Heads will roll!

This election may be our last chance to stop Trump from becoming President-for-life. As a reminder, these people were chosen by Trump for these very important roles but have failed to prove that their loyalty to him personally Trumps their loyalty to the country and to the Constitution.

9 thoughts on “Heads will roll!

  1. RE: “This election may be our last chance to stop Trump from becoming President-for-life.”

    OMG! Trump = Hitler is back.


    1. I have said it before. Trump is no Hitler. Thank goodness. Hitler was smart and energetic. Not dumb and lazy.

      Trump’s plans to win this election in Court with claims of voting fraud have run into the stubborn integrity of Christopher Wray who is refusing to play along. The other day when the DNI was prostituting himself, Christopher Wray took the opportunity to remind the people to trust the election and to ignore the dishonest bullshit about fraud.

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      1. And come November … whatever day the election is decided… his will be the first head on the chopping block. Because he did his job and didn’t kiss the ring and do the bidding of the Evil Orange King wannabe. SAD!

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  2. More dopey crap from the left. Dopes of a feather flock together, hence the reason they are voting for the dopiest of all…”Where the heck am I” Biden…

    Oh Dear…President for LIIIIIIIFE!!! LMAO Actually, if anyone is trying that move it is squarely Democrats…


    1. Dopey crap?

      And yet Trump is planning on removing the leaders of the FBI, the CIA and the DOD solely because they have not proven to be personally loyal to him. Go ahead and enjoy your giggle but actual thinking adults are troubled by such behavior. And with very good reason.

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    2. Once again, Mr. Smith, you bring nothing to the discussion. I have tried to ignore most of your garbage, but the future of this country is at stake and if you think President-for Life is not on Trump’s mind, YOU have NOT been paying attention to REALITY.

      This “dope” thinks you need to get off the hash pipe and become an engaged citizen instead of the doofus you continue to be.

      YES this is an ad hominin attack, but only in response to one.

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      1. And you base this on supposed unknown “inside sources” in the know tha t “Axios” reports, LMAO??? I say BS to all of these supposed anonymous sources supposedly saying whatever. That left wing garbage scow has long since been permanently docked. Find another phony source of “news”, cupcake.


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