Trump prepares a coup d’etat.

It does not get more serious than this. The Trump campaign is preparing to destroy democracy and execute a coup d’etat that will be the end of Constitutional government in our nation. The mechanism will be phony claims of massive voting fraud as an excuse for Trump friendly state legislatures to ignore the votes of the people and send their own Trump electors to the Electoral College. Attempting to hamstring the Post Office is part of the preparation for this coup.

These now well-documented preparations for this coup are all the evidence that anyone should need to vote for Biden. A landslide victory for him is the only way to prevent this disaster. With these developments it is IMPOSSIBLE to claim to support the Constitution if you continue to support Trump.

23 thoughts on “Trump prepares a coup d’etat.

  1. Since the goal is the presidency at all costs, we can be sure that the rush to confirm a conservative justice is to have a friendly SCOTUS for what might be a remake of 2000.

    After all, the Trump strategy as passed down from papa is to sue, sue and sue some more. Eat up resources and time from enemies.

    Resources are not the issue, but time is since there are certain deadlines for elector selections and voting.

    Trump has been denigrating our election process since he descended the faux gold escalator. The president who is more than willing to destroy our country in his insatiable lust for adoration and power.

    Of course, Moscow Mitch is the useful idiot as far as trying to foul up the election. Any help for the local election boards in handling mail in ballots was against his interests. That has been since last year.

    Laws, rules and norms are for suckers and losers. Which is what Trump thinks of his fellow Americans. This was illuminated by Leslie Stahl and her discussion with Trump in 2016.

    Confuse us so we don’t know what to believe.

    That a president has so much contempt for his own country and it’s citizens is not surprising. After all his whole family evaded taxes in elaborate schemes that confirmed the famous line “only little people pay taxes”. That 40% of the voters and 100% of the GOP support that attitude in a president is even more amazing.

    “We have found the enemies of the people, and they are us.” (Thank you Walt Kelly)

    I am confident that we will get through this travesty. Unfortunately the regime is doing it level best to encourage street violence. #LIBERATE to “my rough supporters” is just the recipe for such tactics.

    The good news is that the president and his party are not confident they can win legally. So they will create chaos and hope no one notices that they have left the room. But the stench lingers.

    Sad to see that a portion of the nation is willing to toss out our grand experiment in favor of just one more petty autocracy in the world.


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  2. So, we’re supposed to determine our votes based on the paranoid delusions of never-Trumpers?

    Note that while a State is required to comply with Federal election law if it has a Presidential election, it isn’t required to hold an election at all. A state could assign its electors based on the choice of its legislature, or by a coin toss, if that is what the State law requires.

    But having held an election, going to some contingency plan, like the State legislature would have to be decided in court, based on that State’s laws. A court would require overwhelming evidence of fraud widespread enough to affect the outcome to void the election.

    But Democrats worry about stolen elections because they project their own intentions on others.


    1. Paranoid delusions?
      What part of Trump’s words quoted above do you not understand?

      What is the legitimate reason for failing to beef up our election apparatus while it is under assault from a hostile foreign power and struggling with the deadly challenges of pandemic?

      What is the legitimate reason for attempting to hamstring the Post Office at a time when its services are vital to a smooth election?

      And, why does the President insistently and repeatedly spew utter falsehoods concerning election fraud if not to prepare the weak-minded for this coup? Why will he not promise a peaceful transition of power?

      This is a time of testing. You are failing. You do not get to claim some overarching respect for the Constitution and the rule of law while supporting treasonous behavior at the highest level.

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      1. The Postmaster already testified that mail in ballots will not create a bottleneck, as the maximum possible volume is only a small fraction of daily deliveries. The bottleneck would be the local registrars ability to process the ballots once received.

        The post office has been mismanaged for years, with many employees getting more in overtime pay than their base salary. The reforms required to run it in a more businesslike manner were underway long before this issue was raised.

        The problems with mail in voting are more about integrity than volume, is there is considerable room for diversion.


        1. Yeah, that’s there story now when they realized that deliberately constipating the delivery of the mail was doing political damage.

          In Virginia, at least, mail in voting is just as secure as in-person voting, if not more so. With a mail in ballot I can go on line and see that my ballot was counted. You cannot do that once you put it in the box at the polls.

          More to the point, voting by mail is not new. It has been going on in states all across the country for many years WITHOUT FRAUD. The idea that it is somehow not secure is another Trump LIE. And it is a LIE that feeds Trump’s planned overturning of the vote. Wake up and smell the coffee, or are your many years of pretending to stand foursquare behind the rule of law and the Constitution now “inoperative” when a fellow you like is obviously up to no good?

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          1. I don’t think anyone has objected to mail in ballots as done in VA.

            The objection was mass mailing unrequested ballots to registered voters many of whom might be dead or moved, and whose ballots could be fraudulently used.


