How are we not discussing this?

I think I know why. But I’ll let the forum have its say first.

7 thoughts on “How are we not discussing this?

  1. I gave T Mac a solid “B” in his first stint and think we could do worse. He’ll have an obvious advantage on those who have not been there before and is moderate enough to suit most Virginians.

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  2. RE: “How are we not discussing this?”

    In my case I didn’t know about it. Mcauliffe is welcome to run. I won’t vote for him, but he is welcome to run.


  3. I’m curious too.

    My take, based on recent media reports and interactions with active Democrats, is that the party has turned against him.

    I didn’t agree with everything he did, and I was uncomfortable with his ties to the Clintons, but I thought he was a good governor—a far cry from his successor.


    1. I don’ think the party has completely turned against him. If that were truly the case, Biden would not have won in VA and 24 other states. The party has slid to the left a bit, but moderate voters tend to vote moderately. And I like to believe there are more of those than fringe voters in the Democratic Party.

      However, if one of the other candidates comes out with better ideas (not radical, but better) than McAuliffe, then they will get the nod. It will be an interesting primary season in the Old Dominion.


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