Why Trump might be just what America needed…for 1 term.

What If Donald Trump Is What America Needed?

This article has a very interesting quote.

“Once corporations discovered it was cheaper to lobby than to compete and innovate, the game as over. It was permanently rigged. I was having a drink with a lobbyist for the financial industry who looked me in the eye and said, “If America had any fucking idea what we do to them, they’d burn this fucking city to the ground and kill every one of us.”

What is fascinating is that he mimics a conservative favorite:

”Once people discover that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury, we are finished”…or words to that effect.

Bottom line: it is American capitalism through it’s oligarchical goals and actions that is bringing our nation to its knees. And the GOP through Trump, is greasing the skids. 
So long as the Obama economy continued its trajectory of growth and hiring, (although the growth was sliding down in most quarters after the tax cut) Trump could boast of his economic genius. Unfortunately, a crisis emerged and the administration was exposed for the fraud it was. 

“In America, hard work and talent should be rewarded, but let’s not pretend that in the past 40 years everyone in the top hundredth of a point got that much more brilliant and productive. Let’s not pretend that bail-outs and stock buy backs and venal corporatism entrenched by $3.47 billion in annual lobbying is a “free market.” Let’s not pretend that the people engineering mergers and acquisitions were doing so to enhance the competition necessary for capitalism to thrive.”

This is the swamp, folks. And Trump is just the political alligator keeping the waters murky and the flora impenetrable. Just different names.

Trashing free market capitalism is not necessary. But reigning in its political power is. That and modern era social safety nets for a secure, healthy, productive and educated workforce.

20 thoughts on “Why Trump might be just what America needed…for 1 term.

  1. One term? Please leave a comment on this site when you realize there will be a landslide the likes of which you have never seen before.


    1. It is possible Trump could win. However, I don’t think we are going to ignore the electoral college which squeaked a win in 3 states Clinton overlooked.

      What people seem to forget is that the polls were on the money in 2016. 2.5 million more votes went to Clinton.

      The PREDICTIONS based on those polls were wrong except at 538, the polling aggregator. Silver predicted a very tight electoral race giving an almost 50-50 shot at a win for either candidate.

      “Make America Great Again, Again”, Pence’s silly slogan just means that Trump is asking for a do over.

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  2. Okay Doc, serious question. Suppose someone took live COV2 in suppository form, would the immune system kick off? Since the virus entered the body via a method other than the respiratory system, would this buy time and lessen the likelihood of respiratory infection?


    1. Interesting thought, but the virus, once in, goes everywhere regardless of how it got in.

      The best way to fight COVID19 remains to be disbanding the FDA. Their insistence on levels of proof of effiacy that require 2 to 3 years to establish will result in effective treatments being delayed until after a vaccine is in hand anyway.

      Treatments that are known to be safe should be tried at the discretion of the individual doctor and patient, and let them compare results, and not barred by the FDA out of excess caution.


      1. At what point do you put a billion doses on the market?

        Your frustration with the FDA is curious.

        Without rigorous trials, how would we ever know if a vaccine is effective for entire populations.

        If it works for you was it happenstance, timing, luck or effectiveness?

        It works for you but kills your neighbor.

        Or it doesn’t work at all. Or just for 30 days.

        The issue is not you. It is large populations that drive economies depending upon whether or not the vaccine is effective.

        We have about 130 labs around the world working on this. That’s the good news. Randomly picking and choosing vaccines will never get us as free of the medical and economic impact.

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        1. Phase 1 and 2 establish safety to the 95 to 98% level. Phase 3 is for effiacy and rare complications.

          For people like you and me, high risk and caregivers of high risk, the risk of waiting another 4 months for the vaccine is many times more than the risk the vaccine could pose.

          Perhaps 20 to 30 yos should wait for phase 3, but you and I should have it today.

          The problem is that tens of thousands will die waiting to find out if there is risk to 1 in a million.

          The FDA is so risk averse that they are blind to the risk of delay.

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          1. “ For people like you and me, high risk and caregivers of high risk, the risk of waiting another 4 months for the vaccine is many times more than the risk the vaccine could pose.”

            Possibly. Except if the vaccine is not effective or the duration of protection is short, you might endanger yourself and others by letting down your guard.

            Apparently we are starting to see reinfected patients. I understand that is an unexpected and unwelcome discovery. Such cases could throw a kink in the immunity theories.

            The whole purpose of a vaccine is to allow a return to normalcy for billions of people. Without rigorous testing, we could never be sure. And it is the current lack of confidence with regards to safe commingling that is killing the world economy.

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          2. None of the allegedly reinfected people has become seriously ill.

            There is more than one kind of immune response. Initially, you get a big antibody T-cell response, but when the infection has passed, a different kind of T-cell turns off the response. Otherwise your body would have autoimmune problems.

            But those T-cells only become dormant, they don’t go away. If you get reinfected, your immune response is back in days instead of weeks.


          3. That is an interesting, but atypical, case. I wonder what his immune system status was?

            But regardless, reinfections after the immune system has been warned will be dealt with promptly in nearly all cases.


      2. Well, given that it causes a dry cough in the lung, maybe not such a good idea for the colon, eh? “Uncontrollable flatuence and death…”


    2. An interesting question. And maybe semi-serious?

      I did here an immunologist on NPR this morning talking about a nasal spray, similar to flu-mist for the flu. Seeing as the virus enters through the nose/mouth and respiratory system, it appears it could be the most effective vaccine. But unless it gets into the rest of the body (as Don pointed out, as a normal vaccine to the deltoid muscle does) it may not provide total immunity.

      On a side note, in all of my years of having a flu shot, the only time I did not suffer any side effects (felling fluish 24-36 hours post vaccine) was when I was administered the vaccine with flu mist. Can’t seem to find it locally. I was on active duty at the time.


      1. Semi. I had a brain-fart and was thinking about the blood barrier differences between exchanging gases in the lungs versus taking up nutrients in the gut. There are bacteria, for example, in the colon that can cause all manner of toxic actions if they migrate up into the small intestine, and similarly for those in the small intestine ending up in the stomach. Tiny livestock doing their thing.

        There are all kinds of places in the body where tissues do and do not allow tranfers of various things in the blood.


        1. …”in the colon that can cause all manner of toxic actions if they migrate up into the small intestine”

          Seeing how I have lost about 6 inches of colon and 2 feet plus of small intestine, all I can say is, “I hear ya, man”.


        2. “There are all kinds of places in the body where tissues do and do not allow transfers of various things in the blood.”

          That was one the things addressed on NPR this morning. Apparently, MOST vaccines are most effective when delivered to the arm (deltoid). That’s what the shot lady said this morning anyway.


          1. Maybe he/she thought you had a cute backside? Sexual harassment in the name of medicine? How about the nurse was just an “ass man/woman” and wanted a closer look? Were you told to bend over and say “ahhhh”?


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