Founder Glenn Greenwald resigns from The Intercept

Biden News Blakout too much for Greenwald

Perhaps Liberal Firebrand Greenwald has been a Russian sleeper all along? Or, maybe he actually is a journalist, unlike those in the MSM

21 thoughts on “Founder Glenn Greenwald resigns from The Intercept

  1. Here is another take on the whole Hunter Biden smear campaign.

    The media has finally realized that the Trumpian tactic of distraction is best handled by ignoring it. And in this link you can understand why.

    The administration is sitting on the laptop so all we have are screen shots and a disgruntled former partner.

    I would rate the whole “scandal” as “Pants on Fire”.

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    1. So, NBC has now been reduced to ad hominem argument as well? Note that it does not dispute the underlying documents contents, it just questions the source.

      None of the Biden family has denied the laptop and contents are accurate. They can’t. Other parties to the emails have come forward with their copies. Not that the MSM will report that, but FOX has made them and their verification process transparent.

      Note that Tucker Carlson last night reported that FOX has been careful to only release those documents that are relevant to Joe Biden’s involvement in foreign influence peddling and withheld those parts that deal with Hunter’s personal life. That is hardly a ‘smear.’

      The scandal is very real, what is dishonest is that the MSM has joined ranks to suppress the truth,


    2. “The media has finally realized that the Trumpian tactic of distraction is best handled by ignoring it.”

      First, the laptop and its contents did not come from Trump.

      But more importantly, do you really believe that the way to handle an unpleasant truth about the MSM’a favored candidate is to hide it?

      Is that why we protect the press with the First Amendment? So it can filter the facts to benefit its chosen candidate?


          1. A distinction without a difference and one that requires you to believe the fabulous tale of how the “private citizen” came into possession of the very personal property of a California resident. A “private citizen” who, after doing his civic duty and turning the “evidence” over to the authorities, kept a copy of the evidence for himself for months and then gave it to Giuliani who, by the way, has been identified as a conduit for Russian disinformation. Why does NOBODY but die hard Trumpers take this seriously? It is a mystery!

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          2. The Biden Crime Family’s headquarters are in Delaware and no doubt hunter had to go there regularly to deliver the Big Guy’s piece of the action.

            No doubt in small, unmarked bills.


          3. More and more laughable.

            Now Hunter is travelling from the West Coast with suitcases full of small denomination bills to deliver to Joe Biden who – at the time in question – held no public office. And what did Joe do with these small denomination bills? You have a theory for that too?

            I used the word laughable because, you know, I want to be civil. I resisted the temptation to ask what kind of despicable jackass would post damnable slanders without a shred of evidence. But then I realized that – like Trump – you confuse damnable lies with jokes. So, I guess you were joking. Right?

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      1. I know Trump did not personally deliver the laptop. (Or did he…is there a golf course near the repair shop?)

        No one is filtering facts. Some media has agreed with the Post writers who protested and decline to byline the article that the story is crap, so why pursue it? Even WSJ bailed on the story when approached by Giuliani.

        The First Amendment does not require any media to write any article. Besides, there are dozens on the right, the echo chamber, that are running with this. Add in the huge audiences for conservative cable, talk radio and even radio affiliates with Sinclair. Why do we need more? Not happy with those organizations?

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  2. There is no “Biden news blackout.”

    Greenwald has some opinions he wanted to express. His employer disagreed with those opinions and did not want to disseminate them because they do not want to add weight to Trump’s false narrative by talking about it. You know, kind of like the New York Post journalists who resigned over the publication of the laptop story.

    Greenwald has portrayed Biden as the re-emergence of the NeoCons and attributes to Biden and MSM ALL the fear-mongering vices that are present NOW with the Trump administration and right-wing media. According to Greenwald reporting on Trump is a power grab by the “failing New York Times.” He has been carrying water for Trump and his hissy fit resignation has not come out of the blue.

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    1. RE: “You know, kind of like the New York Post journalists who resigned over the publication of the laptop story.”

      That didn’t happen. No Post journalists have resigned over the story.

      BTW, by accusing Greenwald of a “hissy fit,” you are gay bashing.


      1. “BTW, by accusing Greenwald of a “hissy fit,” you are gay bashing.”

        To do that, I would have to have known that he is gay. I didn’t. Thanks for sharing.

        As for the New York Post journalists resigning, I stand corrected. What actually happened is that at least five reporters opposed publication and one of them, Bruce Golding, withheld his byline from the story because of doubts about its veracity.

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      2. “Hissy fit” is a gay slur. Really?

        “Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke compared President Donald Trump’s immigration policies to slavery on Monday, which drew a hissy fit from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick during an interview on Fox News.”

        So Gov. Patrick of Texas is gay?

        Gosh, who knew?

        I learn something new every single day.

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      3. …”by accusing Greenwald of a “hissy fit,” you are gay bashing.””

        I checked in with a couple of gay friends and they informed me that “hissy” fit is NOT gay bashing. “Sissy” fit on the other hand would be.

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        1. I thought it was really amazing that, of all states, Texas had a gay governor. Diversity. Good for them, I thought.

          Then you brought me back to reality.

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      1. Does anybody?
        Didn’t you join in the trashing of Chris Wallace?

        By why “You zealots?” Maybe “We zealots” because just as fervently as I disdain Trump you admire and respect him. The difference is I do not have to make stuff up to pursue my zealotry.

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        1. Again, you are mistaken.

          I do not like Trump. I see his faults and strengths clearly. But he is not a creature of the swamp.

          The Constitution will fair better under his 2nd term than it would in Kamala’s

          It’s as simple as that.


          1. Your lack of self-awareness about your adulation of Trump is astonishing. Your lip service to seeing his faults is never matched by actual criticism or acknowledgement of his obvious failures.

            Your blindness to the many ways Trump is subverting the Constitution is – well, let’s be kind – amazing.

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          2. “I see his faults and strengths clearly. But he is not a creature of the swamp.”

            I would question your self assessment. If you really did see his faults clearly, you would not give him a pass every time he “speaks inappropriately.” You would actually call him out for it and question his motives. Instead you try to spin it in a way that fits your personal beliefs.

            And he may not be a creature of the swamp, but he certainly has recreated it in his own image. And it is much worse now than it was previously. Sycophants that tell him only what he wants to hear is as dangerous as the one whose butt is getting kissed.

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