Want to sell your vote for $200?


Trump is giving away $8 Billion of our money in a desperate attempt to buy the votes of seniors who – compared to 2016 – have largely abandoned him. Congress has not appropriated funds for this boondoggle so it is unclear on what authority this is being done. Thank God Obama never stole taxpayer money like this. Just imagine all the “conservative” heads exploding if he had.

6 thoughts on “Want to sell your vote for $200?

  1. And the right blames Soros for busing in a million illegals for a few bucks per person to vote.

    So now we have millions “bussed in” from the Villages for a few bucks a person by Trump using my money.

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    1. ACA is stealing taxpayer money? Huh? You need to do better than that. Your comment makes no sense. The implementation of desperately needed and long overdue health insurance reform APPROVED BY CONGRESS is hardly comparable to Trump taking $8 billion without authority and using it to enhance his campaign.

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      1. Uh, who pays for the subsidies, supplements and expanded medicaid….TAXPAYERS!!! DUH!!! Uh, after back door seating yet another rubberstamp socialist Democrat senator to replace Kennedy to ensure 60 votes just in time, it was approved by SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!!!. Geeez, your bullshit is mind boggling.


        1. Sorry, you are still not making any sense. Try thinking about the fact that Trump is not getting 60 votes, he is not getting ANY votes. He is just stealing the money to try to boost his campaign. The President has not power under the Constitution to spend one dime. That is the job of Congress.


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