Backdating “Whistleblower” recants: disgruntled worker with discipline issues.

I am sure this will be all over the news soon. More info to come, but it does not cast credibility across the wide net of allegations regarding a rigged election.

15 thoughts on “Backdating “Whistleblower” recants: disgruntled worker with discipline issues.

        1. Why?

          Because Project Veritas is not honest. No big deal for you, I guess.

          Just because you see something on the TV machine does not make it true, relevant or representative. PV has a long and dishonest record of cherry-picking, video manipulation and selective editing. Not to mention felonies that should have put the perps in jail.

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          1. Ad Hominem?

            You obviously do not understand the logical terms you fling about. There is no statement to refute. There is evidence to weigh. If that difference escapes you, I cannot help.

            Project Veritas has proven itself to be dishonest and disreputable in just about every one of its “exposes.” Any “evidence” it provides is of dubious quality. If it is not staged, it is very likely to have been carefully cherry-picked out of an unknow number of “interviews.” You have already been suckered in by the video of the postal worker who has now recanted and yet you eagerly look to gobble up some more.

            Just because YOU like what you see does not make it true.

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          2. RE: “Project Veritas has proven itself to be dishonest and disreputable in just about every one of its ‘exposes.'”

            A fallacious ad hominem accurately describes your comment.

            Wikipedia: Ad hominem (Latin for ‘to the person’), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a term that refers to several types of arguments, most of which are fallacious. Typically this term refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. This avoids genuine debate by creating a diversion to some irrelevant but often highly charged issue. The most common form of this fallacy is “A makes a claim x, B asserts that A holds a property that is unwelcome, and hence B concludes that argument x is wrong”.


          3. RE: “I am not surprised that the distinction I made is too subtle for you.”

            You made no subtle distinction. Your comments are fallacious as shown. Moreover, your insults to both me and Dr. Tabor violate posting rules.


          4. Posting rules? Again? Laughable and pathetic.

            When it comes to the technical jargon of formal logic, I know what I am talking about. You obviously do not. Weighing evidence is not the same as refuting an argument with a personal attack. The difference is not hard to understand.

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  1. Apparently, these sworn affidavits and other “evidence” are being recanted/disproved in realtime. Damn few have survived the filing. Sadly, the media doesn’t have a nice tabulated list of filing, evidence, result. You have to take each and google and hope that the details of various stories allows some determination of results.

    Lots of places are still reporting on dismissed cases.

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  2. A little personal frustration for me on this story. I grew up in Erie. During that time it was a union/Democratic stronghold. However, when Tom Ridge was running in the GOP primary for Governor, many local Dems changed party affiliation ( including my VERY progressive mother, RIP) to vote for him because it was “hometown boy made good” and maybe the state government would start paying attention to the areas north of Pittsburgh and west of Philly.

    In 2016 the county went for Trump. By the time all of the legally cast ballot wee counted, it flipped back to Biden this year.

    However, there are some folks in town that just aren’t very nice.


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