38 thoughts on “Supreme Court Formally Dockets Texas Election Case Against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin

  1. Your headline skipped over a very salient point. The flat rejection of the Pennsylvania lawsuit by Congressman Kelley without comment. “The rebuff came without explanation and with no noted dissents.” That, by the way, is how SCOTUS treats cases with no discernable merit.

    As for putting the Texas case on the docket, don’t get your hopes up. One state suing another is a BFD and SCOTUS cannot simply ignore it since there is no other court with jurisdiction.

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    1. Sam Alito is the justice who issued the ruling in the Kelly suit.

      The PA Supreme Court ruling stated that the law was not un-Constitutional in PA. And it stood.

      In 1955 Brown v. Board of Education declared that separate but equal schools were un-Consititutional. And had been for decades, of course. Yet there was no way you could go back and re-teach all those who were wronged. Or take away diplomas earned under a bad law. Or punish those who applied the law. Just change the laws and move on.

      The same here. No credible evidence of major, election changing fraud was ever discovered. And conjectures like saying “fraud could have taken place when people had their backs turned.” or “machines could have been fiddled with because Hugo Chavez did so 13 years ago” are not evidence of fraud.

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      1. RE: “No credible evidence of major, election changing fraud was ever discovered.”

        That’s a dubious proposition, but it is also not relevant in the Texas case, which doesn’t even allege fraud.


        1. “That’s a dubious proposition”

          A good example of the Trump effect on presumably normal minds. It is NOT a dubious proposition. It is a FACT. You know, FACTS – those true statements based in reality which you do not get to choose for yourself.

          You cannot cite any such fraud. Republicans cannot find any such fraud. Even Trump lackey, AG Barr publicly states that there is no evidence of any such fraud.

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  2. With the rejection of the other PA case, I’m afraid this won’t make any difference.

    The law is clear and I had hoped SCOTUS would take the position “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.” but considering the extreme remedy that would be required and the turmoil that would follow. it appears SCOTUS will let these violations of the Constitution slide.

    What the President should be doing now is to appoint a special counsel to prosecute the wrongdoers and make Biden either let them go to prison or pardon them and take the heat.

    It may also be possible to get injunctions in GA to prevent the theft of the Senatorial runoffs in the same manner.


    1. RE: “With the rejection of the other PA case, I’m afraid this won’t make any difference.”

      The arguments in the two cases are entirely different. The appeal (Kelly v. Pennsylvania) argued against PA’s Act 77. The Texas case argues the elections in the defendant states were simply administered unlawfully.


      1. Exactly! Texas brings up the fact the Federal Constitution is violated when states violate their own constitutions which require State Legislature to change election laws. Not judges or governor’s orders!


    2. “The law is clear . . ” Yes, and nobody broke it. Your claims to the contrary are totally fatuous. The ravings one might expect from an incredibly sore loser.

      Just who are you suggesting the proposed Special Counsel investigate and based on what evidence. Who are these “wrongdoers” – Republican PA legislators who peeked into the future to steal the election from Trump when they passed Act 77 two years ago? Georgia Secretary of State who certified the election for Biden after a recount and an audit? The Speaker of the Michigan House who refused to cave to Trump’s pressure to throw out the vote?

      You probably – like most of us – like to be taken seriously. You are making that nearly impossible with your blind acceptance and eager repeating of Trump’s proven lies.

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      1. There are Democrat operatives in most states who submitted votes for dead or incompetent people, people who moved out of state. There are counters in Atlanta who processed votes, from who knows where, in the absence of GOP observers.

        Every one is a criminal who should go to prison to discourage others from doing that in future elections.


        1. Don, you have gone over some edge somewhere.

          There is no law that says partisan observers have to be present. At least in GA. It is a norm that is accepted. Meanwhile there was an independent observer and an election official still in the room. And the partisans left on their own. If they were too lazy to stick around, whose fault is that?

          What operatives submitted votes from the grave? Do you evidence or are you just defaming election workers for fun?

          Remember the last felony convictions were Republicans. Democrats don’t do that kind of stuff. Don’t have to. They are the majority party.

          Trump is working hard to steal a legitimate election. If he had worked this hard on his other presidential duties he might still be president in January.

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          1. We know that there were votes cast by dead and relocated people, and incompetents, in many states, finding who did it is what an investigation would be for.

            We also know that state officials assumed powers allowed only to the legislatures, using the pandemic as an excuse.

            There is no pandemic clause in the constitution.

            Those officials need to be removed from office.


          2. 155,000,000 votes cast in 13,700 districts and sure some were faulty. With early voting, there are bound to be some that died after voting but before Election Day. Voting rolls are always making correction as people come and go. Military often use a state to register in even if they move across country.

            The Constitution doesn’t make state election laws. States do.

            You never have addressed the anomaly of cheating to win the presidency, but lose seats in the House and not gain the Senate.

            Your accusations are pure hatred of Democrats.

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          3. We know that votes were cast for “incompetents”…

            No doubt. I am guessing about 74 million Trump ballots fit that description. 😇

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          4. RE: “There is no law that says partisan observers have to be present. At least in GA.”

            Wrong tree. There is a law which says partisan observers have a right to be present. Anything which compromises that right would be unlawful. The only way to avoid compromising the observers right to observe is to conduct the election exclusively in their presence, which didn’t happen in GA.


