‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’

It’s so pleasant to see something intelligent in the media about the virus..

Meanwhile, Dr. Zelenko takes on Fauci & Pharma. Visit his site to see where the battle is; to sign a White House partition to grant the hydroxy cocktail Emergency Use Authorization; to see the much-maligned Dr. Emmanuel speak on the first day of the Frontline Doctors presentation; and to find out how anyone can order the protocol for about $20. Apparently, no one else needs to die nor even to be afraid. That was Doctor Zelenko’s point all along.

I think Zelenko is winning. This is extraordinary given the power and evil of his opponents, the stubborn disingenuousness of the media, and the ignorance of the population.

10 thoughts on “‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’

  1. The administration tried the “ignore the pandemic” as its first and latest choices.

    Let’s face reality. The present administration under the management and responsibility of the president, could have implemented policies and plans using your doctors methods. Don’t blame media, or Democrats or our citizens for the president’s shortcomings. He is in charge, he is is own man, he has half of Congress, most of the Court and the departments heads are all loyalists.

    Regardless of the efficacy of Zelenko’s treatments, oleander extracts, or any other proposed remedies, the administration is totally responsible for all the actions that affected our current situation. That is what we “hire” presidents for. Most of those ever elected know this, accept this and act accordingly.

    That is what leadership is all about.

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  2. I like the title of the post. A disease that DOESN’T kill 99.9% of those who get it is almost by definition a “non-event.”


        1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 5 a.m. ET: 22,158,775 — Total deaths: 781,366

          U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 5 a.m. ET: 5,482,602 — Total deaths: 171,823

          Do the layman’s math. Or are you saying that the total case count is UNDER COUNTED?

          And by the way, you do realize the link you provided shows Planning Scenarios and not the ACTUAL death rate that has occurred.

          And you “various commentaries’ all attempt to protect Trump from his record on the virus. Including, possibly, the CDC itself.


          1. Planning. Not actual. Seems to me they are looking at more cases with fewer deaths. The ACTUAL death rate I posted is true as of this morning, based on the numbers provided.


    1. 1) I’m sorry if anyone thought I wrote this article. 2) Anyway, the math is not the main thing.

      3) The thesis of this article is that the brains at DNC headquarters viewed the virus as another way to stage a coup. That’s why we still have to wear masks. That’s why the media continue their campaign of terror against the public. (Another reason for this is the Dems couldn’t get away with an electronic convention unless the virus was thought to be raging. So the virus serves the function of hiding a diminished candidate.)

      4) I think history will conclude that Trump defeated this coup. Democrats will emerge weaker because their stunts are so bogus but destructive.

      5) This is certainly a political and medical story but for me it is an education story.. Our media and our schools are so pathetically bad, nobody knows nothing. I’ve been following the turmoil in China, which I think is historic, but nobody I talk to is aware there is turmoil. (Search the Pilot for any information about Zelenko or China.)
      Meanwhile, the President of the United States, in front of the whole world, takes the hydroxy cocktail, but the willfully stupid media was able to disappear this event. I don’t know what hope there is for the public schools if the public itself doesn’t know the schools are bad, kids are ignorant, and we need reformation. And why is the public ignorant? Because the media remains as silent as a thief in the night.


      1. “ If black death had raged here, as in the 14th century, you would not have had to follow the situation in the news, the bodies would have piled up in the streets. We were not and we are not in this situation today.”

        Mass graves and refrigerated trailers is how we kept bodies from piling up in the streets.

        Until the lockdowns and forcing states to compete against one another, citizen against citizen, we were overwhelming the healthcare in the major, early hotspots.

        A conspiracy of the size Mr. Price and the author are trying to foster would be impossible to keep secret.

        The real crime is treating the pandemic as a hoax that developed from the bowels of billionaires wanting to control the world through microchipped vaccines. Which wouldn’t be nearly the threat without Mr. “#LIBERATE” as our dear leader.

        Keeping Americans confused and suspicious is the playbook of the nefarious.

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