Cancel culture strikes again

Lanncaster, PA, Police Chief forced to resign

The Lancaster, PA, police chief was forced to resign by the mayor because HIS WIFE indicated she would vote for President Trump in a reply to a friend’s Facebook post.

This is why Democrats should never be trusted with power, at all levels, there is a tyrant hiding just below the surface.

12 thoughts on “Cancel culture strikes again

  1. IF (Big if) the facts and all the facts are as reported by this seedy web site you have linked to then there is no question that a wife’s stupid, racist statements in a public forum should not cause her spouse to lose his position.

    For the record, she did not merely express support for Trump, she gave as a reason Joe Biden’s decision to visit Jacob Blake’s family to offer condolences. Blake is the African-American man wantonly shot seven times in the back by the police and left paralyzed for life. Police/community relations and trust are actually an important matter and such an opinion publicly expressed by this woman do not help.

    So, basically, another desperate and cherry-picked effort to find an issue with traction. For every such story you might find, anyone with an iota of Google skills could find MANY similar or worse examples of abuse of power by Republican officials.

    Funny, how you see the threat of “tyranny” everywhere except where it is most obvious and dangerous.

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    1. Jacob Blake was stealing a van and kidnapping children for whom he had no custody rights. He fought with police, refused to be arrested, displayed a knife and then refused orders not to reach into the van where he could have had a firearm. Choose your heroes more carefully. White or black, if you fight the police, shrug off tasers, and then reach into a place where a weapon might be hidden against police orders, you’re going to get shot.

      So, on what basis do you accuse the Police Chief’s wife of racism?

      Or do you just call anyone you disagree with a racist?


      1. There have been countless incidents of black men being shot down or strangled by the police. In each and every case you blame the victim.

        On this one your version of events is embellished to make a point. It was a very clear case of a domestic dispute with emotions running high. You portray it as a car theft and kidnapping. Blake was clearly upset but if he had not been black he would not have been shot seven times in the back as a way to calm him down. Blake did not display a knife. One was found in his car later. Your description of HIS CHILDREN as “children for whom he had no custody rights” is transparently dishonest.

        Blake is not a “hero” to me. Your accusation of that is stupid and insulting. But an unarmed person – especially a troubled one – calmed down with gunfire is a victim. I have seen the video. He was not attacking the police. He was walking away. Their lives were not in danger. It was a clear example of a well-established pattern. Disobeying a cop is not a capital offense but you are super eager to make it one when it is a black man who is doing the disobeying. Meanwhile you have nothing but good things to say about people like the Bundys who defied lawful orders and even got someone killed.

        Why a racist comment? You going to pretend that race had nothing to do with an attitude that would condemn a leader for reaching out to the family of a victim of a tragedy? You can kid yourself, but not me.

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        1. No, I don’t see where race entered into her comment, She is the wife of a policeman, and Biden was making a hero of someone who was a danger to policemen like her husband. You are the one who sees race in everything.

          The knife was not ‘found’ in the van, it was in his hand when he went around the front of the van. Re-watch the video. And he had fought the policemen trying to arrest him.

          But remember that the policeman’s first priority, just as yours or mine, is to go home to his family at night. He does not give up the right to defend himself because he is a policeman.

          So, look at it from the viewpoint of the policeman. Blake has fought them vigorously and broken away from them, He is heading for the left front door of the van. Maybe he’s going for a stick of gum, or maybe he has a firearm concealed there, If the policeman waits for him to get whatever he’s after and turn around so he can see, it will be too late if it is a gun. So, he repeatedly orders Blake not to reach into the van, but he does it anyway.

          Black or white, that will get you shot every time.


          1. Biden did not make a “hero” out of Jacob Blake. That is simply false. If that woman believed it then she is further evidence of the harm Trump’s lying lies is doing. Biden recognized him as a victim. Which he was.

            Here is the real take away. Biden acted to defuse a volatile situation with a simple act of empathy. Trump ALWAYS takes the opposite approach and tries to throw fuel on the fire. This country needs what Biden has to offer. We have had way too much of Trump’s race-baiting and divisiveness.

            That “knife” in his hand was a pair of sunglasses according to witnesses. But, whatever it was, he was not brandishing it or threatening anybody with it when he was shot seven times at point blank range.

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          2. I note that you still do not look at the incident from the officers point of view.

            Why not answer the question? What is the officer to do when the belligerent suspect, after being repeatedly warned not to, reaches into a place where a weapon may be concealed? If the officer waits to see what he comes up with, it will be too late to act. What is he to do?


          3. Back off. Not shoot someone seven times in the back.

            Police often lose it when a citizen won’t meekly obey them. Especially when the citizen is a young black man. That seems to be what happened here. There is no video of earlier actions but the police were frantically pointing their guns as the victim was clearly retreating. THEY are the ones who lost control of a domestic disturbance and turned it into a tragedy.

            Domestic disturbances are notoriously tough for police. It is not easy. But this was not an acceptable outcome.


          4. Back off? What by 50 yards or so in the time it would take for him to turn around and shoot? You would almost certainly be shot if that’s what he was going for,


  2. RE: “This is why Democrats should never be trusted with power, at all levels, there is a tyrant hiding just below the surface.”

    Well, let’s not forget that Trump is like, literally, Hitler. What’s a Quaker out in the sticks on the Main Line supposed to do?


    1. I beg to differ. Trump is not quite literally like Hitler. Hitler was smart. Politically, at least.

      If Trump was the stable genius he claims to be, this country would be in far worse trouble than it already is. Thank God Almighty, Trump stupidly shoots himself in the foot one way or another almost every week.

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