6 thoughts on “They think you’re stupid.

  1. Enter the ghost of “Hugo Chavez” as he rises again. Rattling chains at midnight at the feet of conservative beds just before Christmas.

    Sidney, my dear Sidney, you are (were) a cherished member of the legal team, but alas, your conspiracies are even too much for Trump to handle.

    So, as said on TV, “you’re fired”.

    God bless a big chunk of Republicans because they pay for ads on conspiracy and fear mongering sites. The edict from the regime was to vote early and often (at least twice), and now its cry is “voter fraud”. Brass monkeys have not cornered the market on “gonadian” governance.

    IMO, of course.

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  2. A point of interest is that Judge Brann is a Republican, was a member of The Federalist Society and the NRA.

    Yet he was appointed by Obama upon the recommendation of Toomey, a Republican Congressman from PA and Casey, a Democrat. He received unanimous approval in the Senate.

    So, yes, he is an Obama judge, but he is not an “Obama judge”.

    Good thing his last name was not Ramos or Trump would have brought up Hispanic bias again.

    Although, nothing surprises me when it comes to verbal effluent from our current president.

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