23 thoughts on “Is today’s stock market plunge caused by GOP Hypocrisy? Maybe.

  1. Yeah, this post is, in few words, outlines the GOP as a useless appendage to the legislative branch in the service of an ailing, dementia rattled, would be autocrat.

    Trumps rallies are almost incomprehensible as he rambles and fawns for adulation among the faithful. And yet he generates much fear among his party’s elected officials, that they literally change direction more than a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner in a crowded room as the dirt beckons.

    The real shame and detriment to our nation is that the GOP will totally fail as the loyal opposition so sorely needed when the Democrats run the country. To me, the ideal with regards to two major parties is to have the Democrats in power, but a strong, smart conservative vision that tempers our wild side.

    We can’t go backwards. Demographics, economics and robotics, including computers and internet, are best dealt with in a reality rather than unicorn based world. In the animal and plant kingdoms, those that don’t adapt, die.

    Conservatives just don’t understand, or are afraid of, that simple fact.

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  2. I like the way Kevin Williamson put it:

    “It is the case that during the Merrick Garland fight, a bunch of Republicans said we shouldn’t confirm a new Supreme Court justice before an election — and now say something else.

    “It’s also the case that a bunch of Democrats at that time said we should confirm a new Supreme Court justice before an election — and now say something else.

    “Why is only one of these developments considered hypocrisy?”


    You could, in other words, blame the stock market plunge on the Democrats, if you really believe hypocrisy in politics is so powerful.


    1. Leaving aside, the fact that in 2016 the vacancy occurred in March and this one in September, the essential difference is that the power in both years rests with the GOP. That makes them the “hypocrites.” The essence of “hypocrisy” is saying one thing and doing another.

      Besides that, the Democrats asking for consistency of behavior by those with the power is hardly hypocritical.

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    2. It is true that both sides are singing different tunes than 4 years ago. But the ONE still in power is the issue. McConnell stated clearly that the American people should have a voice in the selection (through voting). OK. That’s fair. Wrong, (as Don has stated), but fair.

      However, Magic Mitch, who alone has the power to make things, like House passed bills or Supreme Court nominees, or stimulus negotiations, just disappear, should consider that 70% of those polled believe the voters should have the same voice as they did in 2016. Is it because the voice of the people has changed it’s tune and Trump is in serious trouble of NOT being re-elected? Not to mention the drag he appears to be on GOP Senate candidates?

      First it will be SCOTUS, next will be Bill Barr pulling something out of his syncophatic butt. And it will probably be along the lines of misstating the facts of the Durham investigation (But Durham will remain silent because he likes his position more that he has any ethics). And let us not forget the Senate committee doing the political will of Trump and investigating the Biden family because … Well, they are the Biden family. And using questionable sources provided to them by Rudy Giuliani and Vladmir Putin.

      The above paragraph was meant as snarky sarcasm….but don’t be surprised if at least 2 of the three occur in the next four to five weeks.

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  3. I’ve heard that the market plunge is more related to the surge in COVID-19 cases in England andhte fears ramping that it could get worse here, forcing more restrictions again to protect the populace from it’s own greediness.

    Or it could just be profit taking by big investors. Or a normal correction of an overheated market.

    Personally, I don’t believe the market down turn has anything to do with politics … this time.


    1. I don’t disagree, but Business Insider proposed the connection. My real purpose was a demonstration that it is not just “leftist” media that have seen GOP SCOTUS hypocrisy for what it is. A lot of people see it very clearly and it is something that will not be hard to explain to the voters – especially if the person they push through is some sort of anti-women’s rights ideologue.

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      1. …”it is something that will not be hard to explain to the voters”…

        You mean the sheep that are Trump voters who believe the sun rises and sets from his 239 pound backside? Yeah, sure it will.

        They will explain it away like they always do. Because it is all about “owning the libs” and staying in power. The GOP has lost any sense of integrity it once had.


        1. “Can a woman (Barrett or Lagoa) be anti-women’s rights ideologues? ”

          Absolutely. Yes. There are many women who believe God requires that they be subservient to their husbands. Women like Barrett, for example, who accept and spread the teachings of a religion that relegates women to second class status.


          1. Good grief Murphy. One does not get to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals by being subservient. As to her religion, I’ve known many Catholic marriages and the wives were no where close to being subservient. Quite the opposite.


          2. Good grief indeed. It is about her beliefs, not her character. I am sure that she personally is a force to be reckoned with. But, she and her husbands are members of a extreme Catholic group called People of Praise which teaches exactly that – the subservience of women. Google it. So yes, a woman can believe that women are second class citizens.

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          3. Murphy
            Nice try. If she’s nominated you should go ahead a push that narrative. And keep pushing because most Americans are going to look at her and her accomplishments and say…….that’s a hellulva lady.


          4. “Husbands” was one of those spell checker errors. I was not suggesting that she was in a polyandrous marriage.

            I was not pushing a narrative. I was asked a question and I answered it. Catholicism, whether you like it or not, DOES relegate women to second class status. I know. I was raised a Catholic. So my answer was that . . . Yes – a woman can be “some sort of anti-women’s rights ideologue.”

            TO TABOR : With regard to my being a “sick individual” . . . I suggest to the host that people who insist on inserting personal invective into this forum be removed if they keep it up. But, if that is not the policy, let me know because I have a few things I could say in response.

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  4. Better yet, is this the Biden correction with much worse to come? Truth be told, Biden and Harris are not at all business friendly and with MSM constantly claiming the election is in the bag, socialism potentially being on the horizon doesn’t bode well for free enterprise.

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    1. Or, is it the fact that the end of the Trump disaster is highly probable which is keeping the stock market on the rise. Investors do bet on the future – very likely a Trump-less future with a return to competent leadership.

      With that said, the GOP has once again created such a monumental economic and fiscal mess that there is sure to be economic pain to get it straightened out. Between the challenges of automation and technology, foreign competition and millions of livelihoods destroyed forever by the pandemic, we are going to need a major restructuring of the relationship between work and income, and, frankly, Wall Street might not like it in the short run.

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        1. Weird how? Whether you care to believe it or not, it is very probable that Mr. Trump will be leaving office soon. It is also true that the stock market bets on the future.

          As for my second paragraph, what makes it “trash” or “idiocy?” Even before the pandemic it was increasingly obvious that technology was rapidly eliminating jobs. Low skill. High skill. Everyone’s job is at risk. The pandemic just made things much worse and brought the crisis that was inevitable closer by a couple of years.

          Throwing out these very negative words (“trash”, “idiocy”) without any stated reason, evidence or argument is just about useless – “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


        1. You threw out some very strong negative words about the ideas I expressed. I suggested you explain – this is a place to exchange ideas and information – and you come back with this? Oh well, I tried to treat you like an thinking adult.


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