Is the 15th Amendment being violated?

A compelling argument for Mr. Trump’s liability with regards to the cases his campaign, and those of his supporters, that have been brought to the several courts across the country.

“Trump’s post-election barrage of specious lawsuits (32 losses in 34 cases, so far) is not enough on its own to support a Section 1985(3) claim. But in addition to these lawsuits, the Trump campaign has “[hindered] the constituted authorities” of the states in order to disqualify presidential votes in disproportionately Black jurisdictions such as Philadelphia (42.3 percent Black), Detroit (78.6 percent), Atlanta (51.8 percent), and Milwaukee (38.8 percent). Black voters in these jurisdictions can bring lawsuits.” (Emphasis added)

10 thoughts on “Is the 15th Amendment being violated?

    1. I see no claims of racism in the article.

      And if you are ignoring the facts that the majority of the cases are being brought to discount votes in high population minority cities, then you are being disingenuous.


      1. Your whole argument is about perceived “racism”. Your go to argument is always the race card. Who are you trying to kid?


        1. Not at all. It is you who appears to be making race an issue. Is it part of the discussion? Absolutely.

          But the bottom line is a compelling argument is presented concerning Trump and his cronies violating the protections of the 15th Amendment.


    2. If you are referring to the time after the Civil War up until about 1965, you are probably correct.

      Now that mantle of shame has been appropriated by “the party of Lincoln”.

      Just the phrase “with surgical precision” in the judge’s ruling on NC’s voting law changes a couple of years ago is all the evidence needed to shift the racial animosity to the right.


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      1. “ If you are referring to the time after the Civil War up until about 1965, you are probably correct.”

        That’s a level of “Pollyanna” that I’d not expect from you. Regardless of political party the idea that racism would have “died out” is ludicrous. As a species we have a LONG way to go to see each other as equals, but I’m hopeful we get there.

        I’d agree that many people use the tendency for their own gain, but it a human condition more than anything else.


        1. I guess the conservatives and libertarians I hang around with are more encouraging than your fellow Democrats. but I definitely see the fading of racism, especially in the deep south, accelerating.

          Across the south, and among conservatives everywhere. a racist term would be an embarrassment to your children, and that is a big motivator.

          I am encouraged to see rednecks lined up for concerts by Black country singers like Darius Rucker. A common interest like country music, NASCAR and hunting outweighs any racial differences.

          I am truly convinced that if Democrats would stop making race a polarizing political issue, it would fade away in a generation.

          But Identity politics has worked for Democrats, so they dare not let racism fade away.


          1. Overt racism has certainly improved since the era before 1965. Obama made a great speech that emphasized that race relations were much better now than in 1950.

            But so long as laws are passed like NC did, we have a ways to go.

            Whites have enjoyed Black entertainers and athletes for decades, even centuries. So Darius Rucker concerts may not exactly be proof positive that we are out of the woods on this.

            I agree the issue is changing for the better. The fact is that racism is not going to leave until a few generations separate 400 years of legal and extralegal apartheid. There are millions our age that lived, worked and suffered under this arrangement. And they, of course, passed on their experiences and cautions to their children and grandchildren. Older folks, White and Black, also witnessed the brutality and economic ball and chain that is part of the reason for the huge disparity in family wealth accumulation. And that has an impact today on such things as jobs, access to housing, access to healthcare, etc.

            Just a tiny example is the inability of Blacks to join in the housing markets and suburbs like the first Levittowns that started booming after WW2. Catching up economically takes time and opportunity and those were not readily, or at all in some areas, until well after the Civil Rights legislation.

            Again, it is better, but needs a lot more improvement until we are color blind.

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          2. “Fellow Democrats” ?

            As a conservative I’ve had the ability to maintain a broad perspective that allows me to agree about the improvement in race relations, but also see the silliness of your posit. I believe that you are “truly convinced” as any other reality would destroy your world view.

            No, the DEMs are not perpetuating the racist atrocities being ignored by the current version of the GOP; they are simple pointing them out….

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