Breaking News! I have found Joe Biden’s Tax Returns!

Joe Biden has never made a secret of his personal finances.

In spite of hundreds of promises that he would release his, Trump never has and has fought tooth and nail to keep them secret. Thanks to the New York Times we can begin to see why.

  1. He is a loser. He never earns enough to pay any federal income taxes. While other billionaires pay taxes in the tens and hundreds of millions, Trump most years has paid virtually none. Given all his business failures, this part of what NYT discovered is not surprising.
  2. He is NOT worth the $10 billion he claims. He is under water and has debts in the hundreds of millions – many to foreigners that he has no way to pay off.
  3. He fiddles on his taxes with the connivance of family members. Wealth transfers to Ivanka, for example, were treated as “consulting expense” and treated as a business expense.

There is a lot more to come.

29 thoughts on “Breaking News! I have found Joe Biden’s Tax Returns!

  1. It pays to hire good accountants.

    But isn’t it an odd coincidence that the day the NYT article comes out the Biden campaign has “I paid more taxes than Trump” buttons all made up and ready to sell?

    So, will the NYT report its publication as ‘in-kind’ advertising for the Biden campaign, or is it necessary to prosecute them?


    1. Another lame conspiracy theory? You saying the NYT told Biden in advance about this story? Based on how soon they were ready with these materials?

      Maybe you are not aware, but with modern technology the turnaround time on buttons, stickers, signs – all promotional materials in fact – is just about zero.

      The REAL issue is, of course, that the President and his family are tax cheats. The NYT reporting the non-fake news may help Biden but that does not make it a campaign contribution when it does so.

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    2. Don you and I could order vinyl stickers and have them delivered tomorrow. If we were a campaign with lots of previous buys, we could probably have then same day.

      Just like a lot of political ads, the production time is very short. Using available clips and videos of the opponent, or any subject for that matter, a good production house can whip up something in hours.

      Remember also that the Times did an expose of Trump’s finances a year ago or so. The investigation was ongoing since then.

      That being said, I think it is possible that the campaign got a tip about publication dates. but hardly necessary to have campaign material ready to go within hours.

      So if Trump gets in-kind contributions from FOX everyday (Hannity,, were on stage with the president), a few here and there by his opponent, if that is the case, is just payback.

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    3. I have worked with “good accountants.” They are not cops or IRS agents. If you document a disbursement as a “consulting fee,” they will not judge you because the “consultant” is a relative. They will enter it in the books based on documentation that was given them.

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    4. “It pays to hire good accountants.”

      Many wealthy folks did just that. They bought into KPMG’s tax evasion schemes until some of the top folks at the accounting giant got caught.

      The ethics at that company were compromised to say the least. And it came from the top.

      Unless the accounting firms were hired to do audits, and that included underlings actually counting inventory piece by piece in some cases, they can only advise and then plug in expenses, etc. that they are given.

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        1. That is what he says. With 500 “businesses”, international bankers, oligarchs, and God knows what else, it could take a while.

          Also, the Republicans have stripped the IRS by orders of magnitude as far as funding and auditors.

          His legal issues are not just with the IRS. DeutschBank might have something to reveal since Cohen, the man who lied to protect Trump and then dumped, testified under oath that the loan applications were fraudulent. Last I heard that is a felony.

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          1. RE: “That is what he says.”

            It is what the NYT piece says, too. It found no evidence of malfeasance.


        2. It is not just about being unlawful. And typically the IRS does not put you in jail when you cheat and fudge and make “mistakes” in your filings. It makes you pay what you owe and assesses financial penalties. Trump may soon be facing such financial adjustments that will bankrupt him.

          The real issue with these tax returns – that Trump has tried to keep hidden by every possible means – is that they are now known to contain information about things that the voters SHOULD have been apprised of in 2016 and certainly need to know now.

          It is not unlawful to tell the American people you are worth $10 Billion but in fact be under water.
          It is not unlawful to be a lousy businessman whose companies never turn profitable.
          It is not unlawful to owe a boatload of money to foreign investors.

          But if your schtick is that you are a brilliant businessman, it is useful for the good of the country for the public to see the evidence that your schtick is nothing but a con.

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          1. Any real estate developer who is not technically underwater is not doing it right. You’re always building with other people’s money, just voluntarily invested.


          2. What do you mean by “technically?” There is nothing technical about it. If you have sunk more into a project than you can get out of it, you are under water. Sure, in the past, rising real estate prices have bailed many a real estate investor out of a losing position. But not Trump. He always seems to have over spent (where did the money actually go?) and over borrowed on everything he did. Don’t believe me? Check the bankruptcy records and the fact that the last remaining bank willing to loan to him is nothing more than a funnel for Russian gangster money.

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    1. Why bother? He more than likely REPORTED his earnings AND paid taxes on them. The compensation received was well known as it is STILL constantly talked about on right wing news sources. Even Johnson’s Senate report found bupkes.

