Even with the election over, the MSM continues its Trump disinformation

Stealing credit for the Trump Vaccines. 

The news that Pfizer has reported better than 90% efficacy in its vaccine should be the lead news on every broadcast and the headline on every paper, but that has to wait until the MSM can be sure President Trump gets no credit.

The truth is that Operation Warp Speed is a triumph over COVID and future diseases that should ensure Trump’s place in history, but we can’t have that.

Development of vaccines and therapeutics has often taken a decade or more, largely because of the adverse incentives inherent in the FDA approval process.

Development of novel vaccines and therapeutics is enormously expensive, and every bit as risky. A developer could spend billions only to have its product fail in Phase 3 testing, or just as bad, get approval a few months after another competitor’s. product There is no trophy for second place.

Operation Warp Speed was conceived last September, long before COVID came along, to provide incentives for the private sector eliminate much of that risk. By pre-purchasing large lots of the promising candidates, regardless of whether or when they reach approval, the regulatory risk was lifted from the private sector and every lab capable of the rapid innovation and production stepped up. Pfizer will have 100 million doses ready for use in the US as soon as the FDA issues an Emergency Use Authorization.

The same is true of three other vaccines and innovative therapeutics. They are ready to go as soon as the FDA gets out of the way. This absolutely would not have happened absent the incentives of Operation Warp Speed.

So, if Biden steps into office with COVID just an ugly shadow in the rear view, and a booming recovery from the COVID recession, he should have the decency to thank Trump.

I won’t hold my breath.

20 thoughts on “Even with the election over, the MSM continues its Trump disinformation

  1. Pfizer went on record to say they did not join operation Warp Speed specifically to keep out of the political firestorm that constantly burned in our government.

    Now that is not to say Warp Speed was not a good thing. It was and it did move things along.

    Trump is getting all the credit he deserves. And he would probably get more if he, his fans, and his enablers would quit whining every five minutes.

    “Trump disinformation”? Truer words were never spoken. That is all that has come out of the administration and its propaganda machine for 4 years and it continues after the election.

    And coming from a sitting president, that is treasonous behavior. Period.

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  2. The media seems to have reported what the Pfizer spokesman said about the role of Operation Warp Speed.
    And, by the way, the science comes out of Germany and the research was NOT funded by Trump’s government. Damn those “globalists” working with foreigners!

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    1. Did you(or Len) read the article?

      Pfizer got $1.95Billion in advance for 100million doses. That took the financial risk out of the effort. Their spokesman can say anything they like, absent OWS incentives, they would have been hard pressed to go forward.

      Further, their vaccine must be kept at -98F during distribution, something that will be handled through military distribution channels, again greatly easing Pfizer’s burden.

      The strategy of OWS was never for the government to directly fund research, it was to remove the disincentives that result from our regulatory environment.

      As much as it may upset you, Trump’s OWS is the reason you will be able to go to a restaurant next year without fear of bringing home an infection.


      1. Give him all the credit you want; but, not me – not now, not ever.

        The man lied to every man, woman and child in this country, as he told admitted via B.Woodward’s “RAGE”.

        So, go ahead with your pathetic adoration for the lying, cheating embarrassment in the White House. But, the only credit he can take is for thousands of Americans who died in the early months of Covid-19 by lying like the dog he is.

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          1. Since when did ‘hatred’ become a prerequisite to point out truths?

            What part of Trump’s differing claims (depending on who he was talking to – Bob Woodward or Americans at large) regarding the early severity of Covid did I misrepresent?

            He lied to Americans, when had he been truthful, many of those people who lost their lives would be here today.

            Is it ‘hatred’ that I MUST feel in order to recognize a complete embarrassment when it sits in the WH, and is so unfit for the job, that he embarrasses Americans daily?


            However, considering all that Trump and his unequipped administration has done in 4 years to bring our nation down, I’m thinking a nice little bucket of hatred wouldn’t hurt.

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          2. That is your opinion, but it is not fact.

            It is just as likely that overstating the danger would have caused even more people to flee the cities, spreading the disease to rural areas faster and overwhelming the smaller hospitals.

            We can argue the hypothetical all day, but it is every bit as likely that avoiding panic saved lives.


