Biden reveals Democratic Election Strategy

In his own words

17 thoughts on “Biden reveals Democratic Election Strategy

      1. “Kamala might become President”


        Was it not you who claimed that the Biden campaign is merely a front for those radical leftists and that Pelosi is in on it with that 25th Amendment legislation? I think it was. One of your many glorious days as a Trump apologist.

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          1. So we are aghast that Democrats want affordable, accessible healthcare and education Toss in a cleaner environment and there is a huge “fear factor” being foisted on Americans by the right.

            That is not socialism. It is preserving a healthy, educated labor force, and the environment for robust capitalism that can compete on the world market.

            Your boogeyman is nothing more than a right wing sheet thrown over a five year old trick or treating for candy on Halloween.

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        1. They are calling him out because they think that he and Harris were too strong on “law and order” earlier in their careers. And yet Trump accuses them of not being strong on “law and order.” Which story line are you going to push on behalf of Dear Leader?

          This is one of the many failures of the Trump 2020 campaign – many are saying the worst Presidential campaign by an incumbent in history – no uniformity of message.

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          1. I don’t work for the Trump campaign, but I can understand how the hobgoblins working for Biden might insist on foolish consistencies.


          2. Yeah, I get it. “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Not a problem for the giant brain of our stable genius Dear leader. right?

            Or is it? Clearly, one of the many problems of the worst Presidential campaign ever is a complete lack of a consistent message coming from the President. Talking out of both sides of your mouth will only carry you so far and then only with people eager to be carried along.

            Trump won in 2016 based on nothing but character assassination and magical promises. He thought he could do it again and even got himself impeached in his quest for dirt. Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Unlike her, with decades of being demonized, he is well-liked.

            It is just over a week to the election and what reason has anybody been offered to choose Trump? Nothing on offer but attacks on Biden’s family and magical promises.

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  1. If you don’t know that the Trump campaign has elicited as many legal beagles they can do fight for Trump, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    Maybe McConnell is right and the voters don’t get a voice in 2020. 😏

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  2. Ha, ha, ha…what a dope. Always has been, always will be, that is why Obama kept him quiet for 8 years. And you lefties want this idiot to be president?


    1. The Biden statement you find so funny was slightly ambiguous. You could misunderstand it ONLY if you really wanted to misunderstand it.

      Trump on the other hand is truly moronic. Here are a few examples . . .

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