      And what about Ivanka’s “consulting fees”? Seriously? He’s the smartest bestest guy at everything and he needs to pay his daughter for “consulting fees”.

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        1. Don, we have gone over this before. Board members are not board members because they are rocket scientists or experts in the field. They are there for the connections in the world of business and politics.

          Even in the US, CEO’s from one company will scratch the backs of CEO’s from another even if they have very little knowledge of that business.

          Hunter could provide assistance to a 2nd world economy and one of its biggest businesses because of his connections to the US government.

          Is all this a good idea? Depends. You and I blanche at such practices, but then we are not multinational conglomerates. The Bidens have said, at the time and later, that the optics were not good.

          If ethics in government were the deciding factor in this race, there would be no race. Nepotism, extortion, favors for investing in Trump schemes, tax evasion…no contest. Trump wins and should be in jail.

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          1. Board members are representatives of the shareholders. Who are the shareholders of Burisma? A handful of Oligarchs.

            The board position was given to him not because they were starstruck with his daddy’s name but because of the protection he could provide through his influence.

            The Biden family is as corrupt as those oligarchs, you just don’t want to accept it.


          2. I believe you are wrong. and, oddly don’t want to accept that.

            I guess when we elected Trump we knew he was corrupt, in cahoots with oligarchs, Russian and American Mafia, money launderers, tax cheats, fraudulent practices, stealing from charities…and those are his good traits.

            Sorry, but I and the 3/5ths of the nation much prefer Biden. We have tasted the “businessman” approach and found it superbly lacking.

            High tariffs, no real changes in trade deals, polluted rivers and debt skyrocketing. And that was before the pandemic.

            But, to repeat, you refuse to see any of that because you are so filled with hate for Democrats that corruption is not an issue.


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          3. Unlike you, I will accept anything for which there is objective evidence. Your drooling slanders about Joe Biden have none. THAT is why I will not believe it.

            Hunter Biden has undoubtedly had a boost in life because of who his father is. Same is true of ALL the Trump’s including Donald. That is just the way it is. Would he have been of interest for that board seat if his name was Smith? Probably not. But the fact that he is on that board is not evidence of corruption. But keep it up. Keep playing the role of the Trumpist parrot. You seem to have convinced at least one person – yourself.

            And just so you do not continue in ignorance, somebody like Hunter Biden is desired for a board because he added gravitas to the company in front of investors, potential partners, customers and governments. Not because of anything Joe Biden could do for Burisma in Ukraine. Why would they want this guy in particular? Because he comes from a famous family of impeccable reputation. No corruption in sight. Get over it.

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        2. What do you mean by “earned income?” With all due respect, you obviously do not understand what makes a person valuable to a corporate board. Companies ALWAYS try to attract well-known, well-connected board members for no other reason than the credibility their presence gives to investors and potential investors. Maybe it is a giant con, but that is the way the “free market” for board members works.

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          1. Burisma is not a publicly traded company. It is owned by a handful of oligarchs. There is no need to charm them. They were buying protection, pure and simple.


        3. Neither is my VA check.

          And you do not know, but only speculate based on right wing attacks. All the Hinter nonsense has been debunked, but because Trump has no worldly idea how to actually BE the President, he attacks the family of the man who knows how to be in that important position.

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    2. “BTW, did you find Hunter’s?”

      Leaving aside Jimmy Hoffa’s hat, the serious answer is that the Treasury Department which refused to provide Trump’s tax returns to Congress, handed Hunter Biden’s over to the Senate Committee that was organized to do opposition research for the Trump campaign by investigating Hunter Biden’s personal business affairs.

      Their final report released recently was a total nothing burger consisting of nothing but rehashing unsubstantiated allegations, mostly from known conduits of Russian disinformation. Knowing how eager the Republicans are to find “dirt” on Joe Biden and his family we can be sure that there is nothing untoward in Hunter Biden’s tax returns because if there were, Trump would be shouting to the high heavens about it.

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  2. Yeah…that article was an eye opener!

    But we need to realize that while he has some “gifted accountants”? The tax laws permitted them to do this on his behalf.

    FYI-still looking for a 3rd party candidate to vote for in November as I WILL NOT be voting for either Biden or Trump.


    1. The next President will be Biden or Trump. I wish you would vote for Biden, but I am sure you will be doing what you think is best for the country. Personally, I think nothing is more important for the future of our country than that Trumpism be thoroughly and completely repudiated by the voters.

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    2. One question, has Biden ever owned or run a business? Without that kind of a comparison, you might as well be comparing my 18 yo daughter’s taxes to Trumps. So what?


      1. I asked my boss about it this morning. He does own the business (for over 30 years now). I did not ask the amount he paid in taxes last year, but he did indicate that he wishes it had only been $750.

        There is your comparison.


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