Should Tidewater Forum Suppress the Joe Biden E-mail Story?

The argument could be made:

  • Social media platforms Facebook and Twitter have actively suppressed the Joe Biden e-mail story.
  • Tidewater Forum is a social media platform.
  • Therefore, Tidewater Forum should suppress the story.

If the industry leaders have good reason to apply censorship in this instance, shouldn’t venues like this one do the same?

14 thoughts on “Should Tidewater Forum Suppress the Joe Biden E-mail Story?

      1. Well, it certainly seems to be the reason that social media giants are concerned about it. Even Fox News hedges its comments about its authenticity.

        What is pretty well established is that Rudy Giuliani is a conduit for Russian disinformation into Trump’s head. So, considering his involvement and that of Steve Bannon, it is highly probable that Russia is behind it. Somebody seems to think the word “email” is going to save Trump as it did in 2016. Not gonna happen.

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        1. I am not asserting that it is Russian disinformation as a fact. Just thinking about what I know . . .

          1. The people who “found” the disk are known liars, provacateurs and conduits for Russian misinformation.
          2. The story of the finding is preposterous on its face. Not impossible, just extremely far-fetched.
          3. Russians are working hard as we speak to help Trump stay in office where they want him.
          4. A more probable source of such data is hacking rather than a random computer shop.
          5. The timing is a little too convenient.

          Weighing all this I believe there is a better than even chance that Russians are involved in some way.

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          1. I get all that. I just wanted to clarify that you’re talking about unreality, not reality, since you indicated in your original comment that’s why you, and others, come to the Forum.


          2. Just because you really, really want to believe something does not make it “reality.” Without definitive evidence we are dealing with probabilities. It may be that Hunter Biden dropped off three computers for repair, never picked them up and the repair guy (who is not sure who his customer was) never tried to contact him or return them but instead sent them to an unknown third party who sent them to the FBI and to Rudy.

            It is also possible that the very convenient email discovery is the product of a Russian disinformation project based on hacking and/or the creation of a computer as a vector for the hacked materials using their known useful idiot, Rudy. Neither can be said to be reality or unreality without more evidence.

            Either way, there is absolutely zero evidence in those emails of crime by anyone, least of all by our next-President Joe Biden.

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    1. I’m game, on the suppress Russia side, but there don’t seem to be any takers on the suppress Biden email stories side.


      1. No, not me. I will not trade the many actual Russian entanglements, treason and crimes of Donald Trump (whose crimes need to be aired for a few more days yet) for some bullshit about someone who is not running. So, please, don’t stop spreading Russian disinformation about Hunter Biden on my account.

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    1. Social media giants had existing policies against the dissemination of hacked and stolen materials. And against disclosure of personal information. These purloined emails failed both those tests. These policies were introduced to help fight Russian and other foreign disinformation being pushed to further the political prospects of divisive candidates such as Donald Trump.

      A newspaper, even one owned by a foreign provocateur such as Rupert Murdoch, can publish any trash it wants. That is its right under the Constitution. But by the same taken, a private media company has no legal or moral obligation to disseminate anything that it finds to be offensive or questionable. (Yeah, I know. Rupert is a “real American” now. If you are rich you can jump the queue and become a citizen).

      Why was this “story” blocked in the first place? Here is a cold hard look at this “October Surprise” by a reputable news organization . . .

      It is a measure of Joe Biden’s long career of probity that these smears against his son are the best that these lying liars can come up with.

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