Mailvox: an analysis of the Powell filing in GA

Source: Vox Popoli.

“An experienced attorney analyzes Sidney Powell’s legal filing in GA concerning the electoral fraud aided and abetted by GA politicians and election officials.”

The writer thinks the case has substantial merit.

15 thoughts on “Mailvox: an analysis of the Powell filing in GA

  1. If I understand this, the allegation revolves around Dominion software.

    Here is the curious thing: the machine would print a paper ballot based on the voters selections. The voter can verify his choices. Then the paper ballot is machine read and counted. We just had a hand count of 5 million ballots.

    So is the allegation that the paper ballots were somehow altered or new ones printed out that affected the hand recount?

    That means some folks had to dispose of thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of ballots to make room for new, fraudulent ones.

    With eyeballs everywhere in a Republican state with Republicans in charge of the election I would consider that a virtual impossibility.

    Trump cares not about the veracity of the vote, but rather that he can get state legislators to pick electors. His attempt in Michigan was a very disturbing effort to undermine and cast doubt on all future elections. Which, considering the tenuous hold by his fans on a minority of the citizens through representatives that are intimidated, extorted really, to lie for a cult figure, is an attempted coup by Trump.

    There is little doubt that the Republicans who have political aspirations, from election boards to Congress, are not willing to support our nation as much as keeping out of the line of fire from Trump.

    Fear of a president is absolutely wrong and very dangerous. “Putinesque” is the best description, with all relevant aspersions intended.

    Trump loyalists may think the elections are nothing but a game or reality show, but the real issue is very serious. Do we tolerate a sitting president to nullify an election he lost?

    Welcome to the Third World.

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    1. “Do we tolerate a sitting president to nullify an election he lost?”

      No. Absolutely no.

      This country will explode and it will not be pretty; but, good, decent, America-loving people who did everyt

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      1. Sorry. My son called to talk ‘turkey’ and I must have clicked the ‘post’ button by accident. My post was going to end sort of like this:

        “… but, good, decent, America-loving people who did everything they could to cast a safe ballot will not stand for losing after tallies show they overwhelmingly won.”

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      2. If this disgraceful behavior by the president becomes the norm, we are really up poop’s river.

        Folded arm, lower lip out petulance by an American president is truly sad. And should be considered so even by his supporters, if not necessarily among his most rabid fans.

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  2. There is little doubt in my mind that the election has been stolen, but I fear it has been SUCCESSFULLY stolen.

    There is no way to separate out the fraudulent votes from the rest. So, the only remedy would be to turn the election over to the legislatures.

    Legislators would be hard pressed to overturn the apparent voice of the voters, even if it is a voice distorted by fraud, and especially so with the press assuring the public that the results are valid.

    What may prove possible would be to find that with fraudulent votes subtracted, Perdue has 50% of the Senate vote after all and not only 49.7%


    1. RE: “There is little doubt in my mind that the election has been stolen, but I fear it has been SUCCESSFULLY stolen.”

      Given how media works, I fear the same thing: If there’s a tree in the forest and no one believes it, is it real?

      But there’s hope. There are so many improbable things one has to believe to be certain of Biden’s victory that even a “successful” steal will fall apart eventually.


  3. Little doubt in your mind?

    Based on what evidence?

    I think you believe the lies from Trump, et. al.

    Did you believe that 2016 was not fraudulent? Suddenly 3 blue states, strong blue, miraculously found 77K votes out of 15 million in favor of Trump.

    And recall that Manafort had delivered the polling info and strategy for those states to Russian intelligence in 2016.

    That you believe the vote was stolen by Democrats is a tribute to the success of Trump and his cohorts to sow doubt on the entire Constitutional bulwark of our nation to stay free of despotism.

    Which, of course, is the strategy of the “Man Who Would Be King”. And you are complicit, perhaps unwittingly, but complicit nonetheless.

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      1. Oh, perhaps the assertion that Trump “watchers” were excluded from the counting rooms, when in fact, there were more Republicans than agreed to in the building. And that they harassed the counters when in fact they were not to interfere.

        Or that a racist wanted to not certify Detroit results but still certify an almost pure white district in the same county. And that white town had more voting aberrations than Detroit. With less voters.

        Maybe that Hugo Chavez’s software issue, if it ever existed, was 13 years old and he died in 2013, yet was listed as complicit in fiddling with the computers to change the actual printed ballots.

        Or any one of “hundreds” of affidavits, none with names willing to go on record or under oath to repeat their hearsay assertions.

        This was a full, fair and openly transparent elections with less problems than 2016 or 2018, but run under the gauntlet of a once in a century pandemic that is killing us by the hundreds of thousands. And the president tried so hard to rig it in his favor by hook or by crook.

        I sort of hope that the Georgia Republican voters will heed the warnings that voting in the runoff is useless. Perhaps then they will help reject the two crooks who profited by the information given in advance by the president that the pandemic was for real, in January and February, when the rest of us were told that the virus was just the common cold by White House surrogates.

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  4. If Ste. Sidney is so darned smart, how do you explain her faux pas in her filings. Misspellings are easily solved with the push of the F7 key. Similar with basic formatting.

    These filings are an embarrassment and have yet to provide ANY verifiable proof of widespread election fraud. Period. Even Tucker Carlson got fed up with the no answers from Powell’s offices concerning evidence. When you’ve lost TC, you have to start thinking maybe something is wrong here.

    Yet Trump says it must be true because he got his ass handed to him by Biden. There is no way in hell over 6 million more votes were cast for Biden. Uh, yeah, Donnyboy they did. And the EC count is exactly the same as you got in 2016 and you claimed a landslide and a mandate. You lost the popular vote by around 3 million then. You had NO mandate from the American people; just from the folks who bought your snakeoil, hook line and sinker. PT Barnum is quite proud of you.

    80,000,000+ votes for the Democratic nominee and Trumpists claim Trump got more votes than any losing candidate ever. While true, it is one of the more idiotic comments by Trump and his brass-kissing sycophants.

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