Video shows poll workers pulling out suitcases of ballots | Georgia election hearing | NTD

You can’t say there is no evidence of election fraud. This video shows exactly how it is done.

The thing to grasp is that the process corrupts the paper record of the vote such that a recount will produce the same fraudulent results as the initial tally.

Note, too, that because the tabulation is done electronically the results can be monitored in real or near-real time. This creates the opportunity to scale the fraud so as to avoid the risk of detection.

21 thoughts on “Video shows poll workers pulling out suitcases of ballots | Georgia election hearing | NTD

  1. So, in this Republican-controlled state FOUR Trump operatives committed a major felony with the cameras rolling and with people coming and going just to keep Trump from losing more badly? Is THAT what this is evidence of? Well, I do not buy it. It is evidence of silly people seeing what they really, really want to believe.

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    1. What I see is poll workers and observers expelled from the count, followed by the count continuing in their absence. Do you see something different?


      1. I see sore losers desperately trying to undermine the winner and the will of the American people. I see what happens when we put a traitor in the Oval Office who – in a final scam – sacrifices faith in our democracy to raise a few hundred million more dollars from his marks.

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        1. Then he should be removed from office.

          The law required the presence of GOP observers for the processing of those ballots.

          Regardless of intent, and I suspect malice, those ballots were counted illegally.


          1. You think ignoring the precise letter of the law is a joke?

            Then why have laws at all, if appearance is al that matters?

            We could make exceptions for laws against murder if the authorities agree the victim ‘needed killing’ or the laws against rape if the sheriff decides the victim was scantily clad.

            Close enough, right?


          2. Uh, no. But I think people who insist on believing and repeating debunked horseshit are.

            In this case, Fox News is reporting that the Republican Secretary of State has reviewed what transpired and found nothing like what is being alleged. But even that is not good enough to shut you up. Hopeless.

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          3. Appeals to authority now?

            You saw the video.

            The law requires that observers from both parties be present for counting the ballots.

            They weren’t, having been sent home with instructions that counting would resume in the morning after the water main break had been dealt with.

            No matter what any official says, the law was violated right before your eyes, yet because it works to your tribe’s advantage, the law doesn’t matter.

            Or is the Rule of Law now debunked horseshit?


          4. Like I said – a joke.

            You talk about the “Rule of Law” while unconditionally supporting Donald Trump. You obviously lack enough self-awareness to know just how laughable that is.

            The video raised questions. The relevant authorities looked into it. They were satisfied. So, yes, that should be enough to put the issue to bed. But not for you obviously. Your imagination “Trumps” reality again.


          5. Typical Trumpkin – so very quick to challenge the integrity of anyone who dares tell a truth that Dear Leader does not like. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger reviewed this case in far more detail than can be seen in the video and found it not to be an issue.

            But sure, I agree with your statement – any official who breaks the law or tolerates lawbreakers or encourages law breaking should be removed from office. Let’s start with Trump. Oh, wait, he IS being removed from office.

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  2. Everyone knew that video surveillance was in place 24/7. So these nefarious operatives (for whom we don’t know) brought ballots in rolling suitcases (what, pockets are too small?). The whole election in Georgia was run and supervised by Republicans, so how many were in on the “fix”?

    To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a rolling suitcase with ballots is just that. A way to move incoming ballots to processing.

    Hey, we were told Hugo Chavez planned this in 2007, and now Republicans are moving ballot in the heavily recorded and witnessed counting room because they discovered Hugo is dead.

    Hmmm. I can.get a good deal on some slightly used statues of Jefferson Davis. Interested?

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    1. RE: “The whole election in Georgia was run and supervised by Republicans, so how many were in on the “fix”?”

      In the video there are four. Do you happen to know their party affiliation?


    1. Gee, and I told Don that there was no corroborating stories other than the usual echo chamber. I even mentioned nothing on FOX.

      But here we are. Thanks.

      I find it disturbing that we have to go through this crap as a nation just so Trump can fill his larder with millions from his fans.

      This is proof positive that he is a criminal who has no compunction for the damage he is doing to our nation in order to soothe his friggin’ ego and stuff his pants with wads of cash as he goes out the door.

      History tells us that the murdering bank robbers during the Depression were folk heroes because they stuck it to the nasty bankers. Never mind the casualties of just plain folks.

      I see a wonderful and warped parallel.

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