BLM’s War on the Deplorables

Source: The Unz Review.

BLM’s Marxian trappings may not be the worst thing about it. BLM’s Marxism may be merely “a silly affectation that appeals to leftists…[L]ike wearing a beret to an art exhibit, it’s a meaningless display of ideological conformity.”

Perhaps BLM is best understood as “an NGO, a non-governmental organization which provides services to its members and its patrons.”

In that case, the Ford Foundation, among others, is funding the “peaceful protests” which have caused up to $2 billion in property damage in 700 cities all around the U.S. Which in turn invites the question, Why would the Ford Foundation, among others, be doing that?

10 thoughts on “BLM’s War on the Deplorables

  1. To save others the necessity of wading through the garbage that is this article I can summarize it in a sentence.

    The BLM movement is not a real grass roots protest but is Astroturf financed by wealthy elites to harm working class white people and promote “globalism.”

    Palpable nonsense. I was struck however by a sentence near the end which with one simple substitution carries a lot of truth . . .

    “The [BLM] plan involves shifting public attention to divisive racial issues that put working people at each other’s throats while concealing the vicious class war that is being prosecuted behind the shield of a fake social justice movement.”

    Change that BLM to GOP and there you have it – Trump’s White Supremacy “populism.” Trump’s pals pick our pockets while the people squabble over race.

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    1. Jesse Helms, that racist, conservative stalwart, had a classic ad that showed a letter opened near a rural mailbox and the words to this effect:

      “I should have gotten that job, but it went to a minority.”

      Now his protege is fanning the flames of hordes of “inner city folks” moving next door to your suburban home and raping your daughters.

      Raping is optional of course.

      So is the mailbox in the era of social media.

      PS: I saw a pretty pointed quote recently. It went something like this:

      The reason we have a Black Lives Matter movement now is because Black Lives Didn’t Matter before.

      Pretty succinct viewpoint in my humble opinion.

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  2. “Why would the Ford Foundation, among others, be doing that?”

    Because, unlike you, they know bullshit when they see it. But keep trying, it has gotten almost amusing to read your hysteria about people wanting everyone to be treated equally. Seems to me you are doing everything you can to prevent that.

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  3. “ The protests spread to over 2,000 cities and towns in all 50 states and all 5 permanently-inhabited territories, as well as in over 60 other countries, with demonstrators supporting those seeking justice for Floyd and the wider Black Lives Matter movement, and speaking out against police brutality.” Wikipedia

    So about 2/3’s of the protests were peaceful. The rest were invaded by opportunists, ne’re-do-wells, anarchists from right and left hoping to create chaos and mayhem.

    This kind of pervasive national and international protesting is indicative of a problem in race relations.

    Trump’s America.

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    1. Lame. But it is part of a well-known phenomenon – the utter lack of actually funny “conservative” humor.

      To be actually funny requires a good level of intellect and empathy so that you can relate your humor to the experiences of people other than yourself. From time to time “conservatives” have tried to field their version of a Stewart, Colbert, Meyers, Letterman, Kimmel or Mahr. Dennis Miller is one sad example. Nothing but cringe-worthy flops. One and all. But, to be fair, liberal comedians have a lot more to work with than “conservatives.” That may be a big part of it.

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        1. “One of the key signs of a lack of a sense of humor is the inability to laugh at yourself.”

          Certainly true. But since this “joke” is about people teaching their kids violence and arson, it is not about me OR 99.9% of Democrats. It is a lame attempt to spread lies, hate and fear and is, therefore, the opposite of funny. IMHO.

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          1. Thanks for confirming my point.

            We conservatives laughed at Archie Bunker, though very few of us are in any way similar.

            But you miss that point that you Democrats have allowed Portland and San Francisco and NYC to be your Archie Bunker, and you fail to see what’s funny.


          2. Well, if I confirmed your point, you are welcome.

            My reaction is what it is. This cartoon is not actually funny and that is because it tries to tap into something that is not actually real. No matter what they tell you in your Trump bubble, the Democratic Party is not supportive of violence or arson. We do not teach our children to be violent. Our leaders do not threaten Second Amendment solutions when things do not go our way. We do not brandish guns at our political rallies. Our leaders do not offer to pay the legal bills of thugs who assault protesters. We do not make excuses for cold-blooded murderers.

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