The Disinformationists

Source: National Review.

The alignment this election cycle of “big polling, big money, big tech, and big media” that Dr. Hanson describes is obvious. Not so obvious is whether these factions conspired to produce a Big Lie.

I believe they have, but to prove it is difficult. Maybe that will change in the weeks ahead.

5 thoughts on “The Disinformationists

  1. I quit reading what was on the link after the very short 1st paragraph:

    “Donald Trump over-performed the polls and shocked the pundits again on Tuesday, getting so close to the finish line that several key states have yet to be called.”

    For intelligent Americans, that was a truly stupid comment to lead with.

    That statement I quoted is ONLY correct if ONLY ballots cast on Nov. 3, in person at polling places would be counted.

    If these people didn’t think those millions and millions and millions of mail-in ballots would ALSO HAVE to be counted – they really are as dumb as DJT.

    No wonder Trump loves his “poorly educated” supporters so much. They must like the way elections in his best-buds’ countries (Russia, N. Korea etc.) are held as much as Trump.

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    1. The polls of various states had Biden holding double digit leads, when, even with the results are counted, the races are decided by tenths of a percent. That’s 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.

      How wrong do they have to be?


      1. How wrong do they have to be? For what? For someone to say “Hey, you got it wrong?”

        And what difference does it make now.

        The explanation for their miss is self-evident. People with any self-respect are unwilling to admit to a stranger that they planned to vote for Donald Trump. They are called “shy” Trump voters and they are very difficult to quantify. Trump would like to pretend the the polls are somehow allies of the “deep state” out to get him, but the fact is that polls by Trump-friendly organizations also underestimated Trump’s support.

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  2. There is a substantial disinformation effort by Trump, his campaign, the nutjobs in conspiracies, the rightwing pundits. Included was that no observers were allowed in Michigan. BS, the maximum from each party were in on the counting from the beginning.

    Even Ted Cruz demanded that the counting being held in dark rooms in Philadelphia be raided or investigated. Another huge lie designed to incite violence. The counting areas have been observed by both parties, even to the extent that they can breathe down the necks of the counters from 6 feet. A concession from 6 paces.

    And the list of lies goes on.

    Lying is bad, but inciting the public to levels of rage so the president can feel better is an outrage.

    Republican enablers are worse than any enemy we have in the world because they are encouraging a complete discrediting of our election system.

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