Barack Obama tells it like it is.

Cold hard truth from our last real President. If Trump were 1/10th the man that Obama is, he might not have totally screwed up his ONE shot at a Presidency. But he is not. And he did. VOTE!

15 thoughts on “Barack Obama tells it like it is.

  1. How many people were in the crowd? Tens?

    President Obama was so deluded by his own favorable press that he didn’t even know how it was when he was President. He believed his own PR.


    1. The hatred is strong in this one.

      Obama was a very successful, empathetic and inspiring President who brought honor, respect and economic recovery after the dismal years of your previous hero before Trump came along. But don’t worry. We understand. You have to be a denier of reality to continue to support Dear Leader.

      As for the crowd size, that was not the point. Duh. There is a dangerous pandemic going on or haven’t you heard inside the Trump bubble? It was the hard-hitting speech and the millions who have watched it that was the point.

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      1. Your memory is clouded by hero worship.

        President Obama, with the exception of a handful of partisan Congressmen, enjoyed unprecedented goodwill. Even those who opposed him hoped for the best. He went in with long coattails, winning both houses of Congress, giving him a free hand. But he grossly overplayed that hand, and lost the House at his first midterm election, and barely holding the Senate. He was reelected only because the Republicans chose the worst possible candidate. By his second midterm, Republicans held substantial majorities in both houses. When he finished his second term the country was relieved to see him go, replacing him with the Anti-Obama to erase the mess he had left.

        No one wants to say it because they know they will immediately be called a racist. but Obama displaced Carter as the worst President ever.

        Thank your chosen deity that COVID did not visit us on his watch, or we would have lost the full 2.2 million, as 7 months later we would still be trying to get past the regulatory walls to do anything.


        1. Still twisting in knots to find something, ANYTHING, in an attempt to make Trump look good in any type setting. Keep trying, but it just isn’t possible. He looks like the loser he is. And, it matter not, whether he wins or not – that fella is simply a scoundrel and a big loser.

          You love him – I get it – the heart wants what the heart wants. And, obviously, the Trump folks like what they have to listen to every single day – that he’s unfit, dishonest and a loser. Win or lose – it will follow him for the rest of his life – he was a nasty, hateful, dishonest man before he became president, while he was president (one or two terms) and for the rest of his life.

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          1. You err in thinking I like Trump. I don’t.

            I like SOME of his policy, and I will not let lies pass unchallenged, but I do not like him.

            But I do love this country, as established by its soul, the Constitution, and that is why I am adamantly opposed to yielding power to the Democrats, who clearly seek to ignore the Constitution to death.

            So, reluctantly, as the only viable alternative to surrendering the country to destruction by the Democrats, I have to support Trump. I don’t have to like him, but I have to defend him from the lies of the Democrats, which are their only weapon against him.


          2. “I will not let lies pass unchallenged.”

            So far, you have somehow missed about 20,000 of them. But, you have been very creative in creating euphemisms for lies, I will give you that.

            Here is one to chew on. In last night’s debate Trump claimed that less than 1% of immigrants keep their dates in court if they and their families are released pending that date. Obama had a pilot help and counsel program that achieved nearly 100%. The actual overall figure is somewhere north of 75%. So, have at it. Let’s hear you challenge THAT LIE since none go unchallenged. It is a very significant LIE because that lie is the justification for taking children from their mothers.

            “Democrats, who clearly seek to ignore the Constitution to death.”
            The utter lack of political self-awareness could lead someone to say it while supporting Donald Trump is frankly astonishing.

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        2. Uh, no, it is YOUR memory that is clouded – by hatred. And that is embarrassingly obvious. Almost as embarrassing as when you insist that Trump’s birtherism is not racist.

          “Even those who opposed him hoped for the best. ”
          That is laughably false.

          In spite of your vacuous claim that Obama would have performed far worse than Trump in the face of the current virus, the record is quite different. There were three virus outbreaks on his watch – including the threat of Ebola – on which the government performed effectively. Ebola is particularly instructive because Obama ignored the partisan hysteria of people like you, followed the science and nipped it in the bud.

          As for Obama’s ranking as the worst President ever, actual non-bigot historians who are not talking out of their ass have a different view. Of both Carter and Obama.

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        3. The H1N1 response proves you to be delusional.

          Your good will narrative is laid to rest by Mitch McConnell. One term President – FAIL! And the party had to nominate Trump so he could be eraser-in-chief to Obama’s legacy. And that is possibly going to be repaired come Nov 3.


          1. So, Trump will have lost about 350,000 actual living people by the end of the year and that compares favorably to the 700,000 imaginary people that Obama would have lost if the non-fatal virus that spread on his watch had been a fatal one? Have I got that about right?

            I know you are someone who really thinks he should be taken seriously but an “analysis” like this does not advance that cause. If the H1N1 virus had been as devastating as this virus, the response of the government and the behavior of the people would have been very different, so this damning extrapolation is laughable horse shit. If I applied your “logic” I could respond . . . “Oh, yeah. Thank whatever Deity YOU pray to that Covid-19 is not as dangerous as Ebola which President Obama kept from our shores or there would already be 5 million dead.” Of course that is ludicrous, but like a well-trained parrot you repeat this Obama failed worse than Trump nonsense.


          2. Actually, Ebola is a much easier problem to solve. its victims get sick and die very rapidly.

            All you have to do is block travel , directly and indirectly, from the countries involved in the outbreak.

            Of course, Obama refused to do even that, so he got lucky again.


          3. Yes, I remember well how all the racists – whoops, I mean Republicans – condemned Obama for allowing scientists and care-givers to travel to and from the stricken areas of Africa. Silly man, he listened to the scientists who told him the paramount goal was to stop it over there and it was not going to stop itself. His decision was not a popular one, but it was the right one. Turns out his policy was sound and the critics – like you – were full of horseshit. Now you have the gall to call it “lucky?” How lame is that!

            Actually, the point of mentioning Ebola is simply to highlight the laughable sort of arguments you can make when you assume things that are not true. You can bemoan the 700,000 imaginary deaths from H1N1, I can with the same “logic” bemoan the millions who would have died if Covid-19 were as deadly as Ebola. Looks like Trump just got lucky.


      2. And, the “Beijing Barry” joke was a hoot. Although it’s hardly a joke because, yeah, we CAN imagine what would be blowing out of the GOP’s mouths if President Obama had had an account in China while president. Ha.

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      3. And exactly what did Obama do to “bring economic recovery”? There were 8 years of sluggish recovery growth that rivaled a sloth with Obama while it took much less time to recover from the great depression.


        1. What did Obama do?
          He managed the government competently which, even before his inauguration calmed the markets and restored the endangered full faith and credit of the United States.

          Over the nearly crippling and unpatriotic opposition from the Republicans he got stimulus spending started and bailed out the vital automotive and banking industries as needed.

          His “sluggish recovery” was in the face of three challenges that people like you pretend to not know about. (1) Technological change was making millions of jobs obsolete. (2) World competition was brutal throughout and many American companies were falling behind. And, (3) the available work force was shrinking due to the aging out of Baby Boomers. But even so, the number of new jobs created in the last three years of Obama’s Presidency were more than the first three years of Trump’s Presidency and THAT was before he blew the pandemic.

          By the way, the Great Depression started in 1929 and was not over until WW2 government spending finally ended it. That was about twelve years needed for recovery. You don’t get your own imaginary history.

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