The Guardian summarizes NYT Trump Tax reporting.

The New York Times investigative piece is long and detailed. Here is a convenient summary of the key findings – so far.

Trump, of course, is crying “Fake News!” That is a very poor substitute for fulfilling his promise to release those returns himself which would definitively repudiate this story if it really is “fake news.” Wouldn’t it give the Trump campaign a HUGE boost to prove that the NYT really is lying about him? Of course, it would and he would do that in a heartbeat if he could. The obvious conclusion is that he cannot for the simple reason that – as it usually does – the NYT got the story right.

3 thoughts on “The Guardian summarizes NYT Trump Tax reporting.

  1. That Trump and the family evaded taxes is part of the issue. He has not denied the lack of tax payments. Remember he told Clinton in 2016 that avoiding taxes makes him smart.

    One of the problems that came out in in the NYT report is that he might still owe 10’s of millions in taxes because the deductions were false. Manafort, Cohen, were all convicted of tax evasions as part of their legal issues.

    Next, he apparently has several hundred million in debt coming due in the next 4 years. If someone is looking for a security clearance in the government, one of the first questions regard debt loads because they are a source of pressure by bad actors who might clean up the debts in return for favors. Like the Saudi bailout of Trump in the 90’s.

    As president, however, he has automatic security clearances, but that does not negate the danger to our nation by a president who might suffer financially from heavy debt here and abroad.

    It is up to Congress to oversee national issues with regards to the administration. I think this is now a serious problem for American security.


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    1. “I think this is now a serious problem for American security.”

      Of course, it is. But not just now. It has been a national security weakness since January 20, 2017. So many of Trump’s actions vis a vis Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been bizarre and unexplainable by any normal standard of what is in America’s national interest. Has Trump been pressured by such people because of these personal financial exposures? Did the Kurds in Syria pay in blood for his weakness? The Ukrainians as well? Jamal Khashoggi? Whatever the answer, it is coming too late. We simply have to remove this “cancer on the Presidency” on November 3. In no uncertain terms.

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    2. “It is up to Congress to oversee national issues with regards to the administration.”

      With Mitch running the Senate it will never happen. With Trump in office, the stonewalling of information required for oversight is NOT forthcoming. Trump’s stonewalling makes Nixon’s look like a sand castle to close to the shorline to last.


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