Big Changes Coming to Bacon’s Rebellion

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

BR’s announcement makes me remember the early days of the Internet, roughly 1992 thru 1995. Technically, the Internet is much older, but that is the period when it became known to the general public.

I dabbled a bit at webmastering in them days. Anyone could. The HTML language which made the whole World Wide Web possible then consisted of only about seven commands, including one that was widely reviled: the blink tag that made text flash on and off onscreen.

The philosophical controversy over the blink tag was enormously intense, if only among the gods who conspired in secret chat rooms to share (and steal) webmaster lore. It was a heady time.

But as much debate and ire as the blink tag inspired, an even greater controversy was the permissibility of online advertising. Internet purists almost religiously opposed commercializing the Web. The lowly “banner ad,” a two or three line graphic usually placed at the top of web pages became for a time — in certain quarters — the most hated thing in all of Webdom.

This is the context in which I view BR’s announcement that it will begin to take advertising on its blog. I was never one of the purists, I just remember the pitched battles.

I wish Mr. Bacon well and every success in his venture. His publication is excellent.

3 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming to Bacon’s Rebellion

  1. Good luck to them. I hope they can live up to their stated purpose . . .

    “Bacon’s Rebellion is Virginia’s leading politically non-aligned portal”

    However, words like the following do not encourage my optimism . . .

    “We see a tremendous market opportunity as newspaper newsrooms continue to shrink, skewing consistently leftward in their editorial coverage as they do so.”

    A. That is nonsense, and
    B. We already have enough sites pandering to lovers of “alternative facts.”


    1. It is like Kerry Doughtery’s post recently that JTR linked here. The claims of leftward swings in editorial coverage is overblown. The number of right leaning guest pieces (nationally syndicated columnists) in The Pilot has increased dramatically in the past several months.

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  2. The times you or Don have linked articles from there I have been interested, not only the posts, but the comments and found some enlightenment. It seems many a good blog style site has resorted to either subscriptions or advertising (The Bulwark still has free content, but to get some of the newsletters requires a subscription).

    A sign of the times, I suppose.


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