Release the Kraken

If Sydney Powell says it, I’m inclined to listen. In this video clip she claims, “We’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.”

14 thoughts on “Release the Kraken

  1. Heard that this morning.

    She’s probably the only woman who would recognize being called “The Kracken” as a compliment.

    Of course, once special prosecutors are appointed, it’s pretty hard for the next administration to squelch them, so expect that to happen in late December.


    1. Special prosecutors? Just like in a – oh, I dunno – a banana republic?

      And, who are these “special prosecutors” going to investigate? Based on what evidence?

      The chyron in the image shows what is wrong with Fox News. As of this writing 23 out of 24 Trump legal actions have almost literally been laughed out of court and the one victory was extremely minor. If you are a Trump dummy who gets his news from Fox you would think that there really are serious legal issues at play. There aren’t.

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    Even the Daily Caller says the Trump accusations is crap.

    There were a few software or operator error glitches in Michigan and Georgia, but they were corrected and Trump got all the votes he was due.

    What is so outrageous is that the votes went according to the polls with the exception of margins. Biden merely got back the blue states that squeaked a win for Trump in 2016. For 4 years, about 40% of Americans approved of Trump and it stayed the same poll after poll, month after month.

    He told his fans to vote in person (even if they voted by mail first, but that is another story). The rest of us heeded the call for safety and voted early. Republican led states did not allow canvassing, sorting or counting until November 3, so obviously the count will shift.

    GA is almost finished with its recount and will certify the vote in a week. PA is in a similar timeline. Will there be a few hundred, or maybe even a few thousand that will be tossed total in 5 states? Possibly. But we are talking about a quarter million or more total vote margins in those states. That is more than the 77K Trump got in 2016.

    Trump wants to disenfranchise millions of voters to let the states decide by legislative orders. Already, 3 major law firms have said they want no more part of this charade. And they have all the “evidence” so they know a con when they see it and would prefer to have more honest, and paying, clients.

    Trump is trying to steal the election, no doubt. Republicans have always blamed 9/11 on the delayed decision in 2000. Of course they are full of poop because there were more than enough warnings by Bush’s own cabinet early on, but who cares about the truth? But I guess they want to be blamed for security issues since delaying Biden’s transition is only concerning for about 6 Republicans with at least half cooked spaghetti for a backbone.

    Meanwhile, many red states are running out of supplies, ICU beds and personnel. Trump doesn’t give them the time of day because he is so friggin’ busy soothing his ego at their expense. #LIBERATE and all that.

    Our “president” is doing more damage than our enemies could have hoped for both as president and a loser.

    Traitor Trump is hurting America when we are all in crisis.

    Pretty cool, huh?

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    1. Powell makes a bold assertion when she says her evidence will “overturn the results of the election in multiple states.” Since we haven’t seen her evidence, it is logically impossible to dispute it.


      1. You have a point.

        I believe we will never see the “evidence”. Her contentions sound like the build up to make it sound major and hopefully get the right judge to say “hmm, this is so outrageous we may have to try the case.”

        Plenty of Trump judges to pick from. The Roy Cohn tactic was to search for the right judges in lawsuits to wear down the system or delay beyond reason.

        Something else:

        “But the technology is utilized in at least 28 states, not just the six where Trump has brought legal challenges. It was used in a few counties in Michigan and Georgia that experienced problems, but those cases didn’t affect the vote counts. The problems were minor and quickly resolved, and were either the result of human error or temporary malfunctions.”

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          1. Convenient for the Trump campaign. Remember, the strategy is not to actually find irregularities or massive fraud or legal technicalities. It is to cast doubt and prevent certification by required deadlines.

            So far the “affidavits” put forth from hundreds of people have been either hearsay, conjecture, assumptions or lies. Every one.

            I believe the strategy on Dominion is simple as well as nefarious. Go big the day or days just before certification.

            Put another way, the strategy for winning elections by the GOP is to let people vote, then let courts decide who won.

            Roy Cohn would be proud of his “grasshopper”.

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          2. RE: “Convenient for the Trump campaign.”

            Not to my mind. The convenience is for the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil set.


      2. “Since we haven’t seen her evidence, it is logically impossible to dispute it.”

        Truthy, but not true or useful. By that logic all unproven “bold assertions” are equally valid. They are not. It depends on what is being asserted and what the state of the evidence is at the moment. The lack of evidence IS evidence.

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        1. RE: “The lack of evidence IS evidence.”

          That’s just stupid. Powell says she intends to substantiate her assertions. We’ll judge the assertions themselves when that happens.


          1. In spite of your acknowledged expertise on “stupid” you are wrong in this case. Until she provides the promised evidence (Don’t hold your breath) the fact that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud after years of GOP searching for it IS evidence that it does not exist. The failure of many jurisdictions to find the supposed fraud embedded in the Dominion software IS evidence that there is no such fraud embedded in the the software.

            Why, do you suppose, if Powell has such evidence is she not disclosing it NOW? Could it be that she is exaggerating for political reasons? She has characterized the evidence as “statistical.” That alone raises a red flag. If the problem is real then the offending code in the software should be easy to identify.

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          2. RE: “Why, do you suppose, if Powell has such evidence is she not disclosing it NOW?”

            I’m interested in what she has said, on the record. Powell says she intends to substantiate her assertions. When she does, I’ll evaluate that. No need for mind reading or speculation of the type you indulge.


  3. Mr. Roberts, It appears that YOU have run afoul of Fox News’ copyright protections. Wasn’t it you who warned me about the dangers involved in posting material you may not have the permission to post?

    Oh, the irony!


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