        1. It is every bit as likely that Trump lying about the danger saved lives?

          That is utter nonsense. Your Black Death scenario with millions of people moving around the country in panic is completely divorced from reality. The real reaction to good information would have been a greatly enhanced social distancing which is precisely what Trump wanted to avoid because his campaign was going to be based on the economy.

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          1. The spread of disease by those fleeing it has been documented as long as contagion has been understood.

            Keep in mind that the first case in Chesapeake was a woman who fled NYC and did not quarantine when she arrived here.


          2. Repeating nonsense does not change it into something credible. Covid-19 is scary but not bad enough to trigger the mass migrations you are dreaming up. The truth would have caused people to be more careful and more tolerant of restrictions. In countries where the truth was put on the table early on there were no mass migrations of people fleeing the plague.

            Besides, Trump made it clear what he was afraid of when he was asked to defend his lies – it wasn’t mass migrations, it was fear that the economy and stock market would be damaged if there was a “panic.”

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          3. Yes, it is utter nonsense. First off, just how many people living their lives and working have the money to “flee the cities?” That’s totally insane. It was in those early months when people in nursing homes didn’t realize the severity of Covid-`19. How many loved ones died and how many loved ones have no one to blame but D.J. Trump. Yet, he could discuss all this with Bob Woodward.

            But, what is not insane is that if people had been ‘in-the-know’ back then regarding the real threat of Covid-19 they might have lived. That is not a false statement, and if the Doc doesn’t see that, all I can say is I’m glad he wasn’t my Doc.

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      2. You trying to forget what you posted about? And that is that the media is somehow lying about Trump. Uh, no. They are not. This little brouhaha started when Mike Pence issued a tweet taking the credit for the development of this vaccine prompting a sharp rebuttal from Pfizer. THAT is newsworthy. Period. And now we have Don Junior tweeting something to the effect that the timing of Pfizer’s announcement is “nefarious.”

        The reality is that Pfizer developed the vaccine WITHOUT funding from the United States government and IT took the risk of that development since the sale of 100 million doses was contingent on there being a safe and effective vaccine to sell. Sure, having an order in hand reduces the financial risk but that order is not particularly significant given the size of the global market and the size of Pfizer’s revenue ($52 billion annually.)

        Bottom line – The exaggerated claim by Trump that this vaccine would not exist without OWS is false. The suggestion that the timing of the announcement is “nefarious” is false.

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        1. “IT took the risk of that development since the sale of 100 million doses was contingent on there being a safe and effective vaccine to sell”


          That is the point of Operation Warp Speed. The product was purchased whether it is ever approved or approved too late because others came first. The risk was transferred, at least in large part, from the developer to the public.

          The same is true for three other vaccine candidates. Even if they come on too late to use, we have bought the doses.

          That is why when it seemed Moderna would get to market first, the others kept working,


          1. Uh, Nope.

            You do not get your own facts.
            But that NEVER seems to stop you from trying.
            Putting it politely such an approach is somewhere south of honest.

            Here are the actual facts . . .
            Pfizer has not received any money from OWS.
            It’s contract for 100 million doses IS contingent on it having a product to deliver. That is made crystal clear in the following HHS.Gov press release.


            It is worth noting that funding for the vaccine R&D came from the German government NOT from Trump.


            Finally, OWS started in March 2020, NOT September 2019. That is another of your “alternative facts” that I have called you on before.

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          2. Baloney.

            So someone wrote a report in September 2019. I could go back to reports written during Obama’s Presidency or George W. Bush’s. When the pandemic hit Trump did NOT ask for money for anything like OWS. He asked for a pittance. It took the leadership of the House to face the seriousness of the need. And appropriate orders of magnitude more money. The money for OWS came from Congress in 2020.

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          3. We have very different idea what TDS means. You are a sufferer and seem not to know it. The media reported accurately about Pfizer, its reaction to Pence claiming credit and its relationship to OWS. Typically, you take reporting accurately on events as an attack on Trump. That is a minor symptom of TDS.

            I have given kudos to Trump for OWS in the past. It was a good thing to do in the circumstance and will definitely help speed the delivery of whatever vaccines become available.

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