Rude and disgusting interruptions

If you didn’t watch it this morning, you can catch Fox News Sunday replayed at 7 PM on Fox News and watch Chris Wallace’s shameful interview of Steve Cortes. After his criticism of Trump in the debate, it was fun to watch Cortes try unsuccessfully to complete a sentence for 15 minutes while Wallace constantly talked over him.

I wonder if he is even aware of his hypocrisy.

6 thoughts on “Rude and disgusting interruptions

  1. I just watched the interview with Cortes online:

    It was about 6 minutes or so. Cortes did not answer the simple question of why did the Trump side of viewers at the debate not follow the Cleveland Clinic rules about mask wearing.

    Also, he spent some time explaining how “safe” the president is because of testing and distancing.

    Ignoring the fact that those around the president are at risk when he doesn’t wear a mask.

    I did not see the interruptions from Wallace. I did some some by Cortes.

    Was I watching the wrong show?

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      1. I’ll see if I can find it.

        I haven’t seen Chris Wallace much, but the little I have and what I have read is that he is a chip off the old block of Mike Wallace. No shrinking violet and pretty hard hitting. And being with FOX whose other personalities are throwing wiffleball questions makes him a standout.

        Mike’s oft repeated line when ask follow up questions was always “Your words Mr. Prime Minister (or whomever) not mine.”

        Still didn’t it strike you as strange that the emphasis was on the president’s safety and no one else’s. It is as if the health of all the other staff and pols in the last week of rallying, fund raising and Rose Garden gatherings were not of any importance.

        I think there is a disconnect with reality.

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      2. “The Cortes segment was a lot longer than 6 minutes.”

        That is not an answer. It was a transparent dodge.

        It was the right show. And the segment that Len linked to was representative of the complete interview in terms of Wallace’s behavior. You could not have described Chris Wallace’s behavior any more inaccurately than you did. We know the mission is to trash him, but you need to do better than that. If you do not want to completely shred any remaining credibility.

        Here is the entire interview . . .

        BTW, I can easily imagine what you would have to say about entitlement, arrogance and rudeness if the Obama family behaved the way the Trump family did in Cleveland.

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  2. LOL!

    Chris Wallace is now a purveyor of “fake news” I suppose. It is laughable how quickly the right wing is willing to turn on one of its own for asking some real questions. You are not the only one dumping on Wallace. Several of his colleagues on Fox have joined in. Was there a memo sent around?

    Wallace “criticized” Trump for breaking the rules that the campaigns had agreed on. Over and over again. Is that what you are referring to? Or was it Wallace having the temerity to ask Trump some tough questions?

    What is shameful is a lying liar like Steve Cortes being given air time to spread his lying lies. He thought he would get the usual Fox News treatment. Instead, Wallace was not having his nonsense.

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  3. I am wondering why you would have described this interview so inaccurately. Maybe you should watch it again and try to be a little more objective? Wallace threw a few hard pitches, but isn’t that the job of a journalist?

    Here is the complete interview. It is NOTHING like what you described. Chris Wallace was polite and respectful and there was actually a minimum of cross talk with both parties contributing their share. Cortes gave several long monologues with ZERO interruptions. And, in the end, he never answered the question – what made the Trump family think that the rules on masks that everyone else followed did not apply to them?

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