No Matter how careful you are

Pilot Notham and wife test positive for coronavirus

Hopefully they will have a mild case and swift recovery.

He should immediately take a series of HCQ and Zinc tablets to reduce his chances of a serious course.

Oh, wait, his Dept of Health prohibits that in Virginia. I guess he can use the $500 a dose remdesivir instead.

14 thoughts on “No Matter how careful you are

  1. The regimen is available on

    Less than $25 for a 5-day treatment.

    Dr. Zelenko’s project. The smart guy in this sordid story. And one of the few honorable people.


      1. Graphic with pills has been there for months. I believed one of the links told you how to get it. At that time there was also a talk-to-a-doctor link that let you buy the drug. Ideally you have a prescription and then there are mail-order options. I believe there are doctors in every community who help patients get the hydroxy cocktail.

        Zelenko talked from the beginning about how the Hippocratic Oath requires that doctors use their best judgment. But Fauci’s gang succeeded in blocking that option in many locations. As Zelenko summed it up: science and fact were defeated by politics and money.

        However, the good news is that the ever-resourceful Zelenko has recommended a work-around using the cheap OTC drug Quercetin. Walmart sells it!

        Zelenko created a chart of responses depending on how bad the symptoms are:

        Quercetin Protocol–

        He said in March there is no reason for anyone else to die. He also predicted that in the future historians would describe the anti-HCQ people as murderers.


  2. Why point your finger at the Virginia Department of health? They are following the science. As they should. Trump’s FDA resisting considerable pressure to facilitate the use of HCQ has cancelled its emergency authorization. Those pesky facts! Drugs need to be safe and effective. Too bad.

    But, if you and Bruce trust Dr. Trump and not Dr. Fauci, knock yourselves out. In fact, save your $25. You can get treatment for $15 here . . .

    Not actually approved for this purpose but who cares? Right?

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    1. You can make a case, though a poor one, for the FDA evaluating safety, but the use of a known safe drug should be a matter between doctor and patient.

      HCQ is at worst of disputed value, with good results when used early in an infection.

      That being the case, the question of the benefits weighed against risk will vary based on the patient’s condition and susceptibility to a serious outcome. Applying a single standard for young, healthy women and elderly men with respiratory issues, or diabetes or other risk factors is just foolish.


      1. My understanding, and you can correct me if I am wrong, is that any doctor can prescribe HCQ for off license uses. But they do so without the cover of FDA approval. Maybe their insurance companies do not cover them for such decisions?

        HCQ is not a “known safe drug.” It is a known dangerous drug that is approved for certain conditions where it has proven benefits which are judged to outweigh the danger. The reason the FDA withdrew its emergency authorization for use on Covid patients is that there is not enough evidence of therapeutic value to justify the risk it presents.


        1. You would think that would be the case. but no.

          Northam, through his Sect of Health has ordered VA pharmacies, and online pharmacies doing business in VA, not to fill HCQ prescriptions without an accompanying approved diagnosis.

          So, unless your physician is willing to risk his license by falsifying a diagnosis, or the pharmacist is willing to risk his license by filling a prescription for off label use, you can’t get HCQ for COVID in VA.

          That is a gross abuse of power. This is a decision that should be made by a physician and his patient on a case-by-case basis.

          There is very little risk for HCQ over a 2 week course, but for a 20 year old woman with no immune issues, there is also little to gain, so she might well do best to pass. But for a 75 yo diabetic, the risk from COVID is extremely high and any benefit at all from HCQ+Zinc is well worth the risk.

          But Northam knows best, one size fits all.


          1. I was about to take your description of what Northam has done vis a vis the sale of HCQ at face value and thank you for the information. It sounds so truthy and authoritative. But then I thought of GWB’s famous dictum about “fool me once etc”. and decided to check.

            I was not surprised to find that you have grossly misrepresented the action take by the Virginia Department of Health. Here is the actual document. If there is something superseding this, I did not find it after extensive use of the Google.


            A few points . . .

            1. These are recommendations. They are not regulations. They are not “orders.”
            2. They were explicitly offered to protect the supply for people who actually need this medicine.
            3. There are no sanctions or threats of suspending licenses.

            Now, whether you are deliberately trying to deceive or are simply sharing “information” you were fed inside the Trump bubble, I do not know. But the “facts” you offered are bogus.

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          2. I am familiar with that directive.

            DO you seriously think a pharmacy is going to disregard such a recommendation? Pharmacists do not violate “recommendations” from the Dept of Health.

            Note from the directive you cite

            “The Virginia Department of Health in consultation with the Virginia Department of Health Professions recommends the following:

            Prescriptions for chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, mefloquine and azithromycin should be restricted in the outpatient setting and should require a diagnosis “consistent with the evidence for its use.”
            Community pharmacists should use professional judgement to determine whether a prescription is valid and that there is a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship prior to dispensing."

            The Dept of Health Professions is the licensing agency. It does not make healthcare recommendations, it issues and revokes licenses. There is no reason to involve them other than for potential license actions. The two items following constitute a treatment directive

            The directive led to an inquiry by Delegate Dave LaRock

            Click to access 2020-07-30-LaRock-Letter-to-Commissioner-Oliver.pdf

            Neither the Governor nor Commissioner Oliver have responded to the FOIA. LaRock sponsored a bill to require an end to the ban(and it is a ban) HB5002 but it was defeated on a party line vote.


          3. A lot of this was handled informally. One of Fauci’s lieutenants might tell someone at the state level, don’t let anyone have this stuff. Yes sir.

            So a doctor writes a prescription, which is taken to the pharmacist, and the pharmacist says, I can’t give you this stuff. Why not?? We got a directive. This happened all over the country, each state having its own variation. And in Canada. Zelenko told the story of a pregnant woman who had the prescription. But she couldn’t get the pills. Lost the baby.

            Sometimes just a little delay would make a sick person very sick.

            Trump saw a game-changer. Fauci looked like he would choke on that word. I got the impression he wanted a lot of cases and a lot of deaths, which the Pilot proudly announced. So people would shut up and wait until a vaccine was ready. There seem to be $1 billion at stake.


          4. Yada, yada, yada

            You offered bogus information that distorted beyond recognition a sensible recommendation based on science and the need to husband the supply of medicine that actually benefits some people with diseases for which it is approved. This recommendation would not have been necessary had not the ass-hat in the oval office not touted it to his followers without ANY basis in science.

            Still you persist in the distortion by referring to it as a “directive.”

            You can tap dance all you want, there is nothing in this recommendation that justifies the vitriol you hurled at the state government.

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          5. Really? Call your own physician and ask him.

            And there is no shortage of HCQ, the world is afloat in it. The price has gone down in the last 2 months, I’d buy enough for all of us, if I could get it.


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