Voter fraud fiasco by the administration.

So hard to prove something that is virtually non-existent. And the administration’s response is revealing and ridiculous.

“The response provided by the Trump campaign to the opposing counsel, which was shared with The Intercept and Type Investigations, contains a few scant examples of election fraud — but none of the instances in the 524-page discovery document involved mail-in ballots.

“Not only did the campaign fail to provide evidence that voter fraud was a widespread problem in Pennsylvania, they failed to provide any evidence that any misconduct occurred in the primary election or that so-called voter fraud is any sort of regular problem in Pennsylvania,” said Suzanne Almeida, interim director of Common Cause PA, one of the parties in the lawsuit. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment for this story.”

Trump is trying so hard to de-legitimize our election. And what he doesn’t find he creates via the USPS slowdowns by his man in charge. Not to mention his doubling down on voting twice as a supposed check on a mail in ballot. Of course the reason we are relying more on mail this election is to avoid the pandemic induced issues with crowds and lines. Not to mention the staffing issues by mostly elderly volunteers at the polls. Naturally, this attempting to encourage voting twice is just going to slow things down even more.

Bolsonaro is so proud.

15 thoughts on “Voter fraud fiasco by the administration.

  1. Follow the clickety to this New York Post story:

    While I’m not sure how pervasive this is? It happened.


      1. States concerned with the pandemic would do better with early voting (as would We the People). I heard Tony Macrini (790AM) talk about absentee and early voting a couple of weeks ago. He said that over 50% of We the People voted in that manner during the 2016 election.

        Did you know that each political party can purchase lists of who voted and who’s registered from the Virginia Board of Elections (and if the other 50 states do so…as well?)?
        The below link begins:
        “The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) provides, at a reasonable cost to qualified persons or entities, several different lists of those who voted and registered voters. More information on the types of lists available are below.”

        FYIW – I’m of the mind that voter fraud encompasses both parties.

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  2. RE: “So hard to prove something that is virtually non-existent.”

    What a joke. This idea has been debunked so many times, now all one can do is laugh when someone repeats it.

    The Heritage Foundation keeps a database of voter fraud cases. It is not exhaustive, but it is adequate to debunk the false meme:

    I count 21 criminal convictions for voter fraud since 1998 in Pennsylvania, the state at issue in the source. Five of the 21 convictions were for Fraudulent Use of Absentee Ballots.


  3. 21 convictions in 22 years. Less than 1 per year. And absentee ballot fraud is less than a quarter of those.

    I think you have made the case for a problem that doesn’t exist.
    And the few times someone tried it, they were convicted.

    Defending Trump on this is weak. He just doesn’t want an election. He has been attacking our system for years because he wants an excuse when he loses.

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    1. The amount of fraud you are touting is like picking out 1 weed per year from a large lawn and demanding a full on assault with weed killers. Yet millions of blades of grass are doing their job just fine.

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      1. RE: “The amount of fraud you are touting is like picking out 1 weed per year from a large lawn and demanding a full on assault with weed killers.”

        No. It only takes one weed to prove that weeds exist.


        1. Gosh, you got me there.

          Ebola exists. And has in our country too.

          Yet we don’t inoculate our population because it is not a problem for us.

          Same with voter fraud which I stated was virtually nonexistent. The most egregious recently was with the GOP in NC. But they were caught and prosecuted and the election done over.

          Slowing down the post office, telling people to vote twice, attacking our entire system of state run elections, refusing to fund election security for over a year…these are all designed to sabotage what has been a very reliable system for a long time.

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          1. RE: “Yet we don’t inoculate our population because it [Ebola] is not a problem for us.”

            You may recall that we took steps to respond to the Ebola threat when it occurred. I don’t remember anyone making the argument that the risk was so small we might as well ignore it.

            Pretending voter fraud doesn’t exist is just as stupid.


          2. Not the point. Ebola, like voter fraud, is not a threat to our nation now. So we don’t inoculate everyone just in case.

            Yes, we did have a case or two, handled quite well back then by Obama. But we did not prescribe mass immunization.

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    2. RE: “I think you have made the case for a problem that doesn’t exist.”

      No. I made the case that the problem does exist. The meme is wrong.


  4. I know that I, for one, based on the urging of the President, will take my Glock in my carry-on. Gotta test those systems. Hell, if the odds are 1,000,000 to 1 of smuggled gun on the plane then I can relax because the odds of TWO guns must be really small.

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    1. If I were running TSA, I’d offer every 5th passenger boarding a plane a handgun loaded with frangible rounds. With 20 or so armed passengers on every plane, the odds of a successful hijacking are nil.


      1. And then we get some yahoo that puts up a fight because they don’t want to wear a mask or has a seat assignment taken by someone else or farts a lot and ticks off one of the Glock holders.

        Yeah, I don’t think that is a very good idea.

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