More lies. It never stops.

Thanks to the efforts of those “enemies of the people”, you know, the free press, we now know that Donald Trump LIED to the nation when he called in to Sean Hannity to say that he was waiting for test results to see if he had caught the virus. In fact, he had received a positive test before that call. That test was on his return from that fund raiser that he attended while trying to keep Hope Hicks condition a secret – a dangerous LIE of omission. Now, the State of New jersey is saddled with contact tracing on more than the 200 people exposed to the virus by being in contact with Trump. And those 200 people SHOULD all self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Being Trump supporters, they probably will not.

LYING, just like the virus, seems to be contagious around Trump. His doctor now admits that the rosy news at the press conference on the steps of Walter Reed was for an audience of one. He justifies his DISHONESTY with claims that the health of the patient would be impaired by the bad news of a more honest assessment.

Bottom line – we have no idea about the state of health of the President of the United States. Was the photo-op joy ride a sign of recovery or did the drugs administered to treat a severe infection give him a temporary boost of energy. Again, there is no way to know the truth with this President.

17 thoughts on “More lies. It never stops.

  1. Cite?

    If indeed he was already infected, then the source could not have Hope Hicks, or the Barret Rose Garden announcement as you don’t test positive for at least 3 and more likely 5 days.


    1. Cite?
      I do not deal in “alternative facts.”
      If I report something here, it is because I saw it in a reputable source.
      I subscribe to both the WAPO and the NYT. You should too.
      In this case, the New York Times has reported that Trump took the fast-response test they are using and it showed him to be positive. That was on returning from NJ and before calling Sean Hannity.

      But since you don’t subscribe and would call them “fake news” I have taken about 30 seconds of Googling to find a source that you will not impugn. . .

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        1. “If . . ”
          And if wishes were horses, the beggars would ride.

          But, I believe your hypothetical “fact” is wrong. Unless every person attending those tightly packed indoor rallies was given one and passed it. They weren’t. They were not even required to wear masks. I am no scientist, but thousands of cheering fans make the six or even twenty foot separation guideline moot. The air inside such a venue could have anything swirling around in it.

          Back on topic – There was no need to call Hannity at all. But when he did, he did not need to lie. As is often the case, his pathological lying hurts him in the end. He could have said, “Sean, I have just had our fast-response test which showed I might be positive. I am now waiting for the results of the PCR test.”
          The simple truth. Simple. But we never get it from Trump.

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        2. Don, do we need to review the effects of selectivity and sensitivity on the probability of rare events again? We already know that the results weren’t even close to 100% when they applied for the EUA, and the test did not even perform at those levels.

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        3. “They must be verified by the PCR test.”

          Apparently they were. But maybe a prudent move following the Fast Response test would have been to wait until the PCR results were available?


  2. Regarding the short motorcade outside the hospital, are you really that disappointed that he was feeling well enough?

    You do an awful lot of mind reading about people’s motives. Have you considered the possibility that Trump saw the supporters outside and felt an obligation to thank them? He does that kind of thing a lot.

    And there are many ways to protect the Secret Service agents with him. I don’t know the isolation capabilities of the Presidential vehicles, as that sort of thing is secret, but there certainly must be such provisions for the President’s protection and those work both ways. Of course, the simplest thing would be that since a number of agents have already had COVID and recovered, to simply staff the vehicle with those agents.

    But there is no gesture the President can make that you won’t find some nefarious motive to attach to it.


    1. Mind reading?

      Because I referred to this joy ride as a photo-op? In your never-ending defense of this huckster you do a lot of denying of the obvious. It WAS a photo-op. That does not preclude the possibility that it was also a shout out to his supporters. It is not an either/or situation, but then “conservatives” always oversimplify a complex reality. We know from science that that is the way they are wired.

      Your dismissing the almost universal medical opinion about the risk to the SUV full of people is kind of typical. You know more than they do, again. In a closed vehicle everyone was breathing the same air as the person in the most highly contagious phase of the disease. The masks they were wearing have to let enough air through to keep the wearer alive, right? Plus, you have no evidence whatsoever that those agents with him were all Covid survivors and even if they were – as you imagine they MIGHT have been – there is no evidence that being a survivor makes them immune from a second illness nor makes them unable to become carriers.

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      1. Yes, I am assuming that the Secret Service is not staffed by idiots and that they took proper precautions.

        I don’t know exactly what those precautions were, though I suggested a couple.


        1. Since you are now “assuming” in order to exonerate even more risky, science-denying behavior, it is just as easy and probably more accurate to assume that Trump said I want to go for a ride. His driver and security people who happened to be on duty at that hour put on their masks and gloves, said “Yes sir!” and away they went.

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          1. The Secret Service has contingency plans in place for pretty much everything and updates them continuously. They don’t do anything spontaneously.


        2. Here is the view of an attending physician at Walter Reed – Dr. James Phillips. He is also Chief of Disaster Medicine at GWU and a medical contributor to CNN.

          “That Presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures. The irresponsibility is astounding. My thoughts are with the Secret Service forced to play.”

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