The Big COVID Con Exposed

Source: American Thinker.

I’ve read elsewhere that Joe Biden is planning to give a speech in Wisconsin in which the candidate will criticize President Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Joondeph’s comments are thus timely.

In truth there’s not much more to do about Covid-19. Effective therapeutics are available, vaccines are on the way, and the virus is burning out, as they always do. That is the context in which we are learning that — as long suspected — the death counts were wildly exaggerated.

The next stage of our discovery will be denial in the name of recapturing fear.

11 thoughts on “The Big COVID Con Exposed

  1. Death counts wildly exaggerated?

    No, that is probably not true except in conspiracy world or altered stats from the administration. Most epidemiologists are pretty well convinced that the death counts are way under reported.

    I know conspiracy folks have a hard time understanding that when hundreds of thousands of medical personnel, public safety people and hospital administrations are involved in this pandemic conspiracies are a fool’s errand.

    I think when Trump starts pushing black clad terrorists filling airline seats it is a sign that desperation has set in. Couple that with the obvious effort to discredit our elections, slow down USPS, deny funding to states for secure elections since last year…well, its just a mess.

    It is curious how Trump says he can fix all this if re-elected. He has been in charge for almost 4 years now. It is time for the Democrats to do their duty and clean up after the elephants. Just like Clinton after Bush the Elder, Obama after Bush the Younger when they were handed crap and turned it around.


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    1. RE: “No, that is probably not true except in conspiracy world or altered stats from the administration. Most epidemiologists are pretty well convinced that the death counts are way under reported.”

      You should read the AT piece. Dr. Joondeph’s comments on death counts are based on the CDC’s report that was published a couple day’s ago.


      1. “Death with COVID means that George Floyd is counted a COVID death because he tested positive at autopsy.”

        According to the link given by AT, Floyd’s death was not listed as a COVID fatality. Just that he did test positive.

        And so on.

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      2. The same CDC that has become completely politicized by The administration?

        As a former DHS official (she quit this admin after working under both R’a and D’s for over 20 years) said on NPR this morning, there are no more safeguards in the administration, just a bunch of sycophantic yes men and women who only tell Mr. Trump what they think he wants to hear. The man who is now leading “The Party of Lincoln” has turned into the party of sympathizers. And not one person in today’s GOP will tell Trump the truth because they fear losing their own personal power.

        No “Team of Rivals”; just a team of cheerleaders, liars and con men.


  2. I’m glad you ran this article from AT. Covid 19 was, I believe, just another flu but played for maximum disruption and panic. The fact that our media never covered it honestly tells us what you need to know about the unfree press.

    I have asked a number of people in the last month, “What do you think about events in China?” They all say, “What’s going on in China?” Well, probably historic events but you would never know it from our paper. Clearly the media will not tell anything that might remotely help Trump. Every detail of life is played for its anti-Trump potential or it’s not mentioned at all. We see this in both the Corona virus and China. For years I’ve seen the same pattern in K-12, where the schools are full of idiotic things that would be discarded if the media discussed them.

    I think Frank Batten would be very disappointed to see what has happened to his newspaper.

    Here is another fascinating pattern that’s harder and harder to miss..Perhaps liberals were once some of the smarter people. Now it seems that they are people dumb enough to let Communists think for them. For example, Black Lives Matter does not conceal that it is a Marxist organization but many large organizations jump at the chance to be useful idiots.


    1. You toss around the word “media” kind of loosely.

      Most of AM talk radio, if not all, nationwide is conservative, even reactionary in the original sense of the word.

      WSJ, National Review, Washington Times, NY Post, FOX and the list goes on. These are all media also, and the ones with some backbone have criticized the administration in particular and the GOP generally at times.

      So to be a bit more accurate, you should refer to “media” as “media I don’t agree with”.

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    2. “Covid 19 was, I believe, just another flu”…

      Dangerous belief on your part. I hope you don’t personally find out otherwise.

      Throwing around words like “Communists” and “Marxists” just helps feed into the 1950’s fear factor that Trump is pushing. Talk about a useful idiot.

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  3. I have problems with the 6% issue.

    Sure, most COVID deaths occur in people with other problems but people live decades with diabetes, or asthma, like I have, so if a diabetic or asthmatic, or other disease that takes years to kill you dies in a week of COVID, then it’s the COVID that killed them.

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