More foreign disinformation

Lincoln project spreads Iranian disinformation

Iran is seeking, with the help of the Lincoln Project (George Conway and other Never Trumpers)to frighten voters with fake emails falsely attributed to the Proud Boys in an effort to help Biden win. I guess they know who has their back.

5 thoughts on “More foreign disinformation

  1. Alcindor said that the threat came from the Proud Boys DOMAIN.

    Which was true. They were apparently hacked.

    I believe the Lincoln Project pulled the ad.

    Considering the rumors posted by right wing groups in the past about Antifa arriving in Western towns, the error was easily understood.

    If nothing else, the bad actors are seeing our nation as ripe for chaos with a president who thrives on Third World type lies, rumors and conspiracies. And who tweets, re-tweets and encourages false rumors. And he does this with the official imprimatur of president of the United States.

    #LIBERATE, “stand by”, “lock her up”…

    “What a mess you’ve got us into now, Ollie.”

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      1. “He said you know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.” Stahl, 2016.

        From the day Trump slithered down the gold painted escalator his goal was to confuse the electorate. That was the agenda then and is still today.

        It worked. You should be proud I suppose.

        So yes it is Trump’s fault that our nation is looked upon as easy pickings for disinformation and unrest. We’ve lost credibility for everything else here and abroad.

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      2. Well, he has invited foreign interference and based his whole campaign on disinformation. Possibly he has triggered a cyberattack arms race of sort with various foreign countries feeling threatened if Putin gets his way. So they try to get in the game as Iran may have done in this instance.

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  2. There is yet another Trump scandal on display here.

    The statement by the DNI is a political statement designed to help Trump. It may well be that Iran has done this spoofing to help Biden. Or a false flag trick by Russia to help Trump. Whatever it is, it should be stopped.

    But, whatever the case with this Proud Boys email, there is no doubt that Russia has been busy on the other side trying to help Trump. Their activities did NOT trigger a breathless press briefing by the DNI which is EXACTLY the kind of thing that Obama prevented when his DNI could have made a similar statement in 2016. Trump has politicized our security agencies. Obama and every previous President did not.

    At the joint appearance a tight-lipped Christopher Wray showed his disgust by making a generic statement that did not reference the claims made by the DNI. And, he took the opportunity to once again vigorously refute Trump’s claims of widespread election fraud saying . . .

    “We’ve been working for years as a community to build resilience in our election infrastructure—and today that infrastructure remains resilient. You should be confident that your vote counts. Early, unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

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