          2. There are already five states including Utah that mail ballots to the home of every single registered voter. They have been doing this for years without ANY major fraud occurring. Republicans always exaggerate the willingness of people to face serious legal consequences associated with committing felonious perjury. Very few people care to do that. And there is zero reason to believe that Democrats are more likely to do so than Republicans.

            The real reason for Trump’s campaign of LIES – beyond preparing the ground for chaos – is that he thinks mail in voting will hurt Republicans. He tweeted as much a few weeks back.

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          3. It is also worth noting that the states which plan to mail ballots to all registered voters are overwhelmingly progressive states whose Electors have virtually zero chance of going to Trump. Utah and Nevada might be in play, but the rest simply are not.

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    2. Paranoid delusions?

      Trump and his most ardent supporters are the conspiracy nuts who believe that our elections are all fraudulent. That Soros is stuffing ballots. That bus loads of illegals are shuffled from state to state by the millions to vote multiple times.

      The regime is already suing state electoral boards over mail in ballots and the election has barely started in a few states.

      Our elections are a model for the world. Trump is the only president who has denigrated our system. He even said his win in 2016 was rigged. We never did audit the mysterious shift of 3 states by a relative handful of ballots. Maybe we should have knowing how Trump operates.

      He has scammed students, veterans, his own charity, the IRS, the SAT, banks, investors, vendors, his wives, his mistresses. Why would he change tactics now?

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    3. RE: “But Democrats worry about stolen elections because they project their own intentions on others.”

      That sounds right to me. This idea that Putin’s puppet-Hitler is plotting a coup d’etat to destroy democracy in America is pure conspiracy theory nuttiness.


  3. “This idea that Putin’s puppet-Hitler is plotting a coup d’etat to destroy democracy in America is pure conspiracy theory nuttiness.”

    Sure, that would be true if it were not for the evidence. Including the words of the perpetrator himself.

    But, as we know, evidence means NOTHING in Trump world. There is no problem with “alternative facts” repeated ad nauseum WITHOUT evidence or, as in this case – and many others – simply ignoring the compelling evidence in front of their faces.

    The only recent national election where something was “stolen” was in 2000. In that year, a partisan SCOTUS violated all precedent and the Constitution by interfering with a state in the process of choosing its Electors and siding with violent rioters bussed in for the occasion in their Brooks Brothers suits. Its decision in Bush v Gore was so egregious that SCOTUS explicitly disavowed it as precedent setting. Has that ever been done before? And, in that case, the victim – Al Gore – ended the crisis gracefully for the good of the country.

    On that last note, Trump has explicitly explained the rush to fill the vacant court seat with a loyalist because SCOTUS might have to rule on election disputes as they did in 2000. You cannot make this stuff up.

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    1. RE: “Sure, that would be true if it were not for the evidence. Including the words of the perpetrator himself.”

      The words of the “perpetrator himself” don’t prove or even suggest he is plotting a coup d’etat. They only show that he is refusing to concede a loss in an election that hasn’t been held yet. Sounds rational, and far from devious, to me.


      1. It is worth noting the simple question that Trump was answering . . .

        “Will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful transfer of power after the election?”

        The answer should have been an unqualified “Yes!”

        It wasn’t.

        Instead he claimed that getting rid of the ballots was the way to a peaceful CONTINUATION.

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        1. RE: “The answer should have been an unqualified ‘Yes!””

          Only in your imagination. As a practical matter, there won’t be a transfer of power if the incumbent is re-elected.


          1. Only in my imagination should a President promise to do his best for a peaceful transition after the election? Okay. That says quite a bit about you and the un-American and anti-democratic place you are speaking from. For the rest of us, the answer should have been “Yes. Of course I will work for a peaceful transition if I lose.”

            Maybe the questioner should have said, “If you lose the election, will you ensure a peaceful transition?” to satisfy pedants. But, of course, the question implied the need for a transition and Trump understood it that way.


          2. RE: “But, of course, the question implied the need for a transition and Trump understood it that way.”

            If, as you say, the question implied loosing the election, it makes perfect sense for the contestant to reject the implication. Even by your own logic Trump said the right and reasonable thing. Hence the conspiracy theory you are promoting is a figment of your imagination.


          3. More nonsense. He could have said “There will be no need for a transition. I will win the election.” But he did not. He was clearly talking about ballots not going his way and then getting rid of them to have a peaceful “continuation.”

            As always, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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          1. Finally, the truth is out. Republicans, or those who profess to be conservative and libertarian, don’t like elections.

            We Democrats have know this for years, but the right keeps on denying it.

            Traitors plot coups, patriots don’t.

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  4. How long before Wray is fired for this one:

    The only fraud is the administration itself, along with the Trump campaign, the Attorney General (or should I call him Consiglere?), and the idea that if Biden wins, the election is a “sham”.

    Yet Trumpists here are praying for the death of American democratic processes, and the end of the democratic republic we live in. Mr. Roberts, I’m quoting YOU …” I hope they are successful.”

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