7 thoughts on “On vaccine timing, from the comments [at MR]

  1. Okay Doc, what’s the point in friends if you can’t take advantage of them once in awhile?

    So, two nights ago, I chipped out the side, at the top, of a molar down to an amalgam filling. Cute little conical hole, oh, maybe 1/8″ in diameter, 1/16″ deep. No pain. No sensitivity. I can still crunch ice, suck air, and drink hot coffee over it.

    Called my dentist. He shuttered his business in March just after my last visit and hasn’t reopened. I think he may have a comorbid condition. He said he could refer me, if I liked.

    I said if it gets bad, I’ll call for the referral.

    Today, I bought some DenTec. Cleaned out the hole with peroxide, swabbed it with warm water, dried it, and shoved the stuff in, waited a few minutes, smoothed it out. It’s great.

    But, here’s the question: How long can I rely on this stuff while waiting for my dentist to reopen? The word on the internet is everywhere from 2 days to damned near a lifetime.

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  2. Too many variables to give you a safe answer.

    If it is supported on all sides perhaps six weeks. But if it broke because there was decay under it, then a couple of weeks,

    I’m glad I;m retired, I’d hate to try to make a living as a dentist in these conditions.

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      1. A mask in a cloud of aerosols is not much protection. High volume vacuum provides some protection, but even if you could protect yourself, people are afraid to go in and that makes staying in business pretty much impossible.


  3. Dammit. Well, guess I’ll do the emergency referral next week. Got vacation plans and a wedding within 6 weeks, and that’s right in the window of any dental work that’s more than just a filling.


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