Both Moody’s and Goldman Sachs predict good things for the economy if Biden wins in a Democratic sweep.”

These two non-partisan and usually credible economic organizations give the lie to Trump’s ravings about Biden’s “radical” ideas destroying the economy.

From Moody’s : “The economic outlook is strongest under the scenario in which Biden and the
Democrats sweep Congress and fully adopt their economic agenda.”

Of course, this is not the last word. Economics is not called the “dismal science” for nothing. But such analyses by respected people is clear evidence that Trump’s the sky-will-fall-on-your-head-if-Biden-wins hooey is not serious and should not be taken seriously.

7 thoughts on “Both Moody’s and Goldman Sachs predict good things for the economy if Biden wins in a Democratic sweep.

    1. Okay.

      I suppose you would you rather trust the economic acumen of someone who has NEVER run a large company successfully and has managed to run several fortunes into the ground?

      I will not follow YOUR usual technique and demand that you say where they are wrong. It really does not matter. The point made is that what Trump says about Bidenomics is not serious economic thinking. Just con man blather not based on anything that could pass for serious economic analysis. IMHO, of course.

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    2. Goldman Sachs surely saw the collapse coming or they would not have shorted the CDO’s they foisted on investors as “solid gold”.

      Moody’s? They knew that they rated crap as Kobe beef, so it was a matter of time.

      I wouldn’t underestimate the brainpower behind the crash. Most came out fat and happy.

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