wessel dying in service to her Leader. It showed the rampaging shouting and drooling insurrectionists bashing down the final door protecting members of Congress. It showed security people on the other side of the door pointing their pistols at the invaders. It showed the invaders ignoring the warnings and pressing forward until the police on the other side of that last door had no choice but to fire.

        This is one of her final tweets. You Q boys know what it means.

        “I will be in DC on the 6th! God bless America and WWG1WGA”

        In this case, she went alone. And Trump went the other way.

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      2. You listen to the heavier dose of BULLSHIT, fabrications and outright lies that flows from the right wing T**** media echo chamber, gobble it up like a pig at the trough, and then try to say that liberals are stupid.

        Your idiocy knows absolutely no bounds. I actually wondered if you were the shirtless, horn-wearing idiot at the Capitol Wednesday.


  2. “We are coming for you”. Donald, Jr.

    “Trial by combat.” R. Giuliani

    “Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong.” D.Trump

    “Mike Pence has to come through for you.” D. Trump This is after a huge amount of pressure for Pence to break the law in the Constitution, as well as his oath of office, to please Trump and overthrow the election.

    Fighting words, to be sure. So if the object was to seize the chamber and force Pence to nullify certified votes from certain states, then we have an attempted overthrow of the government of a duly elected President and maintain power.

    I would say it was to force Pence’s hand through acts of violence.

    Your author is wrong.

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    1. RE: “So if the object was to seize the chamber and force Pence to nullify certified votes from certain states, then we have an attempted overthrow of the government of a duly elected President and maintain power.”

      The problem for you is that you can’t show that that was the objective. It is just an assumption that you keep repeating as if it were fact. Dishonest.


      1. Dishonest?

        Sorry, but that is reality. Is there another reason for Trump surrogates to smash in doors and windows, assault Capitol Police, and try to broach the chamber itself.

        Tour sold out?

        Trump was, is and always will be a disaster.

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    2. You left out the representative from Missouri with the Red Hat that said Fire Pelosi, who in his whipped up delusional frenzy said it is time to kick ass and take names.

      The sentiment is valuable in prosecuting the rioters, tresspassers, looters, thieves, treasonous scum and the members of Congress who enabled T**** for the past 4 years. Lindsay and Mitch do NOT get a pass because they changed their minds after 4 years of coddling the Great Orange Menace.

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  3. Evidently the right wing echo chamber is in full attack mode.

    “It was just a rally…picnic really. When I heard a couple of rowdies tried to get into the Capitol I almost dropped my coffee. Right dear?”

    “It was all Antifa.Trump supporters are so nice and peaceful, they would never do this.”

    “An unarmed woman was shot down like a dog. She was just carrying out her civic duty.”

    Quotes mine. Words…paraphrasing the defenders of the violence.

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      1. “. . .muskets down off the mantle”

        Doubt about what? Your threats of violence are a little vague. Maybe for the record you can be a little more explicit about who you plan to murder. Your fellow Proud Boys aren’t so coy.

        What is pushing your side far enough? Winning another election, maybe?

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        1. I have written many times that the only reason for a violent overthrow of the government would be a government that refused to submit to the Rule of Law.

          In such a case, I would expect you to join in.

          But the point is that if it ever became necessary, we would not try a spur of the moment occupation of government offices with no end game planned.

          This was no coup attempt, it was a protest that got out of hand.


          1. ” . . . government that refused to submit to the Rule of Law”

            There has been no clearer example in the history of this country of a “government refusing to submit to the Rule of Law” than Trump’s behavior throughout his Presidency and in the aftermath of an election that he clearly and decisively lost. He has gone FAR beyond the legal and Constitutional remedies available to him for any ACTUAL fraud or illegality. And now he has unleashed a mob of violent thugs on the Congress for the express purpose of subverting the Rule of Law by overturning the results of an election. This affront to our country and its Constitution could not be more clear and yet you continue to make excuses for him even now. The point is that your blather about defending the Rule of Law rings very, very hollow. It really and truly does. For what it may be worth to point that out for you.

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          2. Trump has bitched and moaned about a lot,but you can’t sow a single example of him refusing to submit to the Rule of Law when his court options ran out.


          3. … bitched and moaned”…

            You left out lied.

            His court options ran out and he unleashed a mob on Congress. Gimme a phone and a pen over a riotous, treasonous mob from the “conspiracy community”. EVERY time.


          4. “no end game planned.“ ??

            So you’ll hang your hat on an assumption that you have no way to verify as a way to defend your boy’s lawless behavior? You have consistently moved from one weak defense to another and at this point have really lost all credibility on the issue.

            Your not at JTR’s level but you’re damn close.

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          5. “you can’t show a single example of him refusing to submit to the Rule of Law when his court options ran out.”

            Is this a joke? WTF do you think he was doing pressuring various state officers to overturn their election results or when he sent a crowd of hooligans to physically “Stop the Steal” in Congress? These are CRIMINAL actions that he took “when his court options ran out.”

            Respect for the Rule of Law by a President goes far, far beyond the standard you propose. A President who has it does not bring frivolous lawsuits to court. A President who has it does not tolerate even the appearance of illegality such as Trump’s egregious abuses of his Emergency Powers to usurp Congressional spending authority. Or his defiance of the Emoluments provisions of the Constitution.

            His other and never ending manifestations of lawlessness are manifold.





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  4. What’s going to be fun is when the USCP cleans house. When they root out those sympathizers on the force who let them in. Believe this, the guys, who would have laid down their lives for that building and the lawmakers in it, know EXACTLY who in their ranks hung them out to dry. They know which among them have uttered words of support for Trump, who plastered memes on the FB pages mocking Pelosi.

    One of their own had his skull crushed with a fire extinguisher. This blue line will shatter.

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      1. So, here’s a question for you. Not including my suggestion within this question, who among us do you think will be the first to suggest that Trump was drugged with mind-altering drugs by Deep State doctors when he was treated for Cov2?

        My money’s on JTR.

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        1. I’m on JTR as well. Don doesn’t have that kind of imagination … unless it is that the cultists were just having a little revolution to themselves. IT was a coup fomented by T**** his enablers in Congress, his attorneys, his sycophants in the right wing media, and a bunch of radical right wing insurrectionists who came to D.c. to “be wild”.

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        2. Not to be sarcastic (oh, hell, yes I am😇), but how would anyone know the difference.

          After all, his presidency in general and this year in particular has been a bad trip in the chemical sense.

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          1. Sitting on a bar stool after work with my typical Bud Light in 2016 and watching the election returns come in I actually had the thought that someone had put something in my drink. At this point I’m hoping they did and I’ll wake up any moment and laugh at the ridiculous and insane dream I had.

            If only……

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