An Insider’s View of Pennsylvania and the Battle for Our Republic

Source: American Thinker.

You can’t say there is no evidence of election fraud.

The writers of this piece are both members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. They were among a group of legislators who examined official state election data and found that more votes were cast in Pennsylvania than the number of voters who voted.

This is prima facie evidence of election fraud — more than enough, if proved, to change the outcome of the election in this case.

Pennsylvania’s Department of State disputes the legislators’ analysis, but admits to lacking the data needed to either confirm or refute their conclusions.

Pennsylvania’s legislators have raised legitimate issues that will take time for the state to fully resolve. It is significant, however, that the state’s electoral certification is currently in doubt, sufficient doubt to justify an objection in the U.S. Congress this Wednesday.

13 thoughts on “An Insider’s View of Pennsylvania and the Battle for Our Republic

  1. Given the back and forth on the election results over the past few days I’ve provided a link that may explain the pushback on the mountain of facts that have been relentlessly provided by some on this forum and the inability by others who can’t either understand or accept such facts as reality.

    Of course, the same psychology issue that causes the problem will lead them to believe it does not apply to them….

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    1. Jimmy, re: the ending of your first paragraph (Given the back and forth . . .) I’m going with those “… who can’t ACCEPT such facts as reality.”

      I think they fully UNDERSTAND that what some of their legislators are suggesting is total nonsense, but they just can’t bring themselves to quit ‘whizzing-up-THAT PARTICULAR-Rope’. Obviously, it looks like too much fun for them. They’ve become as daffy as their dear leader. They are too enamored with the idea of chaos and violence possibly taking place with their Wednesday clown show. Hopefully, we’ll get watch, live and in ‘Living Color’ on Wednesday.

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      1. At some point it becomes “clinical” which renders all efforts to enlighten moot. However, I continue to be infuriated by those who lead the sheepeople to the rabbit holes they have provided for them.

        THEY are the true traitors to our Country’s ideals.

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    1. RE: “So you are wrong…again.”

      What, specifically, was I wrong about?

      I wrote, quite carefully, that “more votes were cast in Pennsylvania than the number of voters who voted.” None of your fact checks disputes this. They dispute a completely different claim than the one I and the AT piece make, the claim that more votes were cast than there are voters. There is a big difference between the number of voters and the number of voters who voted.

      Besides, I noted the controversy over the actual claim made, as does the AT story. I assert that the controversy as it currently stands is sufficient for Congress to object to Pennsylvania’s certification. Do you find that “wrong,” somehow?


      1. Yes.

        If you actually read the two links, you will seen that AT is not truthful.

        It is on par with making a big deal out of the black cloth in the surveillance video in GA.

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        1. RE: “If you actually read the two links, you will seen that AT is not truthful.”

          You’ll have to give an example, as I already have.


    2. Fooled again! At some point you will have to realize that you are considered just another dupe by the lying liars who support Trump.

      The election officials responsible gave the explanation for this claimed discrepancy. The explanation made perfect sense. A full count of votes was compared to an incomplete count of voters. To anyone not eager to be duped that is the end of the story. But oh no. Not you.

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    3. The unlawful changes made to the manner in which the election was conducted in PA make determining the accuracy of these claims impossible.

      In an unlawful election, the presumption of fraud must be given the highest weight, as concealing fraud was the a consequence of the unlawful changes.


      1. Unlawful?

        Not so. Until proven or adjudicated, there is nothing unlawful except your assertions that there is.

        And for some strange reason, 90 judges seem to disagree that there is a case.

        But you know better.

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        1. An unlawful act is unlawful the moment it is committed, The remedy or justice waits on the court.

          And no, those judges have NOT ruled on the Constitutional issue.


          1. You are saying “we are going to hang ‘em, after a fair trial of course”.

            In our country, we hold that innocence is presumed until proven otherwise.

            You are assuming the law was broken based on your opinion.

            Until you can convince a court that there is enough credible evidence that fits your opinion you are going to have to wait.

            By living and participating in our country you agree to abide by our system, slow and creaky as it might be.

            We may have to codify election procedures if your opinion is ruled correct. Fortunately or not, depending upon your political view, post election disputes over legal technicalities will not override the citizens’ right to be heard and participate in the selection of their leaders as proscribed by their own states’ rules as presented at the time of election.

            And it certainly does not permit a president to threaten election officials with highly dubious assertions having no basis in reality. And that is a hell of a lot more important as a huge abuse of power we should never, ever tolerate.

            That should be brought to trial first.

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