PERSUASION: The Made-Up Conspiracy

A Republican bid to deny Biden’s victory is another worrying Trumpist disinformation ploy

Jonathan Rauch does an excellent job of calling out the GOP challenge of the Electoral College results for what it really is: A Made Up Conspiracy.

“Above all, the Republicans’ challenge is part of an information-warfare campaign. They are using a classic propaganda tactic that might be called “conspiracy bootstrapping.” First, you introduce a false idea, spreading it by every available means. Then, once people are talking about it, and some believe it, you cite its prevalence as evidence that it might be true—an epistemic sleight-of-hand by which propaganda validates itself.”

If you are unable to view the link, I will cut and paste the entire piece.

21 thoughts on “PERSUASION: The Made-Up Conspiracy

  1. 1920/30s Germany comes to mind.

    Last (hopefully) gasp of the ignorant entitled white “privilege” culture that is being exposed for the social disease it is…

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  2. Mr. Rauch is promoting a made-up conspiracy of his own.

    He makes up a new term, conspiracy bootstrapping to describe how it works, but the new term is unnecessary. The technique already had a name, which we learned from Nancy Pelosi a few months back: the “wrap-up smear.”

    What we have here is a classic example of accusing one’s adversaries of the very crime one has oneself committed.


    1. Your willful blindness to actual facts and reasoned analysis is noted.

      Your attempt to call what Rauch said as projection just shows how much you have sucked down of Trump’s snake oil. It is what Trump has been doing for years, and now your attempt comes woefully short of anything but, “My boy can do no wrong, no matter how many times he shreds and burns the Constitution.”

      So when Trump escapes to wherever, to avoid prosecution in NY state, are you going to join him or just sit here and pontificate on how unfair it is that he is being prosecuted for the laws he has broken? You don’t have to answer as I am pretty sure I know what you are going to say. Not claiming to be a mind reader (which you always pull out of wherever you pull things out of), just know your track record.

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      1. Given the overwhelming preponderance of evidence ANYONE pushing back is incapable of processes the obvious reality.

        Trump is gaslighting the weak minded and easily led, and sadly it is working on the most vulnerable.

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        1. More interestingly, it is tearing apart the laughable remnants of a once proud party.

          But, and there is always a but. I will not be comfortable until Biden puts his hand on the Bible and takes the oath of office.

          Trump is a desperate and probably mentally sick man. He is worried about the lawsuits and criminal investigations that he cannot pardon himself for. Cornered rats are viscous. Yet, they are still rats.

          His rearranging of the DOD, saber rattling with Iran and a few thousand thugs in yellow on Wednesday are all disturbing background shuffles. And his immediate advisors like Meadows are in up to their necks.

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          1. …” saber rattling with Iran”…

            An aircraft carrier on its way out of the Gulf was ordered to turn around (by Trump. overriding the DOD). It could be related to the seizure of a South Korean tanker by Iran. But Trump’s relationship with S. Korea isn’t all that great and they are sending a destroyer of their own. I see it more as a potentially provocative move for something big and bad to start around January 19th.

            Just a thought, but I don’t believe it to be too far from possible

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      2. RE: “Your willful blindness to actual facts and reasoned analysis is noted.”

        What actual facts do you think I am willfully blind to? I WILLFULLY read your posted article, but didn’t see any to support Rauch’s conspiracy theory. For example:

        Who are the conspirators? When and where did they meet to conspire? What plan did they conspire to enact? What proves the plan actually existed?


        1. 11 Senators led by Hawley and “Lyin’ Ted”.

          “This tactic is evident in a statement that 11 Republican senators issued Saturday, explaining why they intended to reject the electoral college counts of several states that Biden won, and to demand an “Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency 10-day audit.” The senators did not, and could not, point to any allegations of fraud that were credible, were large enough to affect the election outcome, and had not already been aired, examined and rejected by the proper authorities. In other words, the senators could not justify their actions by saying that the allegations were true. Instead they relied on the claim that the allegations were widespread.”

          As far as the rest of your questions, no “meeting” needs take place, and Senators have been together quite a bit lately. The plan to overturn the will of the people, the filing and plans they have posted to the media outlets concerning their challenges.

          You may not give a damn about other people’s voices being silenced. To me it is a very big deal and the challenges to the EC by the GOT (Good ol Trump) party Gang of 152 or so are a threat to this country and the democratic principles we have lived by for over 230 years.

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        2. Try to be logical. The 11 senators want to conduct an audit. Since audits can prove or disprove a suspicion, there is no need for them to make up a conspiracy to justify the audit. And in fact, their proposal — which I posted in the Forum — doesn’t offer any made-up conspiracy at all.

          If you are going to allege that the so-called conspirators want to “overturn the will of the people,” then you must be able to show that that is what they intend. They have said, however, that the AUDIT is their intention. Why shouldn’t we believe them?


          1. “Why shouldn’t we believe them?”

            Because they are ignorant delusional morons?

            However, you appear to be simpatico, so in the interest of being collegial I won’t make a judgement.

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          2. The idea is for a 10 day delay. Or more.

            No good. 2 months of checks, re-checks, counts, re-counts, 90 judges, false affidavits, conspiracy theories about Venezuela and Frankfurt and dead people, lies about voting machines.

            The election has been so scrutinized, surveilled, witnessed, recorded, certified, verified, vilified, death threats to workers and officials, attempts to force Governors and Secretaries of State to lie and overturn the results by breaking their own state laws and extortion attempts by Trump.

            Americans have had enough of this charade by loonies on the right. Trump lost because he pissed off the suburban and split ticket voters. He lost in 2016 except for a tiny sliver in 3 states. What in blazes makes anyone think he would improve upon that?

            As Gabriel Sterling said in his earlier presser after death threats to him and others, including a young tech worker, “enough is enough”.

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          3. RE: “Americans have had enough of this charade by loonies on the right.”

            I’m an American and I haven’t had enough. The process is playing out in accordance with the rules. I don’t understand why it is so important to some people to claim the election is over when it isn’t.


          4. RE: “Because they are ignorant delusional morons?”

            Ad hominem aside, being a senator makes being an “ignorant delusional moron” irrelevant.

            But then ad hominem is almost always irrelevant.


          5. GA audited their results already. They also conducted recountS and there was NO CHANGE in the tallies.

            All of Trump’s lie in his phone call with Raffensperger were debunked by Spangler in a presser (that Fox News cut away from to listen to drivel from another Trump toady).

            Contrary to YOUR belief that all they want is an audit, the truth to anyone with half a mind is the Senators and House members in question want to overturn certified election results based on conspiracies and lies. Even the lawyers for the GOP have been threatened with censure y a judge for attempting to block the EC vote count.


            The GOP has been the party of voter suppression for decades. This is just another vain attempt to disenfranchise voters who didn’t drink the Trump Snake Oil. When the Chamber of Congress and the WSJ editorial board call this move idiotic, you would think that members of the Republican party would listen.

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  3. The country is getting stupider and stupider. Wayne Allen Root explains everything so that everyone can get it.


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