A sample of what to expect

Biden Cancer charity slush fund

Apparently, Biden’s much touted cancer charity was really just a means to keep party hacks employed while Trump was in office.

11 thoughts on “A sample of what to expect

    1. You won. Everything’s your fault now.

      Worse, you elected one of the most corrupt politicians in history, one whose entire career has been one of duping the public to enrich himself and his cronies.

      And I’m going to point out every entirely predictable example for the next 4 years.


      1. “Worse, you elected one of the most corrupt politicians in history, one whose entire career has been one of duping the public to enrich himself and his cronies.”

        You have already turned yourself into a joke. You can stop trying so hard now.

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        1. You hated Trump so much that you elected someone really don’t know much about, largely because you were so desperate to get rid of Trump that you willfully blinded yourself to who you were supporting.

          So, you will have a President with a multimillionaire son who, had his father not been Senator and then Vice President, would be sleeping under a bridge. Hunter Biden, who fathered a child with a stripper when he was not having an affair with his dead brother’s wife, winds up making millions on the board of an energy company with no knowledge of the business and who could not speak the language as he had only set foot in the Ukraine twice.

          But you see nothing wrong with that happening while his father had control of aid to the Ukraine.

          And, you have Biden’s brother, who doesn’t know what end of a nail to hit with the hammer, getting millions in construction contracts in Iraq .

          I know, nothing suspicious there either.

          You have (presumably) elected a Yankee version of Boss Hogg and you are willfully blind to it. But not to worry, it will all come out in the next four years and not even the MSM will be able to hide it.


          1. We’ve discussed Hunter Biden’s Burisma ties enough there is no reason to cote that again.

            For the rest


            Hunter Biden is a drug addict who without his Father’s protection would dissipate himself to ruin in short order. He dad got him into the Navy thinking to straighten him out and he didn’t last a month. He is a multimillionaire only on his father’s influence.


          2. I read the Politico article. It reminds me of Jimmy Carter and his family issues.

            It is more of a sad tale of our culture, business practices and big government. The shuffling of big money to garner influence to make more money is astounding. Haliburton comes to mind. The savings and loan scandal. The wall contracts. Billy Beer. Gov. McDonnell.

            That James and Hunter so eagerly and often traded on Joe’s status is the norm in our country. Yet, there is hardly any indication that Joe profited personally. Or that he was involved in any of their ventures.

            Is this a good thing? Hardly. Trump has taken this familial financial business to a new level allowing his sons to profit on his name while putting family on the payroll. And that not only lets the kids profit off of dad’s presidency, but dad too.

            From your link:

            “ There’s no evidence that Joe Biden used his power inappropriately or took action to benefit his relatives with respect to these ventures.”

            “Joe Biden needs to recognize it’s a problem,” said Richard Painter, a former chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush era, who recently became a Democrat. Painter said Biden should pledge that if he were elected president, he would ask his relatives to refrain from business practices that could pose ethical quandaries, such as taking foreign sources of financing.

            “You can’t control your brothers. You can’t control your grown son. But you can put some firewalls in place in your own office,” Painter said.”

            I think the US has created an unholy alliance between governments and business. I have often criticized the influence of business money in politics with its parallel problem of politics in business. This tale is one of a myriad of similar stories.

            Our downfall won’t be the “welfare queens” at the bottom, but rather the ones at the top.

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          3. Enjoying those sour grapes?

            The person you enthusiastically support is despicable and corrupt in too many ways to count but you want to obsess over Joe Biden’s son and his sorry behavior from years ago? And his sorry behavior is not bad enough, you have to spread proven lies to make it worse? Hunter was compensated for his time on the Burisma board but “millions?” No evidence of that. And there is ZERO evidence that either he or his father committed any kind of crime.

            “It will all come out in the next four years.”
            How lame is that. If there was a there, there why has it not come out already? Kind of like the massive voter fraud conspiracy that denied your hero a second term? Just you wait? The proof is coming? And Hillary will not be getting away with murdering Vince Foster nor running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor. The truth is out there!

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  1. “ The Biden Cancer Initiative did not cut a single grant check to outside organizations. The Biden Cancer Initiative, however, was not established as a grant-providing entity.”


    I get the impression that the organization doesn’t fund research, but uses contacts to gather resources for research.

    I am sure we’ll hear more as time goes by. But the Biden’s bowed out when he decided to run for president.

    And, yes, Biden will get the blame or credit after January 20. And the road will be rough. A deadly pandemic, millions unemployed, $26+ Trillion in debt, millions of evictions, foreclosures and medical bills.

    Again, cleaning up after the Republicans. Thank God we have Democrats.

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