13 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume

  1. Breaking News . . . Hunter Biden’s career is based on who his father is. Who knew!

    People with connections get ahead faster than others. OMG! Stop the presses.

    I don’t know about the smoke, but the desperation is getting pretty darn thick. Since Trump has nothing to offer the voters his campaign is trying to get us excited about Hunter Biden. Uh, nope. He has to run on HIS record, HIS failures, HIS character and HIS corruption.

    If the campaign comes down to character, then Biden is the next President.
    If the campaign is a referendum on Trumpism, then Biden is the next President.
    If the campaign is about patriotism, then Biden is the next President.
    If the campaign is about a vision for the future then Biden is the next President.
    If the campaign comes down to who is corrupt, then Biden becomes President.

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      1. Venezuela? How weak is THAT sauce.

        And you get up on your high horse about Hunter Biden while the children of Donald Trump do not get a measly $50,000 a month from trading on Daddy’s position. Oh no. They get special privileges in, say, China, worth at least tens of millions. Or they get bailed out of disastrous Manhattan real estate investments to the tune of hundreds of millions by none other than the people who butchered Jamal Khashoggi.

        Then there is The Donald who has bragged about his ability to buy the loyalty and decisions of public officials. He even made that a selling point. And you people want to call Joe Biden corrupt? It is laughable. And that is why almost nobody outside your bubble is buying it.

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        1. When the Venezuelans voted for their first socialist government, they didn’t think they would be living in today’s Venezuela’s either. They were living in the richest country in the South America, with the highest standard of living.

          But they wanted a bit of social justice, now they want their next meal.


          1. It is still weak sauce. Laughably so. Democrats are not socialists. Not even close. You have clearly spent way too much time in the bubble if you really believe this stuff.

            Besides, Venezuela’s problems are the direct result of the corruption and avarice of the people at the top. Not “socialism.” A society with a tiny handful of people with everything and a vast majority with nothing is inherently unstable. The real lesson from Venezuela is not about “socialism” but about where we will end up if we don’t reverse the trend toward wealth concentration that we have been on now since 1981.

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          2. “Besides, Venezuela’s problems are the direct result of the corruption and avarice of the people at the top.”

            You mean like the Clintons and the Bidens?


          3. Weak jokes do not change the facts. Venezuela fell apart because of grotesque economic inequality and we have been heading in the same direction.

            Your “socialism” bogeyman does not work anymore. So overused that it is virtually meaningless. The only people who buy it are the ones stupid enough to support Dear Leader in spite of his character, his record, his lies and his betrayals.

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          4. Trick question.

            There aren’t any. Never have been.

            Those countries which have styled themselves “socialist” have been dictatorships driven by a cult of personality not socialist economic ideas. The essence of real “socialism” is democracy.

            Now, if you want to call capitalist countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, etc. “socialist” like so many of your Trump fellow travelers do because ordinary people get a better deal than they do here, then there you have your answer. Very successful “socialist” countries


  2. “It is getting harder to pretend Joe Biden isn’t sleazy.“

    There is no pretending about Trump. He is the poster child for sleaze.

    So there is that.

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  3. It amazes me that we aren’t looking at Hunter Biden’s short naval career more closely.

    Biden went in as an Ensign at the age of 41. The limit for enlisting is 36. Exceptions are made for those with special skills the Navy needs but has trouble finding in younger applicants. Biden went in with a non-specific ‘public relations’ birth in Norfolk. Clearly, Joe was trying to use the Navy as rehab, but Hunter was out in less than a month after testing positive for cocaine.

    It’s one thing to trade on the name with foreign oligarchs, but using his position as VP to corrupt the Navy should be a bigger issue than Burisma.


  4. According to you . . .
    Bill Clinton is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail
    Hillary Clinton is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail
    Barack Obama is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail.
    Eric Holder is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail.
    James Comey is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail.
    James Clapper is “corrupt” and ought to be in jail.

    And now – Big Surprise . . .

    Joe Biden is corrupt and ought to be in jail.

    Based on nothing much but your wishes and assumptions.

    The only public figure you have not said is corrupt is . . . Wait for it . . . Donald Trump.
    And, oh yeah, Mitch McConnell who actually has gotten fabulously wealthy in office. Just a smart businessman, right?

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