        2. “That’s based on their review of the day’s video footage in full. Also, even though observers from the parties and press left the room before vote counting resumed, officials said, a state election board monitor and investigator from the secretary of state’s office both returned to watch the counting until its completion.“

          “ While state law allows for observers to watch the vote counting, Sterling said, it was not illegal for the vote counting to resume when the observers left.”


          This site goes over the whole video issue. I am sure it will be ignored by Trump fans because, well, just because.

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          1. The fact check itself has been debunked, repeatedly. The issue here is not that the count was unobserved, but that it was not observed by observers who were authorized to observe it, and wanted to.


          2. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/politics/georgia-election-officials-show-frame-by-frame-what-really-happened-fulton-surveillance-video/T5M3PYIBYFHFFOD3CIB2ULDVDE/


            GA officials said there was no hanky lanky, and reviewed entire tape.

            I say Hemingway is just stoking conspiracies, per Trump playbook. Her specialty anyway.

            “Pssst, let’s count ballots that have already been prepped for counting in full view of multiple security cameras. That’ll freak out Trump fans. The water leak at 6 am will add sauce to the story.”

            Really, folks. Republican officials, in a red state, running a transparent election with videos of everything and the conspiracy nuts can edit, claim, and make up crap and breathlessly claim massive fraud.

            What, did David Copperfield create this illusion?

            Workers were simply told to finish the counting. Remember at this point Trump was claiming, demanding really, victory. So obviously the pressure was on to finish ASAP.

            In other words the pizza shop was just that, a pizza shop.

            This is what Trump in his seditious words has created in our nation. A fan base that will believe any effluent emanating from him.

            Sorry, but the Federalist debunk is just bunk.

            I might as well add “because I say so” since I suspect that is next. 😇

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          3. The Federalists want Trump to win so they can maintain control over the federal judiciary selection process for another four years. With Trump out and Biden being a helluva lot smarter and knows how to actually choose judges, they will be stuck on the sidelines again.


        3. “There are Democrat operatives . . .”
          Oooh oooh oooh “operatives” Scary stuff. Utter nonsense, of course. But scary sounding.

          I am willing to stipulate that individual “operatives” from both parties sometimes cheat in the ways you describe. It happens in every election. Dad dies and Mom mails in his ballot anyway. Terrible! And I agree, such cheaters should be punished if they are caught. But still pouting about them is nothing but sore loserism. And pretending that there are enough of them on just the Democratic side to have generated Biden’s sweeping victory is childish nonsense.

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          1. It has been a lot more organized than that. Postal employees have turned over undeliverable ballots to Democrat community organizers(like that term better?) and been caught on video doing it.

            I don’t know if the dead votes, nursing home votes and moved away votes are enough to change the outcome. I would suspect that they almost certainly were enough in GA, AZ and NV, probably not enough in MI or PA.

            But Democrats have routinely cheated enough to turn close elections and it needs to stop.


          2. I’d imagine that living in a paranoid reality would be exhausting. The level of planning and coordination required by the DEMs to pull off this “steal” would actually qualify them to lead. ANY party that could pull off such an impressive feat would deserve the “prize”.

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          3. “But Democrats have routinely cheated enough to turn close elections and it needs to stop.”

            Whatever little grifts this or that Democrat may have done it is penny-ante compared to the malicious behavior of Republican GOVERNMENTS in a wide variety of ways.

            For example, you profess worry about honoring State Constitutions. The people of Georgia voted to amend their Constitution to restore the franchise to felons who have served their time. What did the Republican legislature do? Imposed a poll tax effectively nullifying the provision in the Constitution, THAT alone killed off tens of thousands of Democratic votes. Then there were their frequent “errors” in purging voting roles. And racist Gerrymandering. I could go on and on. And I will not even get into the needless hurdles to in-person voting thrown up everywhere.

            This GOP election bullshit is what needs to stop.


          4. Whoops, you are quite correct. That was in Florida. The point remains. Florida was stolen by the Republicans with the combination of the poll tax and the tens of thousands of “errors” in the purging done of the voter rolls by paid Republican consultants.


        4. Not one legitimate cite of 1)that it happened, 2) that it happened on such a grand scale that a massive country-wide conspiracy occurred 3) that any of it would have changed the outcome.

          It is O-V-E-R. Please go back to the assault of Christmas or Second Amendment rights or some other fallacy you believe in.

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    3. …”to prevent the theft of the Senatorial runoffs in the same manner.”

      Starting the drumbeat early about “stolen elections”? You have learned well for/from your dear leader, young Doctor.`

      The Cowboys could claim that the Ravens stole the game last night. It doesn’t make it true. If the Ravens get more points, that’s kind of the end. If Ossof and/or Warnock get more votes than Purdue and/or Loefler, they lose. It really is quite simple.

      You preemptive attempts/wishes for voter suppression is noted.

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      1. In the coming runoff, we need to make sure every mail-in ballot is validated BEFORE the envelope and ballot get separated, for a start.

        If the person on the envelope is dead, incompetent, has moved away or didn’t request a ballot, we need to establish that and discard that ballot.

        Once they are mixed in with the valid ballots, it is too late.


      2. “. . . we need to make sure every mail-in ballot is validated”

        That is the process already. The errors are trivial with respect to the big picture. Imaginary problems are just that – imaginary. After a lot of trying the sleuths of the GOP have no evidence of anything more significant.


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