This is all that anyone needs to know about Trump’s character.

Mr. Trump decided to proceed with a fund raiser at his New Jersey Golf Club AFTER he knew that Hope Hicks had become infected with the coronavirus – a fact he also kept from his staff and others who worked closely with her. The secret was kept until a reporter was tipped off. Once again, it took someone leaking to get important information to the public and to co-workers. Is this a crime? It ought to be.

At that NJ fundraiser he mingled indoors without masks with his supporters. Good luck old rich people!

Any one care to argue that Trump gives a rat’s patootie about anybody but himself?

As a side note, I read that Hope had taken a test on Wednesday morning which was negative. She began to have symptoms during the day on Wednesday, self-isolated on Air Force One that evening and tested positive on Thursday morning. This virus is insidious. A negative test is NOT a free pass to avoid self-quarantine if you have been around a victim. Let’s see what all those people in the White House choose to do.

4 thoughts on “This is all that anyone needs to know about Trump’s character.

  1. We can speculate the why’s all day long. But why smart folks thought taking few precautions in the White House was a good idea.

    Maybe because they were young and invincible?



    If you do not have access, it says what I said. Here is one snippet. . .

    “Trump thought he could go to the fundraiser and keep it secret that Hicks had it,” Republican donor Dan Eberhart said.

    I did not read it here, but I have found it for your edification . . .

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  3. ““It’s been a very interesting journey; I learned a lot about Covid,” Mr. Trump said in the video. “I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school, this isn’t the let’s-read-the-book school. And I get it, and I understand it, and it’s a very interesting thing, and I’m going to be letting you know about it. In the meantime, we love the U.S.A., and we love what’s happening.”

    What he said about learning in the real school about a contagion that has killed 211,000 Americans is beyond comprehension.

    That is like someone jumping off of a tall tower to get the “real school” learning about gravity.

    Presidents have often complained that they are in a bubble with information filtered about the outside world.

    Well, Trump has taken this to a whole new level. My guess is that since he has surrounded himself with “yes folks” and sycophants and listens only to FOX opinions he is clueless about the real